Ever Changing

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I always hear “people don’t change.” And I really feel that’s not true – I think people change all the time! Just as an example – look at divorce. So many people at one time were on the same path, had the same life goals (or thought they did), enjoyed the same things…and years later find themselves in completely different places. “Oh, he CHANGED.” Of course he changed! We *all* change, all the time! We learn, we have new experiences, we adjust, we try new things, we like new things, we let go of other things. We’re not the same at 30 as we were at 20…or at 50 as we were at 40.

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I feel changes in myself even from one year to the next. I’m noticing my sense of style continues to change. Just last year this dress was my favorite – and it was a real departure from anything I’d worn before. So bright! It felt like a party. But putting it on today for the first time this year I was a little “ooh. this doesn’t really feel like me anymore.” It’s still fun, and I’ll wear it through the warm season this year…but then I think it will move on to make room for something more in keeping with my current mindset – more minimalistic, simple, modern.

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I would hate to feel that I never change. Change is good. Change is growth. Change is life.

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5 thoughts on “Ever Changing

  1. I find that change usually is a good thing. It means we’re progressing, learning from our mistakes and things are getting better. I change year to year. Heck, I change day to day! The dress is very pretty but I hear you when you say it just doesn’t feel right now.

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  2. We are getting better with age and I absolutely love growing older. You are right, change happens. We can accept it or fight it but it is going to happen either way. Individuals choice on how we each handle it.
    By the way, you look fantastic.

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    1. How boring it would be to be the SAME throughout your entire life! Doing the same things, liking the same things…I feel like a snake that sheds its skin…every few years I have a totally new interest in something, I learn about it, I build activities around it, I meet other people who share those interests and activities. I’m happy to have change to look forward to! Thanks for posting, Chris!


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