What’s Your Style?

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Ever feel confused by what your style is? I do! I feel like there’s such a disconnect between what I LIKE, what feels appropriate to my life/place in the world, and what feels comfortable.

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I LIKE sort of a boho, hippie, Free People, festival, artsy look – lots of long flowy layers, gauzey and lacey and floral. But that never feels right to my LIFE. I work in an office. In a school. And while it’s on the casual side, it’s *business* casual, not hippie casual. And what I feel most *comfortable* in is (true confession) *frumpy* casual. Leggings, jeans, tunics, sneakers. And yes, I’m trying to do better, to BE better, to look better…but I’m finding it difficult to navigate a “look.” Something that satisfies my aesthetic sense, but is also practical in the workplace and my social life. And that I can find in my size (always a challenge) and that I can afford!

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One tool that helps with that is Gwynnie Bee, a “Netflix-style” plus-size clothing rental service. I can try all sorts of different clothing, wear it for as long as I like, see how it fits, not just size-wise, but style-wise.

johnny was collage 1

This beautiful velvet kimono is by Johnny Was, and I would never in a million years be able to buy it…but I *am* able to rent it and enjoy wearing it for awhile. This item sort of allowed me to be Hippie Boho me for a couple days, which was fun…and then return to Business Casual me. I think being such a dark color it acted well as a gateway item to more hardcore artsy looks in the future. Next time I’ll be a little more daring!

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I let the kimono be the star of the show by wearing it over a simple black dress.

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That day in that outfit was the exact opposite of the bad clothing day I’d had the week before. Isn’t it amazing how much our clothing and appearance can affect our emotions and mood?!

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Do you know what your style is?

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I was fortunate enough that day to be photographed by the amazing Annemarie Bain who has produced shows we all know, like The Maury Povich Show, The Nate Berkus Show, and more. I am in love with these pictures…and am trying to decide if it’s weird to make a large print of ME and hang it on the wall. Is that weird? It’s just that in one picture in particular, she really captured how I want to feel…

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It’s interesting, I have this vintage oil painting that I have always loved…of a woman walking along the seaside, face lifted to the sea breeze. She looks so content and I always thought That is How I Want to Feel – sort of free, unencumbered, just feeling the ocean breeze in my hair. And Annemarie captured that feeling perfectly in this picture, not even knowing about the painting in my home. Kinda cool, right?

What I’m Wearing

  • Johnny Was Domoto Velvet Jacket, 2x
  • Kate Hill black dress
  • Avenue vegan leather boots
  • Black beaded tassle necklace, Walmart ($5!!!)
  • Verdigris earrings, Maurice’s



6 thoughts on “What’s Your Style?

  1. I love the look in this outfit. And I know how you feel. I’m definitely more comfortable in clothes that I could work on fences with (and I’ve done that recently). My biggest problem is any clothes I can afford look like they’re made for a 20 year old and the neck is cut waaay too low. I’m old, but I don’t necessarily want to wear old lady clothes. It’s definitely a challenge, but I think you’re overcoming that challenge and looking great!

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    1. Ha, “fence fixing clothes.” I have a drawer full of “painting clothes” that I can’t bear to get rid of cuz they’re those comfortable, already-ruined-in-some-way-so-who-cares-if-you-ruin-them-some-more things saved for painting, dog walking, car washing, etc. However, I feel that TWO outfits of this type would be sufficient and I really should let go of the other 16 or so to make room for things that I can actually wear out in public!

      And yeah, pooh on “old lady clothes.” A LOT of plus-sized things start going in that direction and sometimes the only alternative is “hoochy mama,” especially at the lower-priced stores. It’s a fine line to try to walk!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, Iris!


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