Mini Try-On AND Plus Size Sizing Rant

I never know if all y’all who read the blog actually watch the videos when I share them, so I feel compelled to repeat myself in both so you won’t miss One Sparkling Gem that I have to share. Heaven forbid.

So, as I explain in the 10-minute video below, I recently massacred two of my favorite summer dresses (this one – my heart! – and this one) by washing them oh so carefully…delicate cycle, cold water, no dryer. And still, they shrunk. The Grapes of Wrath dress to the point of being unwearable…and the lavender field dress is wearable but is no longer like wearing magical gossamer wings. Now it’s a little snug in the waist and bust and definitely shorter…so I may not be spinning in it in flower fields anymore. I’m so so sad. And that loss of two of my favorites led me, in some desperation, to the internet. I might have “forgotten” to pay a medical bill this month and bought two dresses from Asos instead. Don’t tell anyone. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As I also explained in the video, I’m always forgetting how to convert my usual US size to UK size…and when the two dresses I wanted were out of my size American, I took a chance on UK sizing. My long-time fave black dress that I’ve worn 3.2 million times is an Asos UK 28 (US 22). But, it’s a swing dress so a little roomier than a “waist-ed” dress. Both these dresses were available in a UK 24 (which is a US 20, which I KNOW is too small for me but I got confused. BUT WAIT.) so I took a gamble.

Dress 1: ASOS Curve ASOS DESIGN Curve Floral Print Gingham Button Through Sundress

gingham asos dress resized

Ugh. Ha. Nope. Just nope. You can see how charming the dress was on the model (shocker) by clicking the link above. Even the colors in the print seemed more subdued on the website than in person.  But the point is the size. Clearly too small. Way too snug in the sleeves, shoulders, bust and waist. UK 24 (US 20). I would have to go up a size or even two to get this to fit nicely.

So then I tried on Dress 2 ASOS Curve ASOS DESIGN Curve casual midi tea dress. Same size – UK 24 (US 20). Same maker “ASOS DESIGN.”

red asos dress resized

And it’s GI-NORMOUS. I realize it has that sort of depression-era slouchiness, but this is far beyond that. This was just huge. You can see it more in the video than in the still shot here. Same size as dress above – UK 24 (US 20). I would have to go DOWN a size…or maybe even TWO to get this to fit nicely.

How are people supposed to shop successfully online when sizing is so inconsistent like this?? Using the “size guide” on retail sites is useless because they put one set of measurements – for all their products, across the board! Both these items, when I checked the size guide, gave the same measurements. Clearly…so clearly…they are not even close to the same measurements!

And I get that this situation is difficult for everybody, but for size categories that are so poorly represented in brick-and-mortar stores, it is especially egregious. I am non-plussed!

Big. Sigh.

So. Moving on. Yesterday I called my local Loft store to ask (again) if they were carrying plus sizes in store yet and I learned that while they still do not technically (yet) carry plus sizes in stores, they do accept returns of plus size items at the stores. So she told me that I was welcome to come in and browse the return rack which had about 80 returned plus size items on it. She also told me they will be stocking plus sizes in stores soon (yay) and I’m on a mailing list for an in-store event in August when they will have an array of plus sizes to try and buy.

So, Loft Plus, one step forward (thank you)….ASOS, one step back. I still love you, ASOS, but you’re going to need to work a little harder to keep me.

I did find a few of the returned items to try on at Loft…

Loft Plus Bar Back Sleeveless Swing Dress, size 24-26. I did like this very much. I love the color – I love non-colors and in-between colors. Colors that are hard for people to identify (is it grey? is it green?). It was a slinky swishy rayon-spandex blend and had an interesting back detail…



But…it would need something over it (can you say BLACK CARDIGAN…AGAIN???) for work and I’m feeling weary of “the black cardigan over this and the black cardigan over that” right now. I’ve got enough of those already. And it’s no replacement for the lavender filed dress, so…..pass.

I had this LOFT PLUS STRIPED SQUARE NECK TEE, size 24/26, in my online shopping cart during the last sale but I just wasn’t sure about the sleeves. I’m okay in sleeveless. But cap sleeves and little tiny ruffle or flutter sleeves, just don’t work for me (note to self). Plus, snugger in the belly than I like. Oddly, Loft dresses fit me well through the hips and belly…but tops are too snug. Pass.


These next two I can’t find on the website, possibly because they were returns that might have been purchased awhile ago and so may no longer be available online.

This sweet little black and white geometric print was right up my alley, but…again, too tight in the belly. Pass.


And this, I ADORE. It’s either a heavy silk or Tencel, chartreuse (chartreuse is my JAM!!!) band collar utility jacket. They just had the one in a size 20, so too small…and it was a little pricey. I’ll keep watching the site for a possible return and a price markdown because I would love this for fall and spring.


So that is my little try-on and mini sizing rant. How do you deal with sizing issues?

Watch the video to see the dresses in action.

Thanks for reading and commenting and all the things!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.



19 thoughts on “Mini Try-On AND Plus Size Sizing Rant

  1. Sorry to hear about your shrinkage! The red was so pretty. I’m hoping you find another print to replace the ones that shrunk (shrank?). Have you checked that other fun site, the one called cow cow or something like that, with the fun prints? Sizes can be very tricky. Love your blog and videos!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That red dress WAS so pretty. On the model. Ha. In thinking more about it, even if it fit in the upper body, I think it would be been too long. But it was lovely for swirling and twirling in.

      CowCow is so fun for its prints but they’re all polyester, which is fine for winter but not so much fun in the

      summer – especially for a sweat-er like me!

      Thanks for stopping by, Stacey!


      1. Make our own clothes 🙂 Though not many people sew these days. I do, but time, energy and the lack of available fabric that I like are all drawbacks. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I wish I could, I really do, but I am SO bad at doing anything with my hands, especially involving “having to be careful and precise.” Plus, my sewing machine hates me, so there’s that. I’ve thought about finding someone ELSE to make clothes for me but I just figured that would be cost prohibitive. I’ve taken sewing classes and the fabric alone (that I like) is so expensive (and my body needs so much of it!). BUT maybe someday I will try again. Thanks for the reminder that we DO have options.


    1. Yes. And I can appreciate the challenge of trying to design clothing for *every* size and shape…but if at least the size guides were customized to Each Item. Yes, that’s more work for the retailer…but so is constant returns, re-shelving, paying return postage, etc. And it would be so much nicer for the customer. When I sold clothing on ebay I posted measurements for every specific garment. Granted I was only selling 20ish items a week but still. The concept is the same. Thanks for your comment, Analysa!


  2. And it’s not just these brands! Torrid and Target do this to me as welL. So does Old Navy and Avenue (The size issue and their penchant for ALL THINGS POLYESTER have made me stop shopping there). I have now reached the point where I refuse to order online unless I can return stuff to the store. The only lines I have found that are size consistent, and occasionally have cotton clothing is Just My Size, and Faded Glory, amazingly, both found at Walmart!

    BTW, I really liked the green-gray dress, and was wondering, couldn’t you sport that one with your white shrug? Or your long tan duster, and some nice flat brown sandals?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Funny you should mention Walmart – it’s on my list of places to visit soon. They have Armor-all car interior wipes cheaper than anywhere else (even Amazon!) and while I’m there I’ll take a look at clothing. Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust has mentioned Walmart several times recently so maybe they’ve upped their game.

      Old Navy is another one where dresses fit me, but not tops. I pretty much steer clear of Avenue for the same reason as you – though I do like their basic leggings and know they fit me.

      I’m probably not getting the grey-green dress as much as I liked it cuz I really don’t need “just another dress that I like.” I will continue to search for a replacement for the two dresses I recently lost…and I’m also dreaming of a white summer dress (there’s an upcoming post about that). I have more need for summer tops and pants than I do dresses…though I do love dresses…sigh.

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  3. It’s true that sizing is a big problem, I struggle all the time with pants, so I rather buy skirts hahaha, I’m kind of lazy when trying things, so most of the time I buy a size bigger than what I think and most of the time it suits, a little big but comfy.
    Your clothes are really cute! ♥

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  4. I thought the red dress looked great on you, shame it is too big though, this is one of the reasons I am often cautious about buying online, I like to try everything on, it can be such a faff to buy things only to have to send them back if you want the smaller size. Always nice to need the smaller size though haha That doesn’t happen very often for me!

    Love, Lottie xx

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