My Week in Review: Week 4

It was a pretty quiet week. It’s still cold and windy here on Long Island…and I had a bout of kidney stone pain one night, so I mostly stayed close to home the rest of the week.


I took stock of my make-up bag. It’s a little sad.


Janey loves Caleb.


I saw a beautiful new line at Target called Knox Rose. It’s very free people-boho-festival-esque. I was disappointed there were no plus sizes at the store…but I did see a few items on


My girlfriend and I did a little photo shoot of this outfit for an upcoming blog post. Caleb was a fan.


After taking pictures in the COLD and WIND we rewarded ourselves with a coffee-shop outing. This one at least HAD a vegan option…but it wasn’t very good. Sadface.


At work we took a little roadtrip to do recon for an upcoming fundraiser we’re having. The venue is very, uhm, dramatic.


I treated myself (yes, again!) to the special plus-size edition of Glamour magazine.

ootd 4.8.16 resized

A friend and I met at a new Rainbow (STILL no fitting rooms, argh) by where we work and we did an Outfit of the Day shoot in the parking lot. We’re models wherever we go 🙂


I got a much-awaited delivery in the mail from Maurice’s. Will tell you all about it in an upcoming try-on haul blogpost.

And that was my not-very-exciting week. That’s okay, sometimes it’s nice to have a little downtime.


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