Resolutions + Plus Size Try-on Haul Video

day 4

I’m still working on my resolutions for the new year. I’m not usually a hard-and-fast resolution sorta gal; I usually pick a fun thing I want to challenge myself to do more of – like drink more or wear more jewelry, ha ha. But after 2017 I do sort of feel like I need to get some things in order. I need to get PREPARED. That’s one of the resolutions, but I’m still fine-tuning (that seems to be a recurrent theme of the new year also) it and most of them…but the one I’m certain of is…to pamper myself.

girly dreams 2

To have flowers in the house, go for mani-pedis and foot massages and get my hair done when I have hair again. Have a facial. Not just pampering, but being kind and gentle with myself. Last year was a hard year. It was painful and exhausting and took a lot out of me. I need to feed myself and care for myself and build my mind and heart back up. Get a comfortable sofa so I can relax and read and enjoy looking out the window. Ask friends for help when things are too hard. Eat good food. Be Good to my body. Nourish it, stretch it, exercise it. Rest it. If I need to sleep all day once in a while, do that without feeling guilty. Make my home more pleasing. Empty the corners of boxes and piles of stuff. Create lovely vignettes to enjoy when I come home. Live in silence when I want, live in music when I want. Just be good to myself.
my morning 10
I’m still working out the technicalities on this one, but one year (I think 2011) I did “Do Something New Every Week,” and that was really a good one but it was more Big Picture things, like “do a 5k,” “get reiki.” etc. I think this year I might do a “Try Something New Every Day” resolution. I know that sounds imposing but they can be Very Small Things: go to a new bagel shop, turn down a different street when driving home, make a new recipe, try on a pair of shoes you wouldn’t normally try. It’s just the point of keeping your mind open to new and untried things rather than being comfortable and settled in routine.
That’s it for resolutions for now…and onto something NEW and exciting that got its start in 2017 but just went live in 2018 – and that is that my new blog-friend Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style shared Fashion Schlub as one of her “Styled By…” posts! I’ve been reading such nice comments from her regular readers, I’m so grateful to her! Be sure to take a look at her blog – she has such an adventurous and fun fashion sense – I think you’ll really enjoy her blog – AND she’s a sweetheart, to boot!


And this week’s weekly vlog is a plus size winter try-on haul showing clothes from Old Navy, Woman Within and Charlotte Russe. Take a look and let me know what you think – I think my videoing and editing skills are getting a little better!

All photography by me.


19 thoughts on “Resolutions + Plus Size Try-on Haul Video

  1. I also love the last picture of you on Nancy’s video. I watched your try on of winter clothes and liked most of them, originally when I looked at the pink dress I wasn’t sure about it but the more I watched I thought it did look nice and that the colour really suited and also with something a bit sparkly would look good,I also liked you in the first striped top.

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    1. Thanks for watching, Pauline! Would you believe that in the end, EVERYTHING is going back except the mauvey-taupe long sleeved tee from Old Navy…which I splashed bleach on the sleeves of the very next morning!!! Pink dress going back, grey sweater dress going back, nubby ivory cowl neck sweater, all going back. Sometimes things look different in video than they do in the mirror and when I was watching the video clips while editing I was just like nope, nope, nope. And my closet was looking Too Full. I don’t like having so many things in there and I’d gotten caught up in SALE SHOPPING instead of holding out for QUALITY. No harm done, lesson learned, maybe I won’t get so carried away next time 🙂


    1. Me, too! It’s been sort of a weird week…I was sick a couple days, and now we’ve just completed Snow Bomb Cyclone 2018 so I’ve mostly just been in the house and haven’t really had opportunity to do anything new or different. But I will!!!


      1. Oh yeah, a LOT of snow. And wind. So snowdrifts. And bitter cold. Today it reached up to the teens but with no wind it feels positively balmy!

        And yep, there’s always (usually, ha) tomorrow to start again!

        Thanks for visiting!


    1. Yeah, cuz I already tried things (to keep my mind nimble) like putting my underwear on left foot first and just couldn’t do it. When I was 37 I thought going back to college and finally completing my bachelor’s degree would sharpen me up a bit. Nope…and now I have a $92,000 student loan to pay back. #workingtilidie #sigh


      1. Oh my gosh I did the same thing! I had a degree in Political Science but when I became a mom I stayed home with my kids. Then, hoping to re-jump a career and learn a skill I could take with me wherever I went I got a graphic design degree with the accompanying student loans! Then realized I had entered a career that thinks you’re not creative if you’re over 25 yrs old! I forgot about age discrimination since then I was 47. #whatthehell

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  2. Ooh! Ooh! Graphic design! That sounds exciting. I mean, going to school for it. I’m self-taught and feel I have a million holes in my skill-set but manage to muddle my way through most work projects. We could start a design company “Old Biddies Who Still Have a Clue,” ha ha. Take THAT you…you…you CHILDREN!!!


    1. Thanks! And there are more resolutions to come! Usually I’m sort of anti-resolution and just pick the one fun thing but this year more and more things keep springing to mind and I’m like YEAH! I’M GONNA DO THAT! Thanks for following 🙂


    1. Thanks, Courtney! In fact, I’ve returned every single thing except the mauvey-taupe tee from Old Navy. Once I saw how things looked on me in the video…and I did a little soul searching about my wardrobe (yes, that is a thing!), I realized none of these were the right things. And the search continues 🙂

      I LOVE your blog name and must now go check out what is on a blog called “sugar coated bears”!!!


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