Week in Review: Week 130

This was a bit of a wind-down week…end of the month, end of summer, end of vacation. One more day off and then it’s back to it on Tuesday. I don’t feel ready but what are you gonna do?

The week started off with a minor miracle. I was meeting long-time online friends in the city and pulled into a spot at 5:50pm IN TIMES SQUARE right across the street from where we were meeting for dinner…and saw this sign. For those of you do not live in NYC, please understand – You Never Find Parking in Times Square. And here I pulled right up as if by magic. I sat in the car til 6 and presto – parking.


We ate at a crazy place called Ellen’s Stardust Diner where the wait-staff sings all night long. It was a fun atmosphere but very hard to have a conversation.

Tuesday I met my bestie at the beach and we had a lovely leisurely day of sun and surf. It so wore me out that I fell asleep in the afternoon back at home and was way late meeting friends later for dinner.


The next day we met again at a friend’s pool and had another relaxing afternoon just floating and chatting. I stopped at the bakery on the way.


I bought a watch for my birthday…but when it came it was GINORMOUS. I like a large, man’s size watch but this was ridiculous. It’s all packed up to be returned.


I was on puppy watch one evening.


Still watching.


Really? Is that my best??


We got together for pottery painting reveal night and s’mores making.


I forgot to take a picture of mine. I’ll slip it into another post this week somewhere.

The town library has a Little Free Library box.


I left off my copy of The Nest and took the Kathy Griffin biography. Not really my thing but pickins were slim. I may just hold onto it for a couple days, see if anything better pops up.


And this weekend I have just relaxed…did some tidying up…read a harsh book called My Absolute Darling. I’m not recommending it, it was a brutal read.

And now it is past my bedtime, so goodnight. Sorry for the boring week, but…second week of vacation.


10 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 130

  1. Did that confetti get in your food? I’m sure it was dinner theater so I guess it’s like talking during a show. I don’t know. We don’t have anything cool over here. I’m trying to catch up on your blog posts but also follow the hurricane stuff. So, as I write this I have that coverage in my ear. Ugh! So, did you do a birthday post?

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    1. No confetti MY food but it got in SOMEONE’S food. Yeah, talking was very hard. Correction: HEARING was very hard. I have not great hearing to begin with…so this was impossible for me. I did a lot of nodding and smiling. I have NOT done the birthday post yet as it rained almost my entire 4-day weekend last week and then it was back to work and unearthly HIGH HUMIDITY. It’s September 15 and I JUST posted my August Month in Review post this morning, so Birthday Extravaganza may not happen til OCTOBER 🙂

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