All Aboard to New York City


It’s funny, whenever I’m anywhere else and someone asks me where I live and I say New York, they always immediately assume New York CITY. I try to explain that NY is very large and diverse with beaches and mountains and farmland and suburbs…and that Manhattan, “The City,” is a VERY small part of it. They never buy it. They have their perception of what New York is like and they’re sticking to it no matter what *I* say.


I think we all have perceptions and assumptions about places…and people…that are unfounded in anything other than our own minds and imaginations filling in gaps. I know my mind, especially, is prone to filling in gaps. Like, if you hear a description of someone without seeing a picture of them, your mind creates a picture FOR you! At least mine does. I don’t know if everyone’s does. That can be dangerous because it creates impossible expectations.


I’m sort of going to the dark place today, sorry about that! This dress got me thinking about New York City with its great graphic print. Some might call it busy. I call it CAMOUFLAGE!!! A busy pattern does a great job of concealing lumps and bumps because it hides shadows and highlights. Your eye is drawn to the pattern. In a solid dress, fat rolls create highlights and shadows that are easily seen. I’m not saying you should feel ashamed of them and try to conceal your body…I *am* saying that some outfits create a little magic…and who doesn’t like a little magic worked on them once in a while!


This is another Gwynnie Bee dress, designed by one of their house brands, Isabel & Alice. It’s called the NYC Belted Shift Dress. I had fun wearing it one time with this distressed denim jacket from Target. The outfit was just right for the touch of fall we’ve experienced so far.




Whenever my daughter shoots my outfit there’s at least one shot with me throwing my hands up in the air. Those of you with Daughters Who Know Everything will know what I’m talking about.


But fortunately there’s usually one of these, too. And life goes on.

Do you think you might like to try Gwynnie Bee? It’s a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. And the first month is FREE! If you want to give it a try (and you know you want to), just click the banner ad below. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and it has helped me on the road to finding my fashion style because I can try so many different things without filling up my closet or emptying out my bank account!


If you do join through this affiliate link, I will get a small commission (thank you!). But I wouldn’t recommend the company if I didn’t REALLY love them (and I do).

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3 thoughts on “All Aboard to New York City

  1. First of all, this dress is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! And I can tell that you feel beautiful wearing it. Second of all I agree that my preconceived ideas of what someone looks like are almost never accurate. Maybe because our brains take verbal descriptors and make them into visual traits…Finally, why is it that you seem to stop by my blog on the rare days that I have committed some type of assault against those of the arachnid persuasion?? Lol!

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  2. So I have two daughters like that. I do lots of deep sighs b/c they are young and smart and I am old and dumb. Then inevitably something happens that I gave them good advice on (which they ignored) then they have to re-calibrate their brains which is hard and only lasts 5 seconds. Deep sigh. However, I totally get the little magic in a pattern or item of clothing. I have one dress that I feel is almost an optical illusion because you can’t tell if the pattern has movement or the body part underneath is jiggling! Your hair looks great in these pictures btw!



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