My Week in Review: Week 33

When thinking about this blog post and this past week I thought, oh, meh, I didn’t do much this week. Ha. So funny how the brain works.

The week started with another night of dog-sitting.

The next day a friend and I went to a place we’d never been a little bit out east on the Island, Quogue Wildlife Refuge. I was hoping for a little exercise with some nice foliage views. But it seems like the foliage is turning sooo slowly here this here!


On the way home we stopped at a charming farm stand in Westhampton.

How cute are these white pumpkins? I think I like them better than the traditional orange ones!


While I passed on the bread-pies, I did pick up a couple ears of corn that served as dinner a few nights this past week. Yum.


Ya gotta love a big ice cream cone.


I’m still trying to assemble a full 2-weeks’ worth of work outfits. I liked this one in theory but not so much in actual execution. I did like this black I.N.C. cardigan from Gwynnie Bee, but I sent it back because I know I have a similar one somewhere that’s been in hiding since September. Where could that thing be??


I haven’t been cooking much recently, but the little bit of cold-snap we had this week inspired me to make something warm and cozy…so vegan cream of spinach soup and garlic toast crouton sticks. Yum.


I posted this fun shoot. I LOVED this dress. It’s SO easy and comfy…but it didn’t make sense to spend money on it now as it’s really more of a warm weather item. I sent it back to Gwynnie Bee but I’ll recloset it next March.


The kids yesterday morning as I was heading out.


Yesterday we visited Welling Court in Astoria, Queens, which is a several-block-wide street art/graffiti collective.

I love this one. Look at the detail in the little fox curled up in the lower corner.


Two-faced man.


Elephant has many stories to tell.


I would live there.




Everything important is invisible. Amen.


Fake wooden sneakers.


Someone had a good night. Or a bad one.


Schlubby but comfy on our day of a lot of walking.


Jimmy the Angel. Not to be confused with Johnny Angel.


A little birdie told me it’s almost Halloween.


I liked this funny little squished-in house.


And this one, part old shiplap type wood and part modern concrete brick.


Looking up.


Then I got to fulfill a bucket list item – riding the Roosevelt Island tram!!!


We were almost as high as the 59th Street Bridge. For a million years I’ve driven across this bridge, wishing I was on the tram. And now I was!


We were so high!!!


Hello Tram Friends!


On the Manhattan side, we tried to go in here for lunch. Fail.


More looking up. Never forget to look up.


The End.


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