Spring Plus Size Try-on Haul AGAIN

I feel weird preparing something as “normal” as a blog post…but I’m trying to find my way back to some sort of normalcy…I guess really to a new normal…and fortunately, the blog is something Caleb didn’t really have an imprint on. Not like the apartment and the car and every beach and park on Long Island. So in trying to throwing myself into something and distract myself away from…You Know Who…I think blogging is as good a distraction as any. Actually, the first day I’d thought of trying my hand at watercolor painting, but that required all new equipment, yadda yadda yadda, so in the end I just watched countless hours of YouTube watercolor tutorials, which was actually quite soothing and I highly recommend it.

So while “clothing” isn’t feeling all that important to me right now, hot weather *is* coming…and whether I feel like it or not, I will need to put something on my body before going to work (new dress code and all), so….a few things arrived in the mail last week and I did a quick try-on video to share with y’all. Uh-oh, I’m lapsing into my mother’s Texas roots. I don’t recall her actually saying “y’all,” but…whatever. I’m living in topsy-turvy land. Bear with me here.

Three of the items I tried on in the video are from Amazon Prime Wardrobe . This is a new program open to Amazon Prime members where you can “try on” between 3 and 7 pieces of clothing (or shoes, bags, accessories, etc) at no charge for up to 7 days, and they only charge you for what you don’t return. One of the problems with online shopping is your money is tied up for the time it takes for the store to send you the items you bought, then the time it takes for any returned items to go back through the mail to the retailer and then the time they take to actually refund your credit card. It can take up to three weeks, from start to finish, to get the money back on items you didn’t keep. I don’t know about you, but I do not have an infinite clothing budget. I need to get my refund from Items A, B and C before I can then purchase Items D, E and F. So this is a beautiful thing. That’s the good news. The bad news is I found the selection, at least in the plus sizes, to be a little limited (so what else is new). But hopefully that will improve with time…and maybe that’s just me, so don’t go by my experience, take a look and make your own decision.

DR2 by Daniel Rainn Lace Detail Peasant Blouse (Plus Size)

No longer available, similar here in plus size, or in straight size here

Melrose and Market Bell Sleeve Button Back Floral Print Shirt (Plus Size), size 4x

Image of Melrose and Market Bell Sleeve Button Back Floral Print Shirt (Plus Size)

From Gwynnie Bee..

lucky brand Keyhole Back Ruffle Top, size 3x

And these are the Amazon Prime Wardrobe items:

Star Vixen Women’s Plus-Size Long Sleeve Open Hem Peasant Top With Keyhole Tie

Blu Pepper Women’s Plus allover Printed Tank With Embroidery

Ruby Rd. Women’s Plus Size Button-Front Striped Dobby Top

And if you’ve got a spare 13 minutes, you can see the rundown on each of these items as I try them on. Janey makes a cute appearance during the 4th item…at minute 5:14…if you just want to see Janey and not me 🙂  I won’t be offended.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.


Gwynnie Bee Try-on Haul

So…before I get into the trying on, I wanted to share with you one of my goals for the blog for 2017 – VIDEO. Not instead of the written blog, but in addition to it. I think it’s nice to feel like you’re sort of having a conversation with a person (albeit one-sided) and video can help things feel more like that. Also, it’s helpful to be able to see the movement in clothes – how does the fabric fall and drape, what happens to the dress when you move or sit…all shown better in a video than a still photograph.

My defined goal was to have a YouTube channel up and running with some decent production quality vlogs…by July. But it’s all harder than it seems (!!!) so guess who gets to be my test audience? YOU! Ha. I don’t know if I should say “You’re Welcome” or “I’m Sorry,” but I’ll be sharing short videos here as I practice this new skill. Please share any thoughts or critiques. I know in the beginning these will be pretty rough – I don’t really have proper videoing equipment or lighting or anything, I’m just using what I have for now til I see if this is something I even really like doing.

So. That brings us to today’s post. I hadn’t really meant to share anything so soon, but…I video’d two Gwynnie Bee items that arrived this week for a Gwynnie Bee Facebook group I’m in (we like to share our “try-on’s” with one another so other people can tell if the item is something they’d like to put in their online closet), so I wasn’t thinking of things like, oh, sweeping up the dog hair off the floor, or maybe brushing my hair or putting away all the mess in the line of the camera. But I just had a little fun with it and then thought, you know what? I could use this on the blog with the caveat LOW EXPECTATIONS = SMALL DISAPPOINTMENTS, ha. It’s really a mess. But that’s why this blog is called Fashion SCHLUB and NOT I’m A Pretty Pretty Princess.

So here you go. Note: I don’t always hate *everything,* ha. And pardon my voice, I’ve been on and off sick since Thanksgiving.


Target Try-on

Looking for white jeans and/or leggings. These are not them. And I thought this light rayon top would be darling over said white pants. But I’ve got the too-tight-tummy *and* too-low v-neck. Pass.

You may think I buy a LOT of clothes. I do not. I try ON a lot of clothes. I buy VERY few. And of those few, a certain percentage always gets returned.

At first glance I thought OOH this could be the replacement for the nightgown dress so I can send that back! But they only had a 4x which was too large and it had SERIOUSLY large arm holes, which would require wearing something under or over and there goes the whole easy-breeziness of the dress. 

