All Bad News’ed Out


I’ve reached my personal limit on bad news for the time being. DO YOU HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE?? Between the election – and not just the outcome, but the hateful bickering between opposing sides, which I GET, but – and the ever-mounting slew of personal bad and sad news – I’m just done. I’m taking a little break from election stuff, from ugly stuff, from unpleasant stuff. I know, I’m a grown-up and life always has a down-side…ha, I’m practically the *poster child* for reminding people that everything has two sides – good…and bad. But just for a little while, I’m going to try and focus on nicer things. Lighter things. Kinder things. I know this is a lifelong philosophy for many people. It is not, for me.

So this Sunday a friend and I got off the Island for a little adventure. Not a big adventure, no time for that. But we headed up to the Bronx, a part of NY I have not spent much time in, beyond visits to the New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill, and the Bronx Zoo.


I wore a sweet lil flowery blouse – very unlike my usual style, but perfect for my mindset this weekend. No black or grey for me this day.

It was a beautiful day – mid-70s – not the norm for mid-November, but very appreciated for our outing. fashion-schlub-bettye-rainwater-plus-size-11-13-16-2-resized

We hunted down some areas in Hunts Point known for street art. We’d been cautioned about going into these areas, but I sort of like the sketchy areas and feel perfectly comfortable. We were actually a little disappointed that the area seemed as “safe” as it did!



We *did* make a new friend. While walking through a riverside park, a teenager cat approached us, miaowing. I, of course, immediately picked it up to snuggle for a bit. He was very soft, clean, and seemingly well-fed. He did not seem feral or abandoned. But he decided He Loved Us and he did NOT want us to leave him. He trotted along behind us on our way back to my car…he snuck into the car three times while I tried to get in…and when I finally *did* manage to get the door shut between us, he leapt, repeatedly, up to the car window, trying to get in. I’ve never seen anything like this. From a cat. That had only just met us.


Overall, I’d say the Bronx a pretty friendly place 🙂

What I’m Wearing:


8 thoughts on “All Bad News’ed Out

  1. That was a good idea…..getting away from too much sadness for an afternoon. You look nice and comfortable, and your hair looks fabulous. That street wall made a fun backdrop.