NYFW Street Style Trends

I LOVE Fashion Week…and almost more than the runway shows themselves, I love the shows happening out on the streets – the street style looks from guests attending the shows. The “real” fashion is, of course, amazing, but generally unattainable by us common-folk. I love to see what’s being worn out on the streets by the real life fashionistas, and to think about how it could be incorporated into the average wardrobe. So, in looking through hundreds (and hundreds!) of pictures from the past week-ish, I pulled out some that make some points or that I just thought were really lovely. Hope you enjoy my review (I’m feeling a bit like Joan Rivers…but nice!!!).

page 1 menswear
1) via Refinery29  /  2) via Refinery29  /  via Vogue
P8 clashing colors
via Man Repeller
page 2 leopard
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P9 brights
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page 3 white shirts
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page 10 green page 1.jpg
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page 11 green page 2
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page 12 sequins
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page 13 bathrobe
I know, I know, I said I was going to be nice. But come on!
page 4 pattern mixing
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page 5 no explanation
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page 6 sneakers
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P7 timeless classics
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page 14 jaime jetaime
via In Style  /  Jaime JeTaime blog

There was so much more I could have shared, I could do this Every Darn Day, but there’s just So Much! PS – GREAT BIG GRATEFULNESS KUDOS to all the street photographers being more inclusive this year than I’ve ever seen – plus size gals, transgender, physically disabled, little people, different races and colors – it was pretty awesome. There’s a LOT further to go, but at least we’re moving in a better direction of inclusivity.

Anyway, this was just a little peek into some real life trends appearing during New York Fashion Week. I hope you enjoyed my rundown. What was your favorite? Might you try something new? I hope so! I definitely will!