My Week in Review: Week 24

As weeks go, this one was okay…my last week of work before VACATION (ahhh…and the angels sang from on high)…and missed two days due to kidney stone stuff…dog-sitting my landlord’s dogs while they’re in Portugal…and having evening outings with my girlfriend who’s staying with me while she looks for an apartment on Long Island.


I went to my niece’s (really my ex’s *other* daughter, but niece is easier) 16th Birthday/Cousins Party…and got to see my baby for a bit. Isn’t she a pretty baby?? I saw a lot of my ex’s family that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Wow.


We went out for $2 Taco Night (but no tacos for me, just a sad pile of soggy steamed vegetables….excuse me I mean a GRILLED VEGETABLE TOWER – which is what they were calling it on the menu. Uhm…no). ANYWAY, we did a little photo-shoot beforehand along the dock…and there were DEER. I really shouldn’t be so excited, there are deer everywhere in Suffolk county (eastern half of Long Island). People refer to them as rats there are so many. But I still think they’re pretty and I still get excited to see them.


On Tuesday I took Caleb to work with me for a little rest. He thought the deflated bounce house made a good dog bed.


I went on a little road trip to pick up some invitations from the printer for our upcoming Wine Tasting…and saw this front yard. I’m practicing being less judgmental so I’ll just leave this here and not say a word.

I am truly a horrible person.

bowie 8.25.16

Then our way to Beach Hut for $12 drinks, we stopped at my friend Jen’s house to check in on her cats Bowie and Jameson while they’re in Thailand (is everyone away but me??). Jameson made himself scarce but Bowie is my new best friend. He greeted us at the door and performed tricks for us on command.

Yes, I wear that dress A Lot.


After two days of pain and pain-killer withdrawal, I finally felt up to a little art lesson with my friend Debbie. She’s an amazing artist. She can draw and paint ANYTHING. I can sketch a pretty decent cube. And therein ends my artistic talents. But we practiced some basic concepts like shadow and…other things. Mostly I just dipped my paint in stuff and made blobs on the paper. My favorite thing is the little blob of wavy sea grass at the bottom of the page. I might become a wavy sea grass artist. But I won’t quit my day job just yet.


Made it back to work for The Last Day Before Vacation (cue angels), wrapped up some things I’d been working on…then to celebrate we headed down to Northport for some music in the park with snacks and wine. And iced tea. That I spilled as soon as we got there.

And now it’s Saturday and The First Actual Day of Vacation. But I’ll save that for y’all for next week.

What are *you* doing for vacation?


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