10 Great Ways to Start the Day

I recently saw a list of 10 ways to start the day, they were all very positive and the list was lovely, as though someone had hand water-colored it. Very nice. The first thing on the list was “#1 don’t hit snooze”  and while it couldn’t have been any clearer, for some reason my wacky brain read it the first time as “#1 don’t kill anyone.” And I thought, now THAT’S a great way to start the day! So I’ve come up with my own version of great ways to start the day…take it with a grain of salt, but it works for me.

10 great ways to start the day

How do you start your day?


10 thoughts on “10 Great Ways to Start the Day

  1. Finally, some suggestions I can actually follow! Don’t kill anybody–I can do that! Hydrate–I can do that! Love on the kitty –done (unless she’s been walking on my head over the course of the night). Shower, wear something fabulous–I can do that too (most days). I like the windows open/closed thing, I try to do that unless I am running supremely late. Well done, Bettye!

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  2. Well not bad list – though I can’t handle the bed clothes thrown back, for 2 reasons. #1 I just absolutely HAVE to see a “made bed” when I walk into my bedroom. I can change many things in my life as I get old – that is not one of them. #2 Between cats and my dog, there would be more animal hair/fuzz that I care to sleep with.

    Oh, and you forgot coffee – that goes right up there with don’t kill anyone 🙂


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    1. Ooh, controversy, I love it 🙂 !!!

      But doesn’t it make sense? We put our bodies in-between those sheets every night, toss, turn, sweat…and then we quickly trap all that stuff in as soon as we get up? I do get the animal issue. I don’t have to worry about that here, Janey has no interest in the bed unless I’m in it. But I’m that way about the bath mat. Some people leave it on the floor all the time, I only put mine on the floor while I’m in the shower/tub, laying it over the edge of the tub the rest of the time. Not so much Janey, but Madison (the puffy cat) LOVED the bath mat and so whenever I stepped out of the shower, freshly clean, I’d step onto a cat hairy mat, ugh. Even though he’s no longer with us, I still do that just cuz. It would get other dust and walking around dirt on it.

      And coffee is a whole other story. I’m not saying I don’t drink coffee, I probably have 1-3 cups a week (if even), more when it’s cold out. Coffee is not a wake-up or energy thing to me, I can take it or leave it. It’s really just a conveyance for yummy cream and sugar and it’s filling. But I was just listing “great” ways to start the day, not “here’s how most people start the day,” ha.

      Now go have a cuppa!


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  3. What a great post to wake up to, Bettye!!
    Now you have to admit that if you did the opposite of #1—that would be the total definition of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I mean, it doesn’t have to be a literal “kill”—it could be ripping off someone’s head by yelling at them, or just being plain nasty! Of course, how we go to bed, probably affects #1 quite a bit, don’t you think??
    I’ve always learned to make my bed every morning—you know…that habit thing. But what you said makes sense….hmmmmmmmm

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  4. Bettye, I’ll meet you half way on the bed thing. Lol! We throw back the covers when we get out of bed to air it out, then my husband makes it later on in the morning, he’s retired so he can make the bed.👍🏻 I love quiet in the morning, my husband is a news junkie so he immediately turns on the TV. The way I deal with this is that he goes to the family room and I go to the living room and sit quietly in my comfy chair. 😀 We don’t have any pets (at the moment) I really miss having a dog, he was a huge part of my morning routine.

    The one thing I do try to do most mornings is to text my adult kids. Nothing long and involved, just a quick love you and have a great day. Some mornings I even get a reply back. 😍

    Have a great week!

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  5. Oh funny! I love this list! I like to take a moment to look out my window, open it up to get a breath of fresh air and to see what the weather is doing, any wildlife and what they’re doing and just survey my world for a moment. I also try to stay away from the phone and computer as long as possible. Have a great week with many great mornings!

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