Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 3 resized

Certainly in the past year I’ve gotten more comfortable with certain things I used to be horrified about – a little shorter hemlines, shorter sleeves, seeing myself in photographs. But this dress was a Big Leap for me. It’s WAY shorter than I’m comfortable with. I would never wear this length to work, but I *would* wear it down to the Beach Hut in the evenings with friends (on a non-windy day!).

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 2 resized

This dress is SHORT. My legs are FAT. I am a BRAVE m_____ f_____. I feel brave. And kinda cute.

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 4 resized

I ran into a store after the shoot. In PUBLIC. In the short dress. With my fat legs. Yup.

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 1 resized

It felt good to be not so covered up.

fashion schlub plus size 6.27.16 5 resized

On a twirlability scale of 1-10, this dress is only a 2. But I had to try.

The dress is going back to Gwynnie Bee tomorrow. But I’m glad I didn’t just stick it back in the blue bag to return. I glad I wore it Out in the World.

Go me.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Corey Trista dress in Jane floral print, size 3x,  via Gwynnie Bee

    You can get a FREE 30-day trial of Gwynnie Bee by clicking the link below. Just to be transparent, if you join through a link from my page, I do make a little commission from Gwynnie Bee.



11 thoughts on “Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

    1. Thanks for your very positive comments, Torrie! The dress has already been whisked away by the USPS as the discounted $150 pricetag was too much for my blood! Other good dresses will come along (I wish I could say the same about good men!). Thanks for reading!


  1. Ok that dress is so, so pretty!
    I wish designers would make options like short and longer lengths. They do it in pants.
    Have you priced having a dress made? That style shouldn’t be hard to make, and you can make it to your perfect length. It looks fab on you!
    Also, have you been to the Lane Bryant in South Shore Mall?

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    1. I know some designers/manufacturers do offer different “heights” within sizes…Avenue for example, offers petite, regular, and tall in their pants, and that’s always a help to me. Would be nice if more of them did that!

      I haven’t actually priced having a dress custom-made, but I have looked at patterns and a simple swing dress for me is well over 4 yards of fabric…and in a nice, stretchy kind of fabric…we’re talking $60 and up just for the fabric, not even having someone do it! So that’s pretty cost prohibitive…I don’t buy many (and by “many” I mean “any”) $60+ dresses. I’m lucky that Gwynnie Bee allows me to wear higher-end pieces – like this dress retails for over $200 (!!!) – because they would normally be well outside my budget (and by “budget” I mean “money I can take out of my grocery money by just eating PB&J all week”).

      I *have* been to the Lane Bryant in South Shore Mall, was actually just in there a few weeks ago. Is that the store you go to?


  2. Love this dress on you. I’d be uncomfortable with the length too, but it’s definitely not short/short. I especially love how the waistline and bustline look. The style is very becomming!


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