Target Try-on

Looking for white jeans and/or leggings. These are not them. And I thought this light rayon top would be darling over said white pants. But I’ve got the too-tight-tummy *and* too-low v-neck. Pass.

You may think I buy a LOT of clothes. I do not. I try ON a lot of clothes. I buy VERY few. And of those few, a certain percentage always gets returned.

At first glance I thought OOH this could be the replacement for the nightgown dress so I can send that back! But they only had a 4x which was too large and it had SERIOUSLY large arm holes, which would require wearing something under or over and there goes the whole easy-breeziness of the dress. 

It must be nice to say, “Oh, I’m a size 6/8/12/whatever” and walk into almost any clothing store and be able to find things that fit. And maybe even SEVERAL things. Wow. I would not hate shopping so much if I could be more successful at it than I am.

I am looking for another sporty, stretchy tee or swing dress. This one is good on top, but too clingy on the bottom. It’s not the worst but there’s something out there that’s better, I just know it (hey, did you see me being all optimistic-y??).

Even in plus-size stores and departments, there’s no such thing as a “straight size 24,” cuz one size 24 woman is 5’9″ and another is 5’0″. One carries her weight in her legs tummy and butt, another has a flat stomach but broad shoulders and big boobs. And a constant complaint of mine is that PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE BROAD NOT TALL. I mean, obviously SOME are tall, but the manufaturers (ha ha I’m funny) think as women expand horizontally they’re also growing vertically…so I end up trying on things that, if they fit in the chest and tummy/hips/butt, are too “tall” in the torso and I constantly struggle with too large necks, too low necklines and hemlines, too-long sleeves and droopy waists. Sigh.

Not a fan of things that cling to my hip bumps.

So I have to try on a LOT of frogs before finding my clothing prince. Which is why anytime I’m anywhere there’s a plus-size section, I make at least one quick trip into the dressing room in search of a magical plus-size unicorn.

I need more “things to go over other things” but this seemed a little heavy for summer. Maybe I’ll luck out and see it on the clearance rack in August or September.
This has possibilities. It’s lightweight rayon, got that easy-breezy thing going on, but….

So. One thing came home with me. If you guessed the last item – the black and cream sort of tribal print tunic with side slits (I love me a side slit) – you would be correct! DING DING DING DING DING, get yourself an ice cream. I have to try it at home over a cami and see how it feels (I KNOW how it FEELS, it feels icky and hot). I have to see if the LOOK is worth the hot layering in summertime.

I think everything I tried on was Ava & Viv.

And so ends another saga in my Try-on Turmoil, ha. I returned a pair of black flip-flops and a black top I bought a few weeks ago, a little impulsively. So it’s sort of like this was free. Hee hee.

Until tomorrow….


9 thoughts on “Target Try-on

  1. Bettye, it’s not only plus sizes that are difficult… but who designs those arm holes??? I may not have as much trouble as you do, but it’s still difficult. Sizes are nowhere near true. Small can mean tiny, small or medium – you just never know. And, it seems most everything is open halfway down to my belly button these days. BTW, I like the last top, looks great on you – but hear you about the cami.

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    1. I guess I was thinking of a couple slim friends I’ve had, who could literally walk into a store, take something off the rack in their size, not even have to try it on, and buy it. And when they DID put it on, it was perfect.

      Yeah, those crazy arm holes. I’m thinking about a workaround so I don’t have to wear a cami but the holes will be covered up. I have some ideas. Maybe it’ll be the next Topsy Tail!


  2. I have this issue as well with the armholes. Recently I’ve seen a lot of waifish women sporting long arm holes and I realise it’s A THING! why anyone would want this on purpose, I don’t know. the thing about most fashion THINGS is that you can either work with it or not. I am trying to embrace the long armholes and using as an excuse to look for a new bra since everyone is going to be seeing a lot more of it now that all armholes are a foot long!
    for what it’s worth I really loved that stripey t-shirt dress on you but totally understand you have to be comfortable!

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    1. Yeah, no one wants to be seeing inside MY shirt 🙂 The waifish girls, sure, ha. Just interesting that this is apparently a real issue for plus size women, I wonder if the designer/manufacturers even realize?


      1. My theory is it’s a way for them to cut costs on fabric. I also feel a lot of plus sized clothing has very big neckholes. Another place to save on fabric expenses. This is just a theory, but…..


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