Keeping It Simple

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I’ve been keeping my life very simple lately. Work, treatment, home. That’s pretty much every day. Sometimes during the day I THINK I will go home and accomplish One Thing – wash the dishes or sweep the floor, etc. But no. By the time I get there I’m so shot that I get almost immediately into my nightgown and head to the sofa. I’m not even reading or watching tv, I’m just…resting.

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So this kind of outfit is my mainstay right now. A simple base with something over top. Easy peasy.

This dress is so easy to wear. It’s a rayon spandex blend that’s stretchy and swingy and feels like silky cotton. The blouse is Tencel which is a drapey lightweight denimy material. Both fabrics are very comfortable to wear.

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Fashion doesn’t always have to be fussy or fancy. It can be easy and relaxed and comfortable…and that is totally my jam these days.

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I’m kind of liking my life like this. I feel like the beginning of the year started with so much drama that I’m enjoying this simple time. Kind of weird, right? I never feel good anymore, I’m always exhausted, but overall, life feels good. Count on me to be contrary 🙂

What I’m Wearing

Photos by Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me – thanks, Marce! Make sure you check out her blog cuz she is a  BOSS!!!


Mixing It Up. Again.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know about The Invisible Dress, because I have mentioned it 12,483 times…and have worn it almost as much. It’s just a simple black sleeveless swing dress I got from ASOS Curve last spring and I’ve dressed it up and dressed it down, worn it alone and with other pieces over it. If you’re not familiar with The Dress, you can see it here and here .

Well it occurred to me recently that not only can I put things OVER it, I can also put things UNDER it…and wear it like a proper jumper (not an English “jumper,” which is really a sweater).

So that’s what I did here. I actually had done a little video with the two outfits, but I, in my vast experience, managed to accidentally delete one clip and that was the better one, so…I need more practice.

Enough talking, here are the looks:


I paired it here with a lightweight polka-dot blouse, sleeves rolled up, collar buttoned up. I would wear this to work or to a professional meeting away from the office.


I like the juxtaposition of the faux-leather moto “bad a**” (ha ha) jacket over the more, literally, buttoned-up conservative outfit underneath.


Side note: it’s so funny, when I look in the mirror I feel like I have SO much make-up on…but when I see the pictures later I’m like, do I have ANY make-up on?? Need to work on that.

The second look is more casual. I would wear this to work but also to meet friends after work for coffee or dinner.


Side Note: I do not own a full-length mirror…and sometimes shoe choices look alright in my mind’s eye or in the bird’s eye view I have of them from above…but if I see myself in a mirror somewhere else later or in a picture…I am horrified. Like right now. In the video clip I talked about how I would really pair this look with a pair of white sneakers but one of my white sneakers has been missing for months (think it’s with the black duster??) so these seemed casual and appropriate. In my head. They. Are. Not. Please pretend I am wearing almost anything else on my feet here.


Okay, so this blue Tencel chambray blouse dresses this look down a bit I think, to a more casual level. In the video I rolled up the sleeves and it looked better but you’re not seeing that here.

If I was going out I might put a denim jacket over this or an olive green utility jacket, to keep with the low-key vibe.

So I now have like 3 dozen different ways to wear this one dress, ha. Do you have one item that you accessorize a gazillion different ways? Can you think of a piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe that you always wear a certain way…that you could maybe do something completely different with? You’d be surprised.

I apologize for all the technical difficulties. Between the video attempts and the fact that my computer has been dying a rapid death for the past weeks and I’ve been working on an ancient laptop without full *anything* capability, I’ve been a little out of blogging sorts. I hope to only get better from here 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

  • ASOS Curve Sleeveless Swing Dress, size 22. Sold out, similar here (this actually looks like the identical dress to me)
  • Who What Wear polkadot blouse via Target, size 22. Sold out, similar here
  • Blue Tencel blouse from Charlotte Russe, size 24. Sold out, similar here

Stepping Outside the Box


I am normally a pretty basic dresser. Solids, neutrals, limited palette, that’s my usual wardrobe. And then THIS happened. This floral tunic by American Rag that I’ve rented from Gwynnie Bee. I feel so HAPPY in it! I felt a little like a Matryoshka – those brightly painted Russian wooden nesting dolls. In a good way!


