My Week in Review: Week 9


After about 40 days and 40 nights of cold grey rainy days here on Long Island, we *finally* had a break in the weather! And Caleb and I ran right over to the local preserve to take advantage of the nice day for a peaceful stroll.


Sign? What sign? There’s a sign? I don’t see no stinkin’ sign. We’re Goin’ In.


Every year some new “natural art” shows up. I have no idea who does it but I love that it’s there.


Caleb took shelter for a little break.


All the things were blooming. It smelled so sweet in the woods.


Sunday was Mother’s Day and I finally got my scanner hooked up and went through a box of old slides looking for pictures of my mother. She passed away 26 years ago…which is almost half my life ago. I love seeing these pictures of her from before I was born….because by the time I came along she was not such a happy person. I’m glad to see that she was at one time.


I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL!!! Jeans! That fit! And aren’t too long! And weren’t even expensive! That was a loooongggg search, my friends…but I finally had success at Charlotte Russe online…the stores only carry up to a size 22 and I needed a 24. And the secret about these is that they’re actually the cropped length, so only a 24″ inseam…which is PERFECT for me with my short legs! I quick ordered them in 2 other colors as well. PHEW. So glad THAT hunt is over! And this is a thrifted top by Sunny Leigh.


Tuesday I had a photo shoot, you can see the post here. Funny story (two, actually) about the shoot. We were taking pictures at a park&ride, which doesn’t sound very nice, but it was actually very nicely suited to a photo shoot – there was a nice grassy area w trees, and you could park right up close which is nice when you have 3 changes of clothing and all your camera stuff, etc. So, I was changing right in the parking lot – we sort of made a little dressing room by opening the two doors of our cars which were parked side-by-side, and then Amy stood more or less in front of me as I whipped my shirt off and pulled another quickly on. Listen, if someone is really getting their jollies from seeing a flash of ME in my bra, then…You’re Welcome. So, I’ve just changed into Outfit #2 and I’m bending over, head down, zipping up my black booties…and out of the corner of my eye I see a truck pull up and hear a man’s authoritative voice say, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, LADIES.” Guh. As I’m turning around I’m trying to conjure up my best, “Just move along, dude” voice…but when I look up…I see it’s my ex-husband!!! Ha. Crazy small world, amiright?? He had been golfing with a buddy that day, and they had met up and left one of their cars in the lot all day and were just now returning at the end of their day. But, ha.


Funny story #2…with all the changing and the mess in my car of all the outfits and the distraction of the ex-husband interruption, I managed to accidentally leave my relatively new black flats at the park&ride…a fact I did not realize until the next morning when I was getting dressed. Oops. Fortunately I had a class in the morning to the west and pass right by the park&ride on my drive back to work in the afternoon, so was able to swing into the lot to check…and lo and behold – there were my shoes still on the ground!

If there’s a moral to that story I don’t really know what it is. I’m not a fast learner.


That afternoon some friends and I met up at a little beach for a sunset shoot and an outfit-of-the-day. Penguin dress by Alice + Isabel from Gwynnie Bee.


Ooh. Ahhh.


This is my favorite way to dress. Taking an easy, loose-fitting dress, like this swing dress from Rainbow, and making it even *more* casual with white sneakers and something easy thrown over top. The best part, I got this dress for $15.99…and right now it’s marked down to $9.59!!!


Thursday was just a quick walk with my boy then home to catch up on several day’s worth of work work work work work work work.


Here’s my Outfit of the Evening….


To go listen to a new local band, Drastic Measures. The lead singer is our graphic designer at work and it’s always great to see someone you know following their dream.

So that was MY week! What have *you* been up to??


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