My Week in Review: Week 8

Just gonna give you a heads up, this was a pretty boring week. It’s been grey and rainy Every Single Day so I’ve mostly stayed indoors. So, work at Day Job all day, then there’s Job #2 in the evenings…and keeping up with my little photography business…and FashionSchlub…it was just mostly work work work work work work work. Not many pretty photo opps.

sat 1

Last Saturday I was mentally prepared for a day of erranding – post office, lots of store returns…and then a nice walk somewhere beyond the daily box with the dog. BUT when I got out to my car I discovered a dead battery. Boo. Totally my fault, I’d left an indoor dome light on the night before when I got home. Don’t most cars have an interior light that comes on at night when you turn the car off? Mine doesn’t…and twice now recently I’ve turned it on manually to gather up all my schtuff…and then accidentally left it on overnight. All it needs at that point is a quick jump, it starts right up and it’s good as new, but…no one was around, friends either live far away or were out of the town for the weekend. So the one pretty day of the whole week, and I was housebound.

sat 2

I finally got a jump around 6:30 in the evening so the dog and I got to take a quick nearby stroll before dark…and saw some signs of spring. Actual spring.

sun 1

The next day was back to raining so I just did some shopping. Which is really not an accurate term. I did some TRYING. There’s always very little BUYING. Torrid was having an amazing “Buy One Get TWO Free” sale, but their sizing is funny on me and I literally could not come up with 3 things on the sale rack that fit. Their dresses are cute and fit me well from the waist down, which is usually my problem area, but they’re *way* too big in the bodice. Either just too loose and sloppy or the girls are hanging out. So. No Three for the Price of One for Me.

sun 2a

I did get this top from TJ Maxx…it’s “ath” in the front….

sun 2b

…and “leisure” in the back! Cute, right?


It was my daughter’s 25th birthday. I miss her like crazy (she’s down in Florida), but SHE’S COMING TO NY IN 2 WEEKS!!! I’m so excited to see her and hang out.

I’ve heard several people comment this past week that they’re feeling cranky and out of sorts. I think it’s the weather, warm spring too late in coming, people are outdoors/nature deprived. I know *I* am. Hopefully this week will be better.

Let’s make this week be better.


sat 2


One thought on “My Week in Review: Week 8

  1. First of all, can I say I love the doggie photo bomb! He’s looking at you like, “Mom. Seriously, wth are you doing?” Lol! My life is basically boring rain or sun so don’t feel too bad…sometimes boring is a good thing. And yay for your baby coming home! Get some pics to post…

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