Still Dressing for Cold Weather!

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.6.16 1 resized

It was yet another cold and windy day on Long Island. I keep thinking I can break out my warm weather wardrobe…but no. So, layering continues to be my friend. Summer is so much easier when you don’t have to think about Things to Put on Your Legs…but when it’s cold, nothing feels cozier than warm tights.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.6.16 2 resized

This is another Alice and You dress (I wore this one here) I rented through Gwynnie Bee. I really like their styling and sizing. They do a lot of swing dresses, which are a favorite of mine – they’re so easy to wear! Since it was chilly, I put this mad crazy soft faux-suede longline fringe vest by Cuprio over it. It was originally $98 but I got it at Macy*s Backstage for $14.97!!! Score! That’s a new store here on Long Island. They have a *lot* of heavily-reduced high-end straight sizes…and only two small racks of plus-sizes, but I stop in now and then to look for extreme bargains. If you have one near you, definitely check it out.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.6.16 3 resized

I’m finally getting used to my new darker hair color. It’s funny, I like it in pictures…but not the way it looks against my face in the mirror.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.6.16 4 resized

You ever end up with something unintentionally, and then it becomes your favorite thing? These earrings are like that. They came on a card with several different pairs of earrings. I really wanted the *other* ones and thought I would never wear these. And now there’s just something about them that has me putting them on several times a week.

4.6.16 collage

Spinning is not as easy as it looks! I wanted to show the fullness of the dress and the fringiness of the vest…and instead I just look sort of awkward, ah. Oh well! It made me happy to try, so….

Thanks to My Girlfriend Who Shall Remain Nameless for the photo shoot. She was so worried that nothing came out, when in actuality, there were so many *good* pictures, it was hard to edit down to just a few.

Have I mentioned my Capsule Wardrobe Goal yet? Maybe next time. It’s quite an endeavor!

What I’m Wearing

When was the last time *you* twirled??

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger 4.6.16 6


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