Building a Wardrobe: Part 1

G-A-A-A-A-A-H !!!!! Ha. I’ve always had a closetful of clothes, but I’ve really never had a WARDROBE. A collection of pieces that make sense for my life, *all* parts of my life, that all go together in different ways to create different outfits and looks, with *all* the necessary components. Probably *most* of the time, the majority of my closet is full of “things that don’t have the things they need to go with to make a complete outfit.” The sundress and lil cardi that are super adorable, but not the right shoes – so all that adorableness goes unworn. The leggings and sneakers that make up 2/3 of the perfect weekend errand-running outfit, but no tee shirt long enough to cover…things that need to be covered, so no perfect errand-running outfit. And so on.

TJ Maxx Dressing Room Try-on

So in all my recent new trying to look better and be better-ness, I’ve been reading about “building the perfect capsule wardrobe,” a concept that has apparently been around since the 70s, that I, in my not-fashion-focused-fog, have totally missed. I’ve read articles and watched videos and stalked Pinterest boards…and have seen wardrobes that are enviable and admirable and seem So Simple. And yet. Oofah. Not. So. Simple.

Kinda cute, but way too see-through. Fail. * Spense Woman 3x


I’ve compiled a list. A wonderful list. Simple basics that will go together in many different ways (think of every article you’ve read entitled “Create 37 Different Outfits Out of 3 Basic Pieces”). And they will mix and match harmoniously and I shall never be outfitless again.

Was a weird stretchy-knit-hugging-all-bumps fit. Fail. * Andrea Jovine 3x

But the list is The Easy Part. I chose a palette for spring into summer: *mostly* (cuz I’m only human and can’t TOTALLY stay within a 4-color palette) black, white, grey, olive green…with a few accents sprinkled in of soft pinky-blush and pale blue.

Here is My List:

medium wash denim

light blue

5 knit PULLOVERS/KIMONOS/CARDIGANS to coordinate w palette

navy/white stripe tee shirt dress
black/white stripe tee shirt dress

white basketball sneakers
black slip-on sneakers
black flats
leopard flats
brown faux leather sandal
sandal w gold something

Looks pretty simple, right? Nothing really out of the ordinary. But now I have to find these things THAT FIT ME, that I can AFFORD…and that I actually LIKE. Ha.

Meh. Pass. * Sorry, didn’t note brand or size

My goal is to have 10 work outfits – so I can go two weeks without repeating an entire outfit. I can repeat pieces, but not an entire outfit. And 4-5 ath-leisure (my new favorite term in the whole wide world) slash “going to Brooklyn/having coffee/going to art galleries with friends” outfits. I don’t think I *need* more than that. I think that’s a reasonable goal.

Oh. So no.  * d. jeans (high waist skinny), size 22-24

SO – in the attempt of reaching that goal, I have been doing a whole lotta trying on…and a whole lotta returning. Sadface. Shopping not so fun when you’re larger than the largest sizes in most stores. But I’m powering through. So I’ll be sharing with you some of my try-ons – good and bad…and updating you on how the whole Capsule Wardrobe Building thing is going.

Ding Ding Ding We Have a Winner!  *  Cynthia Rowley 2x

What do you have in YOUR closet??


3 thoughts on “Building a Wardrobe: Part 1

  1. I love the idea of three pieces…thirty outfits. Not crazy about olive green but with accents would be ok.
    Can’t wait to see what you do.


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