It’s a Wrap


Wrap dresses are one of those items you see all the time on lists of Things You Must Have In Your Wardrobe. In reality, YMMV when it comes to these iconic dresses, but they’re definitely worth a try. A true wrap is very flexible when it comes to sizing and fit as you actually “wrap it” only as snugly as you like. The surplice top can be very flattering…or sometimes a little risque, depending on how low they go (or how adept you are at pinning!), and I have always found the skirt to be slimming. And this is from someone who typically wears non-waist-ed swing/trapeze/sack style dresses. But I like renting wrap dresses from Gwynnie Bee to try for awhile and I’m usually pleased.


Diane Von Furstenburg created the wrap dress in 1974 (I’m so old I actually remember this and her Time magazine cover in the dress) based on a kimono design. She used stretchy knit fabrics in a ton of different fun prints and sales went through the roof! The design has been continued (and copied) to this day and her brand is as strong as ever today (GO #GIRLBOSS!). This one is So Amazing, but if I were to splurge on an actual DFV wrap, it would be the iconic chain print in this sienna color.

I actually had one back in the day. I would have been 15 or 16 here. I can’t recall if it was actually a DVF or just a knock-off but I remember I Had To Have It, even though it was like a whopping $28. I do remember thinking it made my hips look kind of big. Oh, brother!!! 

dfv wrap dress.jpg

Ha ha, nice keeping your eyes open, Bettye! Nice giant corsage, Boyfriend!

This cute stylized floral wrap dress is by London Times. I got it via Gwynnie Bee so it’s not a keeper, but we had a nice visit. I could have dressed it up with pumps or strappy sandals but I prefer “casual-ing things down,” which I did here with white Keds and a denim jacket. It also would have been well-suited to a cropped cardigan because of the defined waist.






Have you ever tried a wrap dress? Did you like it?

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What I’m Wearing:

Special thanks to Robert of Robert Mitchell Photography for the great pictures!

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30 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. I absolutely love wrap dresses and of course DVF is the queen! Wouldn’t it be great to purchase a real one, one day! I would love to! Your dress is fantastic and looks very good on you!

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  2. I too am a fan of casual-ing things down…obviously…lol! I absolutely love the dress with sneakers and denim, but you are so right, it would be really pretty dressed up as well. I also love the old high school dance photo! Seriously, what was the deal with those giant corsages?? I always went for the wrist corsage…they were so huge it was like your forearm was in a cast and you couldn’t move it all night…lol!

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    1. I think that was my only “lapel” corsage, others were all on my wrist. I went to a lot of proms! I had an older boyfriend and then a younger one so i was going to proms for years it seems like!


  3. Yes to the wrap dress! I love it, especially with the denim. You look great! I’m a fan of the faux wraps myself – I don’t worry quite as much that I’ll flash too much cleavage. My current favorite – also a Gwynnie Bee item (which I bought!) is this one: – love it for work with my Five Worlds wedges (and also with my flip flops for casualing down!). Aside – when I lost 50 lbs a few years back, I promised myself a DVF wrap dress as a reward. I never bought one, and now I’ve gained back 50 + 10 so I don’t think I’d find one to fit! Maybe someday…

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    1. Yeah, this was a faux wrap but it still had a waist tie that you could tie snugger or looser. That GB Renee C dress is darling, I don’t recall seeing that in the site!

      Too bad DVF doesn’t offer a “switch to different size for no cost” feature like Universal Standard does.

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      1. I’ve only tried 2 items via Gwynnie Bee and neither was a good fit for me. They were both very snug through the hips/belly while being very long – sort of columnar shape vs boxy…and I’m better in boxy. I keep seeing an ad for a tee dress that looks promising but they’re a lot of money for a maybe. I’ve never tried the jeans.

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  4. I am a huge fan of wrap dresses, although most of them i need a cami under. Of course, now that I’ve learned a thing or two, I’ve also pinned them together so it doesn’t gap!!
    I love that you found this old photo—-hips? Oh, come on!! You looked amazing, just like you do now!!

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      1. I know exactly what you mean. I look back at photos and think I looked great. Why was I always so critical of myself. Which has totally helped for now—I may not always love what I see in the mirror, but I’m trying to….
        PS…would it surprise you to know I’ve never had sweet tea?? I’m so sheltered…LOL!!

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  5. Goodness! What happened to you? That’s more than sweet tea and Doritos! Nothing tastes so good that I am willing to be in the pain I know you must have.

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  6. Just love this b/w wrap dress on you! I had no idea they came into the scene in 1974! Interesting! Love the flashback photo!


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  7. Jodie – you’re Never had sweet tea? Never had sweet tea? How does one live to adulthood without having sweet tea? Oh wait – I don’t suppose you live in the south 🙂

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  8. Cute dress, love the way you styled it. I lost my denim jacket. I’ve had it for years. I think I left it on the back of a chair in a restaurant. I went back to look for it the next day and they didn’t have it. Ugh!

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    1. Ohh 😦 I hate losing a beloved piece of clothing. When I was young (and wild, ha ha), I met a boy in a bar and left with him to go for a ride on his motorcycle. It was a warm day and I took my denim jacket off and put it in the little case on the bike…and when he dropped me back at the bar later I forgot to get it…and that was the end of the boy AND the denim jacket. That was like 35 years ago and I STILL miss that jacket, it was so good – perfectly faded and shrunken. Sigh.


  9. I have to say, I also love the wrap dress. It looks fabulous on you, Bettye. Now that I have read your tragic post on how you lost your lavender fields dress, (my condolences) maybe you should call Gwynnie Bee back and get this fabulous wrap? I love it with the Keds and never would have thought of pairing the two. At least you know the Gwynnie Bee size is consistent!

    I do sweet tea, with mint and stevia, both of which are in my garden. I boil my own tea, so I can get the sweetness out of the stevia leaves. Sometimes I make it in the crockpot, easy peasy (to quote you). I never drink soda (I have a theory that my cousin died of cancer due to diet soda–NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF, just my theory), so sweet tea is my go to. Do you have a garden? I can send you some mint and stevia cuttings 😀

    Also, just thought of this: Get that lovely green-gray dress from Loft, and put your kimono over it?

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    1. My tragic story, ha ha! I guess I was being a tad dramatic 🙂 But when you lose something that makes you feel so good…sigh.

      I do love mint in my tea…and orange slices…but I’ve never been able to develop a fondness for stevia. Aspartame (with all its accompanying horror stories) is the only non-sugar sweetener I’ve ever really been able to drink. I can do agave in lemonade and hot tea but not iced tea. So weird how our “taste” can so control us. I always said if I could have a “taste-ectomy” it would be easy to lose weight, because eating broccoli would be the same as eating Doritos.

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