Week in Review: Week 124

This was the kind of week I DON’T like – when every evening is planned up. While I liked doing all the things I did, I would have liked it better had they been spread over a couple weeks so I could have had a little more down/me time. AND, even worse, I didn’t even really get fun pictures from the things I did, so. It might be a bit of a boring Week in Review. As opposed to all the other ADVENTURE-PACKED weeks I share with you.

I went to the beach right after work again on Monday. That is a nice way to start the week, with something lovely to look forward to at the end of the day. The sun is a little lower in the sky by 4:45 and there’s a nice breeze. Most of the hordes of people have gone so we’re not all on top of one another (one of the cons of Long Island beaches).


I had a little time to myself to read my book.


Tuesday evening I went to the ALS Walk Kick-off event with my BFF. She lost her brother far too early to ALS a few years ago. The walk is actually in September, but the summer kickoff is a gathering with food and wine and fundraising updates and reports and telling people how to register for the walk and how to create their own fundraising pages. I know you don’t know me or my friend (who is the loveliest, most optimistic, warm person) or her family…but just in case you were so inclined to make a donation towards the cause…you could do that right here. Anyway, we met the loveliest couple who I actually kinda enjoyed talking to (“kinda enjoyed” is high praise for me, I have some social anxieties in person so tend to not do a lot of talking). And I got a mint 🙂


Wednesday I did a little fitting room try-on at Loft. Unsuccessfully, as you know if you’re a regular reader.

loft tryon Collage 7.18.18

Thursday I got this dress in the mail from Gwynnie Bee. I kinda (that seems to be the word of the day) thought it was cute…in theory. In reality, the mock turtleneck was kinda (!!!) limp (don’t you hate when that happens??) and the arm holes spread forward into the side boob area…so I could only wear it under a cardigan, and then it’s just Another Dress Under the Black Cardigan outfit and WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP?!?!? Back it went into the mailer to be returned the next day. I should have something to replace it in a day or two.


Friday night I went with some friends to Earth Arts, a pottery painting place, for “Ladies Night Out: Chocolate Edition.” I was not feeling too inspired so picked the smallest thing I could find and just painted a dopey flower. Ha. It’ll look better after it’s fired. Usually I paint sayings on dishes, like “Maybe I’ll Die Today” or “Hoping for the Best but Expecting the Worst” or some other profound but slightly (you say tomayto) pessimistic sentiment. The flower is a real departure for me. Oh, one time I painted a fertility bowl that I gave to a newly-married friend. They’re already divorced. Yeah. Pottery painting. I really want to go to a regular paint night but no one else wants to do that (MOCHI). Anyway, I’d wanted to get a  picture of the 4 of us but I hit the wall hard well before quitting time and excused myself early, so never got a pic.


And this weekend has been weird because I based my plans/lack of plans around the weather and then the weather did a 360. But today I’m taking some boxes over to storage…I’ve been here almost a year (Aug 24) and I still have unopened boxes around. And I’m looking for something that I hope is in storage and I can find it. And maybe I’ll turn on the Uber app for an hour or so after storage. Oh yeah, I started that like 2 weeks ago, have only done 3 rides because it’s been such a busy time…but I’m trying to get all my blog stuff for the week ahead done today, then I can Uber for an hour or so every day after work this week that I don’t have other plans (and so far there’s nothing). Ubering is interesting, I might write a blog post about it soon.

And that was my week.


12 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 124

  1. My week was amazing because I got to hang out with you TWICE! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and for linking to my brother’s ALS walk page. And THANK YOU for your generous donation!!!!
    I loved that latest dress, sorry it didn’t work out. The colors and print look great on you.
    BTW, you name the paint night and I am there!! XXOO

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    1. You’re making me blush! And you’re welcome, I wish I could do more.

      I do love a super colorful dress once in a while but this one just didn’t pan out cut-wise. There’s other dress fish in the sea!



  2. You made me giggle with the exciting week comment—-that’s kinda our life too and exactly how we like it. You sound like us to a tee. I like days with nothing scheduled…it gives me time to relax and recharge.
    It’s too bad that dress from Gwynnie Bee didn’t work because the fabric is yummy!! That would be the disadvantage of renting because you couldn’t alter them. And heck knows, I usually have to alter almost everything for some reason or another!!
    You definitely have to write about Ubering—I bet I’d be laughing my …..off!!

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    1. Yeah, the “no alterations” factor of clothing rental is a bummer…cuz some cute things could be PERFECT if only I could hoist the shoulder seam up, lifting the waist higher.

      So far there’s been nothing *crazy* about the Uber rides, but they’re all distinct.


  3. I can’t believe you’ve been there for a year! It seems like only a few months! Oh no. I’m getting to that point where time is flying by and I can’t account for it! I should do the week in review so then I can remember what I did! I have a few more days until vacation and just had the lady who is renting the cabin to us tell me it’s open already so if we (I!) wanted to head up early I could! I am trying to make that happen! Hope you have a week filled with unplanned evenings!

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    1. “I can’t believe you’ve been there for a year! It seems like only a few months!” I know, right?? Crazy. A Facebook memory popped up the other showing a memory from 2012…six years ago…I would have SWORN it happened 2-3 years ago!

      Ooh, hope you get to start your vacay early, that would be a nice surprise!


  4. I get very cranky when all of my after work time is booked. I need my alone time, or I find I cannot concentrate when I need to. Now, about that dress. I didn’t like the neck either. In fact, I can quite honestly say that I have NO mock neck clothing at all, and plan to keep it that way. Mock necks show every single one of my double chins. And the armholes being too big is my number one complaint about plus size clothes. Do designers think we all have huge arms? Apparently they do. However, I loved the colors and patterns in the dress. It reminded me of those Pucci dresses from the sixties. You can pull off bright colors very well, Bettye.

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    1. “I get very cranky when all of my after work time is booked.” Amen, sister!

      Pucci, yes! That is exactly what it looked like! Very unfortunate about the neck and armholes.

      When I used to sell vintage clothing I found my share of Pucci-esque dresses (don’t recall ever finding an original) and I always wished I could keep them for me but I wasn’t even CLOSE to fitting into them, so they got sold with the rest of the clothes. Some things I loved so much, even though I couldn’t wear them, I kept for a bit and would hang them on a hook on the outside of a closet door, just so I could admire them. Like keeping a horse you don’t ride (which I also did but that’s another story).

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  5. Please show us your little flower when it’s done. I bet it will turn out super cute. 🙂 It’s a bummer that the pink dress was a no go, it would look great if it didn’t have that darn neckline. I’d love to hear your tales about Uber.

    Hope your week is going well. 🌻🌞🌻🌞🌻

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    1. I will definitely share my masterpiece when it’s complete. I don’t have real high expectations, but they always do look a little nicer when have been fired and glazed and are all shiny and smooth.


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