Week in Review: Week 132

Another week down. They’re ticking off faster and faster. At this point in my life I just hope I get to enjoy a little bit of retirement before I die.

Had a 4-day weekend. Rained a lot so didn’t do too much.

Pre-bra-fitting carb (and sugar)-loading. You’ll read more about this in a future post.


Just a touch of leopard!

bra closeup

Halloween ahead.


Wednesday was #NationalChocolateMilkshakeDay. Did you observe??

natl choc milkshake day 9.12.18

The adult clients at work are making and selling chakra bracelets. And I have chicken skin.


This smoothie. Neither good nor bad.


Saturday: headed to Brooklyn for the day.


We went to an art center thing that turned out to be more kid-friendly than adult-friendly. We did make woodblock cards that we colored. For my birthday 🙂


Parked in front of this house in Bed-Stuy for lunch. I love all their tropical plants.


We went to a park in Bushwick for birthday cake and a little photo shoot and saw this other shoot going on. Theirs looks more interesting.

maria hernandez park 9.15.18 resized

Hunting for new street art.


The only reality is now.


Here’s a sad little story. We saw this wall mural in Bushwick. Later that night, when I dropped my friend off at her car, I was getting her things out of the hatch in the back in of the car…and there was a beautiful yellow and black butterfly…dead. I don’t know when it got in, or really why it would have died, it was not really hot in the car or anything. But…sad.




I have mixed feelings about the week ahead. It’s the week before a big work event and things can get stressful. But I also have Wednesday off so that’s nice. I’ll try and take a big breath each morning…and just let it out slowly all day long.

The end.



Week in Review: Week 128

I had a bit of computer/internet burnout this week. I had gotten most of my blog and Instagram stuff scheduled to post on the appropriate days, but…I didn’t get around to do my usual responding, commenting, linking-up, etc. So I apologize if you’ve taken the time to visit and I haven’t responded. I just needed a couple days.

I stayed home alone the first few days this week – in a little head funk – but by Wednesday I was ready for some fresh air and company and met up with a friend to try our hand at shooting the Milky Way. She’s been doing this for awhile, driving long distances to places with little ambient light, to sit and wait til the wee hours to maybe get a good picture. I don’t really have a lot of interest in this and definitely don’t have the right equipment for it, but it was nice to get deli sandwiches and sit down by the water and wait for it to get dark. Unfortunately it was a little hazy and cloudy that night and we could never spot the MW, let alone get pictures of it. But it was still a nice evening.

Dinner View
Star App – you point your cell phone up towards the sky and it identifies stars, planets, constellations, etc. Pretty cool. I’m Virgo.
My ghost friend.

Friday night we went down to the park to enjoy the live music. It had been hot and humid all day but in the evening there were stiff winds off the harbor cooling the area down…and lightning in the distance, speeding the musicians along. A lovely evening.


We headed to the ice cream shop afterwards, where I saw this sign. Might be interesting to check out. And Free Refreshments!


Went into Brooklyn on Sunday with a couple friends to check out on a new park on the Williamsburg waterfront.

dear nyc 8.19.18 resized

I have mixed feelings about all the new shiny fanciness in Brooklyn and Queens. I miss the grunginess. I worry about where all the people went who used to live in these inexpensive out of the way places that are now fashionable and expensive.

watson domino park 8.19.18 resized

I did like this community garden with the mondrian greenhouse.

mondrian greenhouse domino park 8.19.18 resized

Work in Progress


Outside where we had lunch.


Then we went to Bushwick Collective, a street art collective in what used to be a low-rent industrial part of Bushwick…and is now way more expensive than the likes of me can afford (I lived there before it was cool).


Giant Pug.


Big eyes and camo steps.


Some entertaining things I saw around the web this week…

A bear rug, literally.

This DIY is so lovely…and something I think I could actually do!

I’m a pudding LOOVVERR…how have I never heard of this??

The Most Beautiful Fish Ever.

And that’s all she wrote! The week started weak and ended strong.



Week in Review: Week 123

Ooh, Week 123, I like that!

Well, as First-Weeks-Back-to-Work-After-Vacation go, this wasn’t a bad one.

First day back to work I skedaddled right to the beach as soon as I was free. It was a warm afternoon with a breeze and a friend joined me for a beach chat. We discussed the pros and cons of living in your car and ideas for home-based businesses.  Assuming your car is not your home.


An ice cream shop in town went out of business. Trust me, we are not at a loss for ice cream now, there are several other shops still remaining. But this one was so cute with a carousel horse in the window.


I got the Filthmobile washed and detailed in preparation for my new side gig as an Uber driver. I’ve taken two fares so far and have not been murdered or car-jacked. It’s all good.


Janey and the polka dots.


On Friday the 13th a raven/crow (there’s been some discussion as to which this is) landed on the roof of the building just above me as I headed into work. Then I boosted a Facebook post for an event we’re having and you put in how much you want to spend for the duration of the promotion and for how many days you want to run it…and it came out to $6.66 per day. Fortunately, it is now Sunday the 15th and as I mentioned, I have not been murdered or car-jacked, so…I think I survived the bad omens.


Getting ready for a photo shoot.


Saw this sign during the shoot and I couldn’t resist getting one pic with it.


After the shoot I was so so hot, I drove around the area cooling down before I turned on the Uber app. Saw this little pond. It looked nicer in real life.


Wish I’d had my camera, the phone camera was not my friend while shooting these snowy egrets.


Always looking for photo opps and interesting future photo shoot locations.


They may not look like much now, but I see a blue photo background, a black one and a pretty terra cotta one.


Oh! Almost got through the day without paying homage to the Very Important #NationalIceCreamDay !

national ice cream day

Went to the park at the end of the day to see this…


…and this 🙂


And that was my week. Pretty anti-climactic after last week, but…..you know, life. Already have a couple beach afternoons planned this week as rain this morning kept me from going today. Got anything fun planned for the week ahead?

Week in Review: Week 98

Well, THAT was an exciting week! Ha ha, just kidding. I’ve barely left the apartment since New Year’s Day. I had some sort of evil stomachey thing for two days and then we had SUPER SNOW BOMBOGENISIS so two snow days from work…and then the weekend! I HAVE to go out this morning because I’m out of everything…and to make sure the winds didn’t re-snow the car in since being shoveled out on Thursday. So, I’ve just been a hermit recluse, which is really my favorite way to be anyway (yes, I am my mother). But I really needed that. Tomorrow will be back to the real world.

So we start off with some pics from 2017 – the top nine pictures from my two Instagram accounts – the first is Fashion Schlub, the second is Bettye Rainwater Photography, in case you were interested in following.


I started off the new year with a nice day in Brooklyn with a friend. Breakfast at Egg, then driving around a bit in the bitter cold just seeing the sights. That’s one of my favorite things to do.



Then the snow came. I know this doesn’t look like much but I don’t usually have snow on my little porch at all. It was mad windy, yo. It just occurred to me I should find a new place to hide my spare key (I’m notorious for locking myself out) because right now it’s buried under a ton of snow. Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


The puppies were not concerned about the snow in the least. I’ve been dog-sitting this week so have many puppies.


Since it has been so bitterly cold they only go out for a few minutes at a time.


But I love the snow. I love the quiet when it’s falling. I love that it covers everything up at a time when things are brown and bare. I love that it slows down the world. And traps you inside. I *really* love snow days (ha ha). In Bettyeland it would snow heavily right at Christmas and the ground wouldn’t be seen again until the crocuses start to bloom in March/April.


And at the end of this week I had the surprise of being mentioned in a Ravishly feature on plus-size fashion in the workplace. That was kinda cool!


So that was my quiet week – just me and the puppies and the snow. Real life will start barging in today when the vet comes to check on Caleb…and I have to lug cardboard and online shopping returns out to my car…and grocery shop and pick out outfits for the week…and blah blah blah. Real life. Am grateful for my little respite from it.

And on we go….


My Week in Review: Week 38

This week was so quiet (thank goodness!) that in retrospect it almost seemed like a short week, but it wasn’t.

I’d started getting sick the night before Thanksgiving the week before, but I kept pushing on…so finally by the weekend I was exhausted enough to just stay home and rest. The child stopped by with a treat for her old Mom…a lovely vegan lemon blueberry raspberry cake she’d whipped up. Yum.


I really didn’t leave the apartment all weekend til end-of-day Sunday just in time to take a quick sunset walk with the dog by the water…


I didn’t do much in the evening this week…we had two very rainy nights so I opted out of plans to stay home instead. I did go to the chiropractor one evening to see if he could help with my painful heel…and I started an Adobe InDesign class, which was very exciting. I’ve wanted to learn the program for ages but the ones I sign up for always get cancelled at the last minute for lack of interest. The teacher seems good and I’m liking the other people in the class, there’s even another blogger!


Yesterday some friends and I made a quick trip into Brooklyn to visit the Bushwick Collective which is a several block area of “allowed” street art, that is always changing. We hadn’t been in awhile so it was nice to see some new artwork. These were some of my favorites.



This yogi was randomly stopping along the road and going into positions along the interesting backdrops for selfies.


I made it home from Brooklyn just in time to stop by the beach for a quick cold sunset.


And arrived home to find a package, yay, a dress I’d ordered from Amazon…TOO SMALL, boo. It will go back in tomorrow’s mail. Sadly, this was the largest size. The search continues. Shoulda swept up the dog hair before taking pictures. OH WELL.


And that was my week. JUST THREE MORE WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS, can you believe it?? And VACATION, yay!!! I’ve done some Amazon book ordering so I’m sure to have reading material over the break. And I certainly have a lot of home projects and even some blog projects in the works, so it will be good to have the extra time.

Have a good week, y’all. xoxo

My Week in Review: Week 36

This week felt quiet. I think I was just mentally exhausted from the past month…various personal things, work things, physical things…ugh, I hate to whine but sometimes that’s all you have left. Ha. The good news is I allowed myself some mental downtime (ha ha, I can just hear certain people thinking, “aren’t you ALWAYS on mental downtime?”) and I think I feel ready to ease into the week ahead…especially knowing that it’s a short work week and even the holiday day is not fraught with work work work.

So….if I remember correctly, last weekend was a 3-day weekend? I think Veteran’s Day was that Friday. Or am I week off? It’s very hard to keep track of time these days. Anyway, ONE DAY when I had no reason to leave the apartment, I just relaxed on the sofa and read The Magnolia Story, the back-story of Joanna and Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame. Sigh. I just adore them. And after reading their story, I love them even more.


A friend and I did a little street art hunt in the Bronx…and we made a friend.



Back at work I got the sweetest little surprise gifty from my office mate Shannon (the names have been changed to protect the innocent).


I also pulled a Dumb Bunny move and got my hand stuck in the lid of a wipes container. A co-worker had to hack-saw it off me. It was…sigh. Entertaining? Painful? Ridiculous. It was definitely ridiculous.


And then Tuesday was the big day, it was Use A Groupon to FINALLY get a Haircut Day…fraught with the usual anxieties…why is it SO hard to find someone who is capable of doing a GOOD cut AND that listens to what you asked for?? And usually I spend a lot of money on cut&color so this isn’t a case of “you get what you pay for.” I just figured I’m not usually happy ANYWAY, at least this way I won’t have spent a lot of money. The stylist was darling, very quiet and polite. I don’t like having to have a conversation the whole time. I like to just stew in my own nervousness as I watch more and more hair falling to the floor. And he SEEMED to really take my instructions and desires and pictures to heart…but I ended up with the same cut I always seem to get no matter what I say! I don’t understand that. If my hair is a One Trick Pony why can’t someone just TELL me that. Or if THEY are incapable of doing what I’m asking for, please just SAY that. So, in the end, I don’t think it’s a bad CUT, it’s just not what I wanted…and it’s a little hard for me work with. I will probably go back to the same stylist at least one more time, I can understand it taking some time to really understand a client’s wants…but this time I can at least say, “it got quite a bit shorter than I’d wanted last time,” and “please don’t do so much end thinning” and maybe we can come to a meeting of the…something…shears?


He was able to shape it pretty nicely. I haven’t quite mastered it yet and it looks Not Quite Right in a slightly different way every day.


I got new booties and we had a lot of rain. Which means a lot of the colorful leaves came off the trees and we’re nearing the end of The Beautiful Time of Year. Fortunately Christmas lights will go up soon and then there’ll be that to enjoy.


Friday was a little respite from the normal workday and Shannon and I attended Philanthropy Day, a day-long fundraising conference. The best part was the organization I work for nominated a 13-year-old boy to be honored as Future Philanthroper (or something like that) and he was chosen! At 10 years old he started an organization called Birthday Back to help people in need. Instead of asking for gifts for your birthday, you ask for donations to be made to certain charities. He’s raised nearly $50,000 in the past three years and donated all of the money onto charities. One year we were the recipient and that’s how we knew of him. He’s such a great (and adorable!) young man, we couldn’t be more proud of him or honored that he calls us his friends. If you’re interested in getting involved or reading more about his story, here is the website Birthday Back.


And that was my week! How was *your* week?



All Bad News’ed Out


I’ve reached my personal limit on bad news for the time being. DO YOU HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE?? Between the election – and not just the outcome, but the hateful bickering between opposing sides, which I GET, but – and the ever-mounting slew of personal bad and sad news – I’m just done. I’m taking a little break from election stuff, from ugly stuff, from unpleasant stuff. I know, I’m a grown-up and life always has a down-side…ha, I’m practically the *poster child* for reminding people that everything has two sides – good…and bad. But just for a little while, I’m going to try and focus on nicer things. Lighter things. Kinder things. I know this is a lifelong philosophy for many people. It is not, for me.

So this Sunday a friend and I got off the Island for a little adventure. Not a big adventure, no time for that. But we headed up to the Bronx, a part of NY I have not spent much time in, beyond visits to the New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill, and the Bronx Zoo.


I wore a sweet lil flowery blouse – very unlike my usual style, but perfect for my mindset this weekend. No black or grey for me this day.

It was a beautiful day – mid-70s – not the norm for mid-November, but very appreciated for our outing. fashion-schlub-bettye-rainwater-plus-size-11-13-16-2-resized

We hunted down some areas in Hunts Point known for street art. We’d been cautioned about going into these areas, but I sort of like the sketchy areas and feel perfectly comfortable. We were actually a little disappointed that the area seemed as “safe” as it did!



We *did* make a new friend. While walking through a riverside park, a teenager cat approached us, miaowing. I, of course, immediately picked it up to snuggle for a bit. He was very soft, clean, and seemingly well-fed. He did not seem feral or abandoned. But he decided He Loved Us and he did NOT want us to leave him. He trotted along behind us on our way back to my car…he snuck into the car three times while I tried to get in…and when I finally *did* manage to get the door shut between us, he leapt, repeatedly, up to the car window, trying to get in. I’ve never seen anything like this. From a cat. That had only just met us.


Overall, I’d say the Bronx a pretty friendly place 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

My Week in Review: Week 33

When thinking about this blog post and this past week I thought, oh, meh, I didn’t do much this week. Ha. So funny how the brain works.

The week started with another night of dog-sitting.

The next day a friend and I went to a place we’d never been a little bit out east on the Island, Quogue Wildlife Refuge. I was hoping for a little exercise with some nice foliage views. But it seems like the foliage is turning sooo slowly here this here!


On the way home we stopped at a charming farm stand in Westhampton.

How cute are these white pumpkins? I think I like them better than the traditional orange ones!


While I passed on the bread-pies, I did pick up a couple ears of corn that served as dinner a few nights this past week. Yum.


Ya gotta love a big ice cream cone.


I’m still trying to assemble a full 2-weeks’ worth of work outfits. I liked this one in theory but not so much in actual execution. I did like this black I.N.C. cardigan from Gwynnie Bee, but I sent it back because I know I have a similar one somewhere that’s been in hiding since September. Where could that thing be??


I haven’t been cooking much recently, but the little bit of cold-snap we had this week inspired me to make something warm and cozy…so vegan cream of spinach soup and garlic toast crouton sticks. Yum.


I posted this fun shoot. I LOVED this dress. It’s SO easy and comfy…but it didn’t make sense to spend money on it now as it’s really more of a warm weather item. I sent it back to Gwynnie Bee but I’ll recloset it next March.


The kids yesterday morning as I was heading out.


Yesterday we visited Welling Court in Astoria, Queens, which is a several-block-wide street art/graffiti collective.

I love this one. Look at the detail in the little fox curled up in the lower corner.


Two-faced man.


Elephant has many stories to tell.


I would live there.




Everything important is invisible. Amen.


Fake wooden sneakers.


Someone had a good night. Or a bad one.


Schlubby but comfy on our day of a lot of walking.


Jimmy the Angel. Not to be confused with Johnny Angel.


A little birdie told me it’s almost Halloween.


I liked this funny little squished-in house.


And this one, part old shiplap type wood and part modern concrete brick.


Looking up.


Then I got to fulfill a bucket list item – riding the Roosevelt Island tram!!!


We were almost as high as the 59th Street Bridge. For a million years I’ve driven across this bridge, wishing I was on the tram. And now I was!


We were so high!!!


Hello Tram Friends!


On the Manhattan side, we tried to go in here for lunch. Fail.


More looking up. Never forget to look up.


The End.