My Vacation Bucket List

Which is really just a To Do list, but “bucket list” sounds so much better. Like there’s gonna be Lifelong Dreams on there.

So, starting today, I’m off for TWO WEEKS…which is the longest amount of time I’ve been off from work in 11½ years, not including hospital and surgery recovery time last year, so…YAY!!! I think I’m going to break the time up a bit…and get all the work and errandy things out of the way in the first week (or so), and finish up strong with FUN THINGS & RELAXATION. 

And since I can only imagine the excitement you must feel in being about to read someone else’s 2-week long bucket…let’s just get on with it:

  • Beach. A lot. Long beachy beach days at the beach with a cooler and tuna sandwiches and watermelon and pretzels and a good book. And no plans afterward so I can stay as long as I want.
  • Create a FashionSchlub Pinterest account. Cuz. You’ve SEEN Pinterest, right? Cuz that.
  • Mani-pedi. I’ve only done this a handful of times in my life so it’s still like a special fancy thing to me. And I’m doing it.
  • Finally list on ebay/etsy the clothes I photographed months ago.
  • Go into the city to meet some online friends, one from the UK who I’ve never met in person, but we’ve been online friends for….longer than I haven’t had a 2-week vacation for (grammar, much?).
  • Get my slow-leaky front tire fixed or replaced. And my headlight replaced. Hopefully before I get a ticket (it’s been out since last November so…). And my windshield wiper motor replaced so I don’t have to physically get out of the car and push the wipers down after turning them off so they don’t sit at a 45-degree angle on the windshield right smack in my line of vision. Won’t that be a treat?!
  • Watercolor every damn day.
  • One way or another get four new outfits all assembled at one time and shoot with the photographer again so a) I’ll have outfit content for the next month and b) I won’t have to pester my friends for pictures for awhile.
  • Set a $ goal for myself and Uber that much and put it all into savings.
  • Figure out my videoing situation – so I can do decent videos.
  • Do a sunflower field photo shoot out east. I try to do this every year but it never seems to work out. But this year IT’S HAPPENING.
  • Go for an eye exam and new glasses…and maybe even live large and get prescription sunglasses!
  • Finally style the etagere I bought this past winter that has just become six more horizontal surfaces to hold piles.
  • Have a fitting for a well-fitting bra.
  • Fire-pit s’mores night with pottery painting friends – will pick up my teeny tiny painted pottery piece. Probably.
  • Clean out my email inbox. For real. So it’s EMPTY. That IS a lifelong dream of mine.
  • Leave the state. For somewhere. Anywhere. Location TBD (come on, you know this one).
  • Empty Box Wall in the bedroom of all boxes. Whatever it takes. I can still have tubs cuz they’re neat. But no more boxes. Or piles of loose stuff.

Whoa. That’s a lot of stuff for two weeks. Maybe I should think of it as my “Rest of Summer” bucket list and give myself til the summer solstice to get it all done. NOPE. Not letting myself off the hook. JUST DO THE THINGS, BETTYE!!! 

I’ll let you know how I make out! Do you guys do mini or seasonal bucket lists?


11 thoughts on “My Vacation Bucket List

  1. That is quite a list, Bettye. But it’s good to have goals, and some of those things will make you feel so much better!!
    Like the prescription sunglasses….I need another pair of those since my prescription has changed. I used to have glasses that changed, and I miss those. Maybe I’ll get them again, because it could be worth the money.
    Once you learn the video thing, will you share with us??? We’ve been trying to do some, but it’s such a learning process….

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  2. This is such a great bucket list! Think how proud of yourself you’ll feel this winter when you’re looking at beautifully arranged furniture and no boxes. And the tire thing is easy b/c so many places will fix a leak for free and in most cars its pretty easy to change a headlight too. Windshield wiper sounds like top of the list item since you’re professionally driving now and it seems a bit dangerous. I hope you keep us updated on your check off list. And two weeks is a great amount of time to relax and be productive. Oh, fun!

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    1. Thanks, due to unforeseen circumstances, Bucket List is moving along a little slowly…I may not accomplish everything, but I’ll accomplish SOMETHING. I always like to put a LOT on a list, so even if I only get half done, that’s still a good amount. If I only put a few things and only got half done, well that’s hardly anything!


  3. Go you! I bet you get that stuff done and still have lots of amazing beach time. Sunflowers FTW! A few years ago we had tons of fields in this area (central NJ) but nothing this year. Very sad. Have a beautiful vacation!

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    1. Today was supposed to be sunflower day…but I’ve lost the location in my phone notes. There are several commercial farms out east on the Island, but…they’re really not what I wanted. I don’t know that I’m going to drag photo friends out over an hour away on a wild goose chase. I don’t know what today will bring.


      1. Bummer! But sometimes those unscripted days bring the best surprises. Fingers crossed that’s how it works out for you. I’m at Bradley Beach today with no agenda other than sea and sun. Enjoy the day!

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