It must be nice to say, “Oh, I’m a size 6/8/12/whatever” and walk into almost any clothing store and be able to find things that fit. And maybe even SEVERAL things. Wow. I would not hate shopping so much if I could be more successful at it than I am.

I am looking for another sporty, stretchy tee or swing dress. This one is good on top, but too clingy on the bottom. It’s not the worst but there’s something out there that’s better, I just know it (hey, did you see me being all optimistic-y??).

Even in plus-size stores and departments, there’s no such thing as a “straight size 24,” cuz one size 24 woman is 5’9″ and another is 5’0″. One carries her weight in her legs tummy and butt, another has a flat stomach but broad shoulders and big boobs. And a constant complaint of mine is that PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE BROAD NOT TALL. I mean, obviously SOME are tall, but the manufaturers (ha ha I’m funny) think as women expand horizontally they’re also growing vertically…so I end up trying on things that, if they fit in the chest and tummy/hips/butt, are too “tall” in the torso and I constantly struggle with too large necks, too low necklines and hemlines, too-long sleeves and droopy waists. Sigh.

Not a fan of things that cling to my hip bumps.

So I have to try on a LOT of frogs before finding my clothing prince. Which is why anytime I’m anywhere there’s a plus-size section, I make at least one quick trip into the dressing room in search of a magical plus-size unicorn.

I need more “things to go over other things” but this seemed a little heavy for summer. Maybe I’ll luck out and see it on the clearance rack in August or September.
This has possibilities. It’s lightweight rayon, got that easy-breezy thing going on, but….

So. One thing came home with me. If you guessed the last item – the black and cream sort of tribal print tunic with side slits (I love me a side slit) – you would be correct! DING DING DING DING DING, get yourself an ice cream. I have to try it at home over a cami and see how it feels (I KNOW how it FEELS, it feels icky and hot). I have to see if the LOOK is worth the hot layering in summertime.

I think everything I tried on was Ava & Viv.

And so ends another saga in my Try-on Turmoil, ha. I returned a pair of black flip-flops and a black top I bought a few weeks ago, a little impulsively. So it’s sort of like this was free. Hee hee.

Until tomorrow….

Building a Wardrobe: Part 1

G-A-A-A-A-A-H !!!!! Ha. I’ve always had a closetful of clothes, but I’ve really never had a WARDROBE. A collection of pieces that make sense for my life, *all* parts of my life, that all go together in different ways to create different outfits and looks, with *all* the necessary components. Probably *most* of the time, the majority of my closet is full of “things that don’t have the things they need to go with to make a complete outfit.” The sundress and lil cardi that are super adorable, but not the right shoes – so all that adorableness goes unworn. The leggings and sneakers that make up 2/3 of the perfect weekend errand-running outfit, but no tee shirt long enough to cover…things that need to be covered, so no perfect errand-running outfit. And so on.

TJ Maxx Dressing Room Try-on

So in all my recent new trying to look better and be better-ness, I’ve been reading about “building the perfect capsule wardrobe,” a concept that has apparently been around since the 70s, that I, in my not-fashion-focused-fog, have totally missed. I’ve read articles and watched videos and stalked Pinterest boards…and have seen wardrobes that are enviable and admirable and seem So Simple. And yet. Oofah. Not. So. Simple.

Kinda cute, but way too see-through. Fail. * Spense Woman 3x


I’ve compiled a list. A wonderful list. Simple basics that will go together in many different ways (think of every article you’ve read entitled “Create 37 Different Outfits Out of 3 Basic Pieces”). And they will mix and match harmoniously and I shall never be outfitless again.

Was a weird stretchy-knit-hugging-all-bumps fit. Fail. * Andrea Jovine 3x

But the list is The Easy Part. I chose a palette for spring into summer: *mostly* (cuz I’m only human and can’t TOTALLY stay within a 4-color palette) black, white, grey, olive green…with a few accents sprinkled in of soft pinky-blush and pale blue.

Here is My List:

medium wash denim

light blue

5 knit PULLOVERS/KIMONOS/CARDIGANS to coordinate w palette

navy/white stripe tee shirt dress
black/white stripe tee shirt dress

white basketball sneakers
black slip-on sneakers
black flats
leopard flats
brown faux leather sandal
sandal w gold something

Looks pretty simple, right? Nothing really out of the ordinary. But now I have to find these things THAT FIT ME, that I can AFFORD…and that I actually LIKE. Ha.

Meh. Pass. * Sorry, didn’t note brand or size

My goal is to have 10 work outfits – so I can go two weeks without repeating an entire outfit. I can repeat pieces, but not an entire outfit. And 4-5 ath-leisure (my new favorite term in the whole wide world) slash “going to Brooklyn/having coffee/going to art galleries with friends” outfits. I don’t think I *need* more than that. I think that’s a reasonable goal.

Oh. So no.  * d. jeans (high waist skinny), size 22-24

SO – in the attempt of reaching that goal, I have been doing a whole lotta trying on…and a whole lotta returning. Sadface. Shopping not so fun when you’re larger than the largest sizes in most stores. But I’m powering through. So I’ll be sharing with you some of my try-ons – good and bad…and updating you on how the whole Capsule Wardrobe Building thing is going.

Ding Ding Ding We Have a Winner!  *  Cynthia Rowley 2x

What do you have in YOUR closet??