Sometimes you just have to take a little walk on the wild side, try something new, step outside your box. It’s so interesting to me how *difficult* that can be with something as seemingly insignificant as clothing. Yet sometimes wearing something DIFFERENT…in PUBLIC…can be The Most Terrifying Thing.


But it’s a good thing to slip a little strange into your normal routine, know what I mean? Don’t dress and live The Same Exact Way day after day after day. There are just so many days. Explore, adventure, spread your friendship wings, wear a brightly colored blouse.



What I’m Wearing:

Do you think you might like to try Gwynnie Bee? It’s a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. And the first month is FREE! If you want to give it a try (and you know you want to), just click the banner ad below. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and it has helped me on the road to finding my fashion style because I can try so many different things without filling up my closet or emptying out my bank account!


If you do join through this affiliate link, I will get a small commission (thank you!). But I wouldn’t recommend the company if I didn’t REALLY love them (and I do).

My new friend Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me was my photographer once again – thanks, Marcy!

Boho: To Be or Not to Be


This item is part of an ongoing personal exercise in “I like this style THEORETICALLY, but I just don’t Feel Like ME in it.” I’ve mentioned several times that I really like the boho hippie style. But I’m coming to realize that there’s a big difference between LIKING a style…and feeling RIGHT in it. And I’m finally really tightening my purchasing editing – I can LIKE things without BUYING them…because they’re just not right for me. I’m grateful for a rental service like Gwynnie Bee because I can wear items for a day that I liked the looks of…and decide over time, not just in a few minutes in a dressing room, whether or not I feel good in them.


This colorful high-low vest from Hemant & Nandita was fun to wear one time. It was floaty and swirly. It made a great topper over simple jeans and a tee and served to elevate the basic outfit.


Do you like trying things outside your comfort zone? I think it’s fun now and then…and helps me narrow down what my style *really* is. I’m getting there!



Do you think you might like to try Gwynnie Bee? It’s a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. And the first month is FREE! If you want to give it a try (and you know you want to), just click the banner ad below. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and I never stick with *anything*!


If you do join through this affiliate link, I will get a small commission. But I wouldn’t recommend the company if I didn’t REALLY love them (and I do).

What I’m Wearing:

Multitasking Dress

I love a dress that I can take anywhere – from work, to a date (HA HA HA HA), to a fun weekend outing. This dress checks all three boxes. Plus, this print? You spill on it? No One Will Ever Know. It’s a beautiful thing.

The dress is from the new Hemant & Nandita line especially for Gwynnie Bee. Here are some of their other pieces at Nieman Marcus. I really love the boho hippie prints and colors and lightweight summery fabrics.

The dress is easy to wear, just throw a little cardi over top and it’s perfect for the office…

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 5 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 4 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 6 resized

For evening I would lose the cardigan and go sleeveless with a drapey necklace, some dangly earrings, and a little bling in a vintage clutch and some metallic sandals. I have a friend whose sister once told us “men like earrings that dangle and have a lot of movement,” and I’ve never forgotten that. I like that, too!

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16  8 resized

fashion schlub plus size 8.3.16 7 resized

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And I would totally wear this for weekend gallery hopping in Brooklyn, with little white sneakers and a chambray shirt tied around my waist. Easy peasy!

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What I’m Wearing…

Look One

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Avenue electric salmon cardigan, old
  • Khaki Callisto platform sandals (they’re awesome! they stretch!)

Look Two

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Forever 21 green beaded necklace (old)
  • Vintage gold clutch
  • Gold Lauren Conrad flipflops from Kohls

Look Three

  • Hemant & Nandita dress in jewel grey print via Gwynnie Bee, size 24
  • Charlotte Russe Tencel chambray blouse, size 3x
  • Payless sneakers

Which is your favorite outfit?

Did you know you can get a 30-day free trial from Gwynnie Bee and have a month’s worth of different outfits to wear? I do the one-out-a-time (like Netflix) subscription and that gets me generally 4 different outfits in a month! That’s one a week! So fun! You know you want that, too! Try it…for FREE by clicking the link below…



And just to be clear, if you do join through my link, I do get a lovely little commission from Gwynnie Bee. Everyone’s a winner!



I Love a Uniform: Part One

I’m writing this post in lieu of listing my 10 favorite songs on Pandora. You’re welcome.

Every season I have a couple outfits that are like my default outfits. When I just want to be comfy and not have to think about anything, I throw these outfits on. They’re the kind of outfits that if I had to pick One Outfit to Wear For the Rest of My Life…this would be it.

Right now my “weekday” uniforms are these two sort of ath-leisure looks. An easy stretchy lightweight swing dress, in both cases, with a soft blue chambray shirt over top and white sneakers at the bottom. No thought needed.

fashion schlub plus size fashion blogger bettye rainwater 6.1.16 1


I have two other weekend uniforms, but that’s for another post.

Do you find any outfit(s) that you find yourself reaching for time and time again even though there’s a whole closetful of other items?

What I’m Wearing

  • Black Asos Curve swing dress
  • Navy striped swing dress from Rainbow (out of stock)
  • Blue chambray button-down from Charlotte Russe (out of stock)

Alright, ONE song. This one is heartbreaking and is therefore my favorite. Don’t Mind Me I’m Only Dying Slow by Jackie Greene. This last stanza crushes me:

And I met a gambler who did nothing but lose all day
He had love in his hands but he let her slip away
And all he ever wanted was to give her a win
But all she ever really wanted was him.


Game On

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So I came across a new blog today called Once Upon a Time and she revealed that she was going to do a 30-day “blogging every day” challenge. In my Jump First, Look Down Later way, I decided to do the same! Like her, I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m going to give it a go. She listed 30 days’ worth of blog topics. I like a lot of them, but plan to intersperse my usual stuff in, too.

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So, Day One: 20 Things About Me (oh gawd)

  1. I’m *really* an introvert.
  2. I love being home more than just about anywhere.
  3. But the beach is my zen spot.
  4. My favorite “food” right now is McDonald’s Sweet Tea.
  5. I’m vegan.
  6. My last name is Rainwater. And I’m not part Indian.
  7. The first 30 years of my life my mother told me and my sister we were 1/16 Cherokee Indian. After she died I found out that was not true. I felt like I’d found out I’d been adopted.
  8. If I’d been born a boy my parents were going to name me Rusty. Rusty Rainwater.
  9. When I was nine I tried to change my name to Pony. Pony Rainwater. It didn’t stick.
  10. The first time I got married was three weeks after meeting Him.
  11. My first marriage lasted three weeks.
  12. I like to break the rules.
  13. I don’t have a favorite color. Just color combinations.
  14. I write really really really small.
  15. I’m afraid of alligators.
  16. I make kidney stones like nobody’s business.
  17. My default emotion is a little sad.
  18. I tend to be the opposite of what the people around me are. When I was 11, a friend told me I just like to be difficult. I prefer to think of myself as an Equalizer.
  19. If I could choose a super power it would def be invisibility. I would totally spy on people.
  20. I’m a good starter but not such a good finisher.

Why don’t you do the challenge, too?? Let me know if you do…and we’ll link to one another.

What I’m Wearing

My Week in Review: Week 9


After about 40 days and 40 nights of cold grey rainy days here on Long Island, we *finally* had a break in the weather! And Caleb and I ran right over to the local preserve to take advantage of the nice day for a peaceful stroll.


Sign? What sign? There’s a sign? I don’t see no stinkin’ sign. We’re Goin’ In.


Every year some new “natural art” shows up. I have no idea who does it but I love that it’s there.


Caleb took shelter for a little break.


All the things were blooming. It smelled so sweet in the woods.


Sunday was Mother’s Day and I finally got my scanner hooked up and went through a box of old slides looking for pictures of my mother. She passed away 26 years ago…which is almost half my life ago. I love seeing these pictures of her from before I was born….because by the time I came along she was not such a happy person. I’m glad to see that she was at one time.


I FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL!!! Jeans! That fit! And aren’t too long! And weren’t even expensive! That was a loooongggg search, my friends…but I finally had success at Charlotte Russe online…the stores only carry up to a size 22 and I needed a 24. And the secret about these is that they’re actually the cropped length, so only a 24″ inseam…which is PERFECT for me with my short legs! I quick ordered them in 2 other colors as well. PHEW. So glad THAT hunt is over! And this is a thrifted top by Sunny Leigh.


Tuesday I had a photo shoot, you can see the post here. Funny story (two, actually) about the shoot. We were taking pictures at a park&ride, which doesn’t sound very nice, but it was actually very nicely suited to a photo shoot – there was a nice grassy area w trees, and you could park right up close which is nice when you have 3 changes of clothing and all your camera stuff, etc. So, I was changing right in the parking lot – we sort of made a little dressing room by opening the two doors of our cars which were parked side-by-side, and then Amy stood more or less in front of me as I whipped my shirt off and pulled another quickly on. Listen, if someone is really getting their jollies from seeing a flash of ME in my bra, then…You’re Welcome. So, I’ve just changed into Outfit #2 and I’m bending over, head down, zipping up my black booties…and out of the corner of my eye I see a truck pull up and hear a man’s authoritative voice say, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, LADIES.” Guh. As I’m turning around I’m trying to conjure up my best, “Just move along, dude” voice…but when I look up…I see it’s my ex-husband!!! Ha. Crazy small world, amiright?? He had been golfing with a buddy that day, and they had met up and left one of their cars in the lot all day and were just now returning at the end of their day. But, ha.


Funny story #2…with all the changing and the mess in my car of all the outfits and the distraction of the ex-husband interruption, I managed to accidentally leave my relatively new black flats at the park&ride…a fact I did not realize until the next morning when I was getting dressed. Oops. Fortunately I had a class in the morning to the west and pass right by the park&ride on my drive back to work in the afternoon, so was able to swing into the lot to check…and lo and behold – there were my shoes still on the ground!

If there’s a moral to that story I don’t really know what it is. I’m not a fast learner.


That afternoon some friends and I met up at a little beach for a sunset shoot and an outfit-of-the-day. Penguin dress by Alice + Isabel from Gwynnie Bee.


Ooh. Ahhh.


This is my favorite way to dress. Taking an easy, loose-fitting dress, like this swing dress from Rainbow, and making it even *more* casual with white sneakers and something easy thrown over top. The best part, I got this dress for $15.99…and right now it’s marked down to $9.59!!!


Thursday was just a quick walk with my boy then home to catch up on several day’s worth of work work work work work work work.


Here’s my Outfit of the Evening….


To go listen to a new local band, Drastic Measures. The lead singer is our graphic designer at work and it’s always great to see someone you know following their dream.

So that was MY week! What have *you* been up to??

My Week in Review: Week 3

Went with my BFF to a Kenny Scharf exhibit preview at Nassau County Museum of Art.  It is said that Scharf’s work “leaves you with hope, joy, play and optimism, and a sense of love” and can’t we all use a little of that??


There was an amazing room, a la PeeWee’s Playhouse, where Scharf painted plastic objects of all sorts (he was a serious recycler and upcycler) in crazy bright neon colors. It was a magical place that I never wanted to leave.



Even cool artist types do silly touristy things in photos.

Local museums are a great resource. You don’t always have to travel into a city to see world class art.


We had coffee and vegan goodies at Sweet to Lick, a local vegan bakery. This tiramisu blondie was YUM.


I tried a little shopping. I loved these dresses but was uncomfortable with the thinness of the material and the way it touched my belly. After some reading and soul-searching this week I may reconsider my decision and go try them again.

AMB_4520 FB

On Sunday I had a photo shoot with a new photographer. It was very cold and *VERY* windy down by the water so it might have been the shortest photo shoot EVER. But the pictures are pretty amazing, so, YAY. You’ll see them in the next outfit post.


We had a spring snowfall. It was one of those very pretty snows that was light and clung to everything, creating lace.


I heart snow. Sorry. I hadda do it.


Only one Outfit of the Day post this week. Then I had to send this beautiful kimono back. Sadface.


My officemate was out sick one day…but we got a puppy to replace her!

IMG_9892 (1)

My daughter and I have kooky dreams. And then we were in Germany.

See ya next week!