Fun at Home

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I have an aunt that used to (maybe she still does, but I haven’t seen her in a long time) refer to certain items in her wardrobe as “fun at home” clothes. Things like swishy palazzo pants and lightweight drapey cardigan/kimonos. She sort of had the Eileen Fisher vibe before there was “Eileen Fisher.” When we would go shopping (often at the dearly departed Loehmann’s ) she would pick up things off the rack and hand them to me and I’d be like uh, no, where would I wear THAT? And she would respond, “fun at home!” Ha. Now everytime I see drapey clothes, loose swingy items, I think of my aunt and her Fun at Home clothing credo.

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I always have fun at home. I really am an introvert and need a lot of time to myself and enjoy being alone at home. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me. But there’s not. I just really enjoy my own company, ha!

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When I was young, my favorite days were when I’d get home from school and my mother’s car was not in the driveway. That meant she was out shopping and I would get the spare key out of the old q-tip box in the garage (remember when the boxes had the slide-out tray like this?) and let myself in…and just REVEL in the solitude. Sigh. Of course, I also loved when I’d walk in the front door when she was home to the smell of homemade chocolate pudding. She made real pudding with corn starch and cocoa and milk…and cooking it all on the stove created an insanely inviting chocolatey aroma…oh.

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Do you enjoy being alone? Or do you prefer company? Isn’t it interesting how we’re all so different…and yet we’re all okay just the way we are?

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And how fun is this kimono? Rich navy blue burn-out velvet floral with crazy crocheted fringe bottom. Can be dressed up or down…on this day I chose “down” over a simple base layer of skinny jeans and a black tunic.

And had a little “fun at home” on my own.

gif 1.29.18

What I’m Wearing

  • SKIES ARE BLUE Velvet Kimono With Tassel Detail In Navy Print via Gwynnie Bee, 2x
  • Black jersey knit tunic by Joan Vass, size 3x
  • Charlotte Russe Refuge cropped skinny jeans, size 24
  • Adidas Cloudform sneakers

Today I’m linking up with Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust and her Ageless Style Link-up Party…and also Jess and her Turning Heads Link-up. If you’re not familiar with them be sure to check them out!



11 thoughts on “Fun at Home

  1. Love the outfit – it looks ‘happy’. I enjoy company, but I think I enjoy being alone more – gasp! I’d really never thought about it till reading your post. Of course I’m not really “alone”, I have Koda and the cats. Would I enjoy being totally alone, I kinda doubt it. I enjoy the company of my animals.

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  2. I love your aunt’s description of fun at home. Why not? We can have a very enjoyable evening in. I like to balance introvert and extrovert activities. If I’ve done either too much then I need a break. Ok, how do you do your gif? I had to download some sketchy app to do mine and then it had their watermark on it. I like your door as a prop too!

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    1. I’m so proud of my gifs! Ha. I do it in Photoshop, I googled how. I still struggle, though. There’s one step I forget about Every Time and I’m like GRRR I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE IT SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD! Do you have Photoshop, I can send you the link to the instructions THAT I WAS ABLE TO UNDERSTAND, HA HA. If not, I’m happy to do some for you 🙂

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    1. It *is* nice when material things prompt nice memories. THAT’S WHY I CAN’T GET RID OF ANYTHING, ha ha ha. And trust me, I don’t stay dressed up at home for long! I think I did a rant somewhere recently on how quickly I usually get out of day clothes and into my nightgown when I get home from work – especially this time of year when it’s still cold and dark.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh friend…how I love this kimono! And how I love your aunt even though I’ve never met her…fun at home clothes…that is so awesome!! I’m neither introvert nor extrovert. I totally dig quiet time alone, but I also enjoy being with “my humans”. I don’t enjoy crowds of strangers though…

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    1. You’d like her. She’s totally classy and has a memory like a steel trap – remembers EVERYONE’S everything – birthday’s kids names, that time they got sick…And I think she must be close to 90…if not already there or beyond.

      Ooh, crowds of strangers. Shudder.

      I thought of you when I first spied that kimono!


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