Week in Review: Week 123

Ooh, Week 123, I like that!

Well, as First-Weeks-Back-to-Work-After-Vacation go, this wasn’t a bad one.

First day back to work I skedaddled right to the beach as soon as I was free. It was a warm afternoon with a breeze and a friend joined me for a beach chat. We discussed the pros and cons of living in your car and ideas for home-based businesses.  Assuming your car is not your home.


An ice cream shop in town went out of business. Trust me, we are not at a loss for ice cream now, there are several other shops still remaining. But this one was so cute with a carousel horse in the window.


I got the Filthmobile washed and detailed in preparation for my new side gig as an Uber driver. I’ve taken two fares so far and have not been murdered or car-jacked. It’s all good.


Janey and the polka dots.


On Friday the 13th a raven/crow (there’s been some discussion as to which this is) landed on the roof of the building just above me as I headed into work. Then I boosted a Facebook post for an event we’re having and you put in how much you want to spend for the duration of the promotion and for how many days you want to run it…and it came out to $6.66 per day. Fortunately, it is now Sunday the 15th and as I mentioned, I have not been murdered or car-jacked, so…I think I survived the bad omens.


Getting ready for a photo shoot.


Saw this sign during the shoot and I couldn’t resist getting one pic with it.


After the shoot I was so so hot, I drove around the area cooling down before I turned on the Uber app. Saw this little pond. It looked nicer in real life.


Wish I’d had my camera, the phone camera was not my friend while shooting these snowy egrets.


Always looking for photo opps and interesting future photo shoot locations.


They may not look like much now, but I see a blue photo background, a black one and a pretty terra cotta one.


Oh! Almost got through the day without paying homage to the Very Important #NationalIceCreamDay !

national ice cream day

Went to the park at the end of the day to see this…


…and this 🙂


And that was my week. Pretty anti-climactic after last week, but…..you know, life. Already have a couple beach afternoons planned this week as rain this morning kept me from going today. Got anything fun planned for the week ahead?


18 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 123

  1. Love the hat – I’ve been looking for one like/similar to that but have yet to find one that fits me. They all fall down around my ears. Also love the dog sitting at the table. Actually, love a number of things in your post. Enjoyed reading about your week. Hope this one is a good one.

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    1. My niece gave me several hats last year when I was going hairless…funny, I didn’t use them so much then because I wasn’t going out into the sun. But this year I’ve discovered I like a hat to keep the sun off my face…and with my new short hair I can actually wear one and not have to worry so much about hat head!

      Yeah, doggo sitting at table with the fam was a fun surprise!

      Already this week is pretty scheduled up and I’m not a fan of that. But the weekend ahead looks rainy so that will be downtime. Am I the only one that gets excited hearing it’s going to rain on the weekends so I don’t have to do anything??

      Hope you have a nice week, too!


  2. I call that a wonderful week. I’m all about NO drama, so it suits me just fine!!
    Rob would definitely mourn the loss of the ice cream shop—it’s one of his favorite food groups (the other one being pizza) and so of course we had ice cream on the day!!!

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    1. I also crave non-drama. Trust me, there’s plenty more ice cream in town. Another dedicated ice cream shop, a sweet shop that serves ice cream and a candy store that serves ice cream. This is just on the main street. There’s also Baskin-Robbins and Carvel and Italian Ice shops just a little outside of town. We’ll manage just fine.

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  3. I’m glad your back to work week wasn’t icky. Boo, to the crow. I think being an Uber driver would be interesting. Wishing you the best with that endeavor. 😀 I love that hat! I have a big head so I have a difficult time finding one. I’m always on the hunt for one that fits. The doggy at the table is a lucky dog. Have a great week!


    1. Having 4 strangers in my car was very weird – I didn’t really know where I was going, the Uber navigation system stinks, they were French-speaking, it was all a little surreal. I need to do more so it normalizes it all a bit for me.


  4. I love the hat too. And the dog sitting at the table. My dog won’t do that, unless he has a plate of food in front of him. I thought of driving an Uber, by my car is too old, so they won’t take me. I do however, drive my brother’s lovely, large, Denali around whenever he and my sister-in-law are planning to have a drink. It earns me a free dinner, most Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s a wonderful thing. Also learned I will be driving the senior center bus around on Thursday evenings, so they can all come in for chair yoga. Apparently, the bus driver doesn’t want to.

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      1. How kind of you to say so. Actually it’s not nice at all. I get paid for it, and I was hoping it might inspire me to do some yoga too, lazy slug that I am.

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  5. So funny to see that dog sitting at the table. Looks like it is a regular occurrence by the way the humans are reacting! What plug in are you using for your email? I like how it only shows a little bit then directs us to your site. It’s so much nicer than reading it in the blazing blue wordpress screen in my email. Have a good work week!

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad! About the email, I kept meaning to ask someone how the email came (I know I could have just subscribed myself, which I should do anyway), I *wanted* it to be that way but was afraid it was the “read full post in email” way. I don’t know that I did anything to make it be that way but I’ll at what my settings are – do you also use wordpress?


  6. I love the building backdrop locations you’ve scouted! Also, the Chanel quote along with your classic stripes and lovely hat is fantastic!

    Glad you haven’t been murdered or car-jacked!

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