My Week in Review: Week 10

A little frustrated this week as I photographer and camera challenged and was unable to get an outfit post done. Grrr. I’m fortunate to have a couple friends who have been taking pictures for the blog, but they have lives (the nerve!) and I don’t like to keep taking advantage of their generosity. I’m working on this, but in the meantime, I’m cell-phone-selfie bound 😦

It was a busy week, I actually lost track of time and space somewhere around mid-week and totally blew off tentative plans with a friend (unintentionally, I swear!)…and had to cancel plans with someone else as I had over-scheduled and under-planned and HAD to get to the laundromat so I’d have clean ‘wares for the week!

Anyway, the week started pre-dawn last Saturday, volunteering at our 5K Jack’s Run for Autism Awareness.

jr sunrise 5.14.16

I’m generally in charge of balloons, which is not a bad job.


And my friend won her age category, I believe that was Women-Under-29. I always end up sweatier than the runners. Sigh.


Later that night, a birthday party. I don’t know what was so funny but apparently I was has having fun. I may or may not have had several cocktails prior to this photo.


Sunday was a more relaxing day. I wore my ironic graphic tee. If you know me, you get the irony.


I did a little apartment cleaning. I finally convinced myself to toss my beloved clogs. I hope I wasn’t too hasty.


Tuesday my colleague and I went to the Social Media Association meeting. Speaker Hilary Topper was very motivating in speaking about how she got 2000 attendees to a brand new event, using social media. Plus she totally seemed like the kind of gal you’d want to be besties with.


And on that note, is it just me or does everyone find it harder to make new friends the older you get? Anytime I meet someone new and think “ooh, I’d like to hang out with them,” the thought that they probably already *have* a bunch of friends and no time for anyone new, stops me from doing anything about it. Fear of rejection. Ugh.

Anyway, this was my outfit of the day on Wednesday. It had originally been outfit of the day on Monday, but I’d had a kidney stone attack during the night Sunday and the pain meds had me still a little loopy in the morning when I got to work so they sent me home. I figured a one-hour wear didn’t really count and I could do a repeat later in the week. And that’s Jane, the little grey cat.


Guess who joined Snapchat this week??? Ha. I’m still trying to figure it out. If you’re interested, I’m at Bettye Rainwater. Or brainwater. Ha. I don’t even know which is my user name.


This was my Gwynnie Bee item of the week. I really liked the loose layered effect. It also got me over my hurdle of not wearing white. I don’t know when that started, when I was younger I loved wearing white. Thanks to Gwynnie Bee I was able to try it out IRL. It’s also something I would totally have worn sleeveless in the right setting, but for work I felt more appropriate with the cardigan over top.

And that’s Madison the puffy cat sitting at the waterbowl. He likes to stare at it til I top it off.

dot dress



I got this top at a thrift store awhile back. I was on the fence about it, it seems borderline Maude, but I went with it cuz it was only 2.99 and I thought it would be good when I finally found army green jeans. Well I finally found the jeans and it turns out that what I thought was green in the shirt print is actually a sort of muddied sepia brown. So ugh on that combination. So then I tried it with my coral-peachy jeans and it’s way too matchy-matchy. So, I don’t know. It may end up back at the thrift store.

peach muck

My very exciting week ended up with a much-needed date with the laundromat.


What was the most exciting part of *your* week??

* Note: I pay for my own Gwynnie Bee subscription and am also a proud Gwynnie Bee affiliate. There are affiliate links in this blog post. 


4 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 10

  1. I love the matchy matchy look! Hope you keep/kept the top. The clogs. I think you were a little too soon getting rid of them LOL They still have tread! My husband finally got rid of a pair of work boots that still had lots of tread, but the heels were about 1/2 lower than when they started out 🙂 How much does it cost for a load of laundry wash and dry? It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to do laundry away from home, so I’m just curious. Plus there is the difference in location as well as years. The exciting part of my week was laundry LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Betty! “The clogs. I think you were a little too soon getting rid of them LOL” Nope, I took a deep breath and tossed them. I’d been wearing them like for some time, on rainy days my feet would get wet walking through the parking lot. It was time.

      Re the laudromat, well the big washer is $6 and the medium $4. I always need one of each. The dryer is .25 for 12 minutes. I usually spend about $3 on dryers. And I didn’t take my comforter this time, forgot, boo…that would need a large washer all on its own. So, if I took everything – clothes, sheets, towels, comforter, it’s close to $20, but I don’t go THAT often. I wash undies, leggings, tights and tees in the sink at home – and that’s where most of the “dirt” is. And I have a couple other places I can do laundry – if I house-sit or work on a day the school is closed, I bring some laundry with me. So it’s not *too* bad. The worst part is the schlepping the heavy laundy baskets from apartment to car, from car to laundro, then back again. And I have a little cart for just this purpose…but still. I really miss having my own washer/dryer. Hopefully in the next apartment 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re reading my blog!


  2. I’m behind reading. No, No… do not return that top. It looks great on you WITH the matching pants!! I usually do laundry on Mondays, but it got pushed to today and the dryer is telling me there’s a load ready.

    Liked by 1 person

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