Nordstrom Rack Dressing Room Try-on

I’ve been working on my fall/winter wardrobe for the past few weeks. I’ve bought mostly on-line from Old Navy, ASOS and H&M. But I was in Nordstrom Rack on a shoe hunt (the ongoing shoe hunt!) yesterday so took a quick peek through the plus section and found a few things worth trying on (why do they keep stores So HOT?!?). Let me know what you think…


Without really intending to, I’m winding up with a very black/white/grey monochromatic palette this season. I did buy one wine dress from JCPenney’s Plus Boutique but I’m having such a hard time finding the right color/style shoes for it I think I’m just going to return the dress!

I’m *always* on the hunt for white shirts – a basic tee and a button-down at the very least. It sounds SO simple, “oh, they’re EVERYWHERE!” But…nope. I thought this was cute with the added interest of the diagonal pleating…but it is too sheer and clingy. Nope. Pass. The search continues!

This one just made me laugh. I liked the color, stripes, and the irony, but…nope. Pass.


I knew this was gonna be a little too schlubby for me, and the color was lighter than I like, but it was marked down super low, like under $10 so I thought it was worth a try. Pass.


This one I’m a little on the fence about. I’m going to need a slightly warmer coat than my olive green rayon one (seen crumpled on the shelf here) in another month or so. This was like thick but soft and stretchy sweatshirty outside with soft grey plush inside. It was hard for me to judge because I was SO hot in the store that I was afraid it would be TOO warm for me (I run hot) even in the late fall/early winter…plus, it had no pockets. A jacket needs pockets. And I’m afraid that plush lining will be very static-causing. Plus, I’m trying to move away a bit from the handkerchief/sharkbite/high-low type things and towards more classic cuts that will still look good next year and even the year after that. So, I liked it, it was comfortable, I need something sort of like it, but…I feel there’s something better out there for me.

I DID buy a pair of chestnut brown slightly platform sandals that I’d seen a couple months back but didn’t want to spend the money when summer was almost over…but I found myself thinking on so many mornings when I would get dressed, “if only I had those sandals, they would be PERFECT with this outfit!” Well, they were STILL THERE, Miracle #1, and Miracle #2, they were now on sale, so I grabbed them up – even though I may not get any wear out of them this year, I’ll be ahead of the game for Warm Weather 2017!

So the white shirt hunt continues, as does the one for fall/winter shoes. I know what I WANT in my MIND, now I just need to find them in REALITY, NOT in leather, that fit and that I can afford 🙂

How’s your fall shopping going? I feel that I always have something in my mind that I can never find in stores, it’s very frustrating!


5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Rack Dressing Room Try-on

  1. Black shoes and bag are fine with the wine dress. Find a pretty scarf, autumn colored for accent. I just keep wearing the same old same old. Shoes are the biggest problem because of bunions and balance. Vionic shoes are not my favorite in dressier styles. Good luck shopping, the gray story is good for winter and black a good choice for accent.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve never been such a “black wearer” before. It’s taken many MANY years to be comfortable in black – I always felt Not Like Me in it. I’m finally appreciating the simpleness and timelessness of it.

      Shoes – Always Hard.



  2. So, keep the wine dress if you like it. I see gray shoes and sweater going well with it besides black. I do love black though, so dramatic. I could see the wine dress with brown too and I just bought some green suede pumps that could work well with a scarf that pulls the dress and shoes together. I’m totally with you on white shirts!!!! It seems like it’s an easy basic, but if you’re above a size 8 it is not easy to find one. It’s either see through or wrinkly and doesn’t button or highlights every roll and shadow and just looks too bright. I have not worn a white (or cream colored top) in years. Though I’ve bought two in the last year, I have not worn them. One of those “basic” fails from the fashion industry that don’t work for us women who are top heavy.

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    1. It’s not just the color of the dress, it’s the style, I’m a little floored as to what footwear (not just color, but shape, height, etc) would even be right with it…and when I figure that out, do I want to buy something that may only go with one dress? If it was a summer dress I’d wear it with flats or platform sandals and call it a day. But footwear is always more complex in the winter! I think I’d like it with taupe faux-suede over-the-knee boots. But I’m not starting THAT search. Boots are ridiculously difficult with my ginormous calves, I’m lucky to find ANYTHING to fit, and when I do I get them in as neutral a color and style as possible so they go with a lot of different things, cuz I’m probably not going to find ANOTHER pair to fit. Although I have to say the boot hunt has gotten a LITTLE easier in the past few years. But still. I think taupe suede boots will remain a dream for this girl and not a reality…and if I can just find the packing slip, I’ll be returning the wine dress.

      But yeah, white blouses, amiright?? Impossible! I’ve broadened the search to more of a simple tunic style top, something that’s pullover vs button-down…and have STILL not finding anything I like.

      If I was Oprah Rich I would have all my clothes custom made. Can you imagine? A wardrobe of clothes that all fit PERFECTLY!?! Now THAT’S a dream.


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