Catch a tiger by the toe….

…..Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, my mother said to pick the very best one….

And which is it??

I got this kooky fun skater skirt from Gwynnie Bee in a running tiger print (can you even??) and wanted to show three ways to style one item.

tiger skirt option 1

fashion schlub plus size gwynnie bee 5.10.16 3

#1) This would be the casual day look. Let the tigers show just a peep from under a hi-low black open-knit cardigan. I wore it like this to work today.

tiger option 2

#2) I’d call this office casual. Playing with some pattern mixing with the black and white polka dot top and tiger print.

tiger option 3

#3) And I’d choose this for an evening look out with the girls, a little more urban and fun with cropped denim jacket and sneakers.

So, eeny meeny miny moe, which is your favorite??

What I Wore:

My new friend Amy Frushour Kelly did these beautiful photographs for me. She’s got a home studio in Nassau county and does beautiful headshots and portraits. Give her a shout if you need some nice pictures!

* Note: I pay for my own Gwynnie Bee subscription and am also a proud Gwynnie Bee affiliate. There are affiliate links in this blog post

.fashion schlub plus size gwynnie bee 5.10.16 8

7 thoughts on “Catch a tiger by the toe….

  1. I love all 3, but my fav is the second with the polka dot blouse. Love mixing patterns!
    (Stacey London from *What not to Wear* says dots are like a solid neutral…so it goes with lots of things.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Donna:

      Stacey London was my style guru for SO many years! I always hoped someone would nominate me for the show, but sadly, this never happened. But yeah, I’m trying to add more “mixable patterns” to my wardrobe, which is mostly solids right now. A fun challenge, to be sure! Thanks for reading!



  2. You are very beautiful in all three looks but the casual day look is my favorite. If I was your supervisor I would use you as an example of how employees should dress.

    Liked by 1 person

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