NYFW Street Style Trends

I LOVE Fashion Week…and almost more than the runway shows themselves, I love the shows happening out on the streets – the street style looks from guests attending the shows. The “real” fashion is, of course, amazing, but generally unattainable by us common-folk. I love to see what’s being worn out on the streets by the real life fashionistas, and to think about how it could be incorporated into the average wardrobe. So, in looking through hundreds (and hundreds!) of pictures from the past week-ish, I pulled out some that make some points or that I just thought were really lovely. Hope you enjoy my review (I’m feeling a bit like Joan Rivers…but nice!!!).

page 1 menswear
1) via Refinery29  /  2) via Refinery29  /  via Vogue
P8 clashing colors
via Man Repeller
page 2 leopard
1) via Popsugar / 2) via The Cut  /  via Vogue
P9 brights
via The Cut
page 3 white shirts
1) via Vogue  /  2) via Refinery29  /  3) via Popsugar
page 10 green page 1.jpg
via InStyle
page 11 green page 2
1) via Man Repeller  /  2) via Man Repeller  /  3) via Pop Sugar  /  4) via Pop Sugar                               /  5) via Man Repeller
page 12 sequins
1) via Pop Sugar  /  2) via Man Repeller
page 13 bathrobe
I know, I know, I said I was going to be nice. But come on!
page 4 pattern mixing
1) via Refinery29  /  2) via Style du Monde
page 5 no explanation
1) via Popsugar  /  2) via Man Repeller  /  3) via Vogue
page 6 sneakers
1) via Popsugar  /  2) via Vogue  /  3) via Popsugar  /  4) via Popsugar  /  5) via Popsugar  /                6) via Popsugar
P7 timeless classics
1) via Popsugar  /  2) via Popsugar  /  3) via Popsugar  /  4) via The Cut
page 14 jaime jetaime
via In Style  /  Jaime JeTaime blog

There was so much more I could have shared, I could do this Every Darn Day, but there’s just So Much! PS – GREAT BIG GRATEFULNESS KUDOS to all the street photographers being more inclusive this year than I’ve ever seen – plus size gals, transgender, physically disabled, little people, different races and colors – it was pretty awesome. There’s a LOT further to go, but at least we’re moving in a better direction of inclusivity.

Anyway, this was just a little peek into some real life trends appearing during New York Fashion Week. I hope you enjoyed my rundown. What was your favorite? Might you try something new? I hope so! I definitely will!


8 thoughts on “NYFW Street Style Trends

  1. Wow! Thanks for this peek into NYFW! I was hoping these were your shots. I love that green! I don’t have anything in that color but I will be on the look out for it. And I’ll take your challenge to have leopard print with any color! I know it works with jewel tones but I haven’t tried it with pastels. Your blog layout looks different today and was a nice change. I’m catching up today with you and other blogs that I haven’t had time to get to lately so be prepared for lots of dumb comments!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh, I wish they were my shots, too! I guess really anyone COULD go and just stand outside where the shows were and snap away.

    That green is pretty amazing. I’ve been thinking of olive/miltary green as like the ONLY green for so long – but this is so vibrant and alive!

    Yeah, I did the layout differently this time cuz there were SO many pictures, but I’ve been experimenting with some different ideas for general layout so it’s not always so samey-same.

    Prepared for dumb comments here 🙂


  3. Annie Hall? I had to watch it six times just to get the plot. I was so busy admiring the fashion, I couldn’t concentrate. Then after experimentation, I learned you have to be built like Diane Keaton to look that good in belts. I did buy a VW beetle convertible after that movie though, and I looked damn good in it. Of course at the age of 20, I looked damn good in just about everything. Except Annie Hall clothes. I was too chesty to really pull them off, but I gave it my best shot.
    Out of Africa? Same thing as Annie Hall. Didn’t even realize Redford was in it till after the third or fourth viewing.
    I also cut up every single one of my tee shirts after I saw Flashdance, and even bought a pair of ballet shoes, which of course, were shredded after I wore them on the street.

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      1. Yes! The flash dance look was so cool back in the day. I rocked the look three days a week at my 6:00 AM aerobic class. I definitely could not wear leg warmers though. Lol!

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