My Week in Review: Week 2

Last week went FA-A-A-A-ST! The weeks when I have A Lot to Get Done always seem to have less time in them than other weeks. I did a LOT…and have more waiting for me in the coming week. I need a catch-up week soon!!!

So, last Saturday was tons’o’fun – I headed into the city with a girlfriend (who shall remain nameless because she does not want to get caught up in The Big Synch-Up on the Internet. I have more FOMO, personally, and want to be part of EVERYTHING) to join a Meetup group that was doing a Chelsea Gallery Hop. The gallery hops/crawls/whatever you want to call them are good/not good cuz: GOOD: They take you places you might not have found yourself and you hang out with different people you didn’t know before. Hey, I met Nameless Friend through Meetup many years ago, so there ya go. BAD: They skip over places you might see on the way from Point A to Point B and want to check out but there’s not time cuz you’ll lose the group and never catch up…and you hang out with different people you didn’t know before. Yes, that is always a double-edged sword for me.

ANYWAY, this was a super nice day, perfect temps for a walk in the city…I saw my first daffodil.

sat 1

I also saw my first “in person” Gregory Crewdson exhibit. Crewdson is an American photographer who makes photographs that seem very simple, a woman standing at the kitchen sink, a husband and wife side-by-side on the sofa watching television, but with his lighting and perspective creates scenes that are a little surreal. Check out his work.

sat 3

sat 6

Bettye Breaks the Rules.

I also did a lot of people watching, and more specifically, shoe watching. Looking to see what city people had on their feet, as I’m always on the lookout for something that rides that fine line between “comfortable enough to walk all day in” and “looks modern and stylish.” I noticed a lot of Vans-type slip-on sneakers (think Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spiccoli, only solid not checkerboard) and even old school white basketball type sneakers. I checked these out online when I got home and took this quiz: Which Sneakers Best Fit Your Style which determined that Adidas Stan Smith sneakers were the perfect pair for me. Well, at least it’s a starting point!

sat 5

Art is everywhere. Even under your feet.

Then Monday was back to work, and while normally I change out my bulletin board at the beginning of every month to make room for a new month’s worth of pictures and quotes and mementos, I’ve been so busy I hadn’t even realized I was still looking at February’s bulletin board (and calendar!).

mon 1

I twinned with someone at work – how funny is that??

mon 2

tue 1

Tuesday was just a normal casual day.

wed 1

Wednesday I wore my penguins and polka dots to work but it was warm enough to lose the vest. Spring is coming!

thur 1

Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day. One of my bosses got me this super cute Irish Princess tiara! It was a little small for my head but a co-worker managed to model it…

thur 2

No words.


This was the day I felt all kinds of out-of-sorts with my outfit. Note to self: COOKIES. And move on.

thur 3

Met friends for coffee later that evening. Was fun watching the throngs of St. Pattyers stroll from bar to bar in the village as we snacked on goodies and caught up on our weeks. It’s so great that more and more local places are offering vegan options on their menus.

So that was my week…how was yours?


2 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 2

  1. The crawl sounds like so much fun! And look at you, you little rebel…standing in the danger zone! Sometimes I enjoy talking to new people, sometimes not, so I’m not really sure if I’d be into it or not, but it is a fun idea. I don’t live in anything that even vaguely resembles a city, but I do own a sizable collection of slip on sneakers…I highly recommend them if you don’t have any. 🙂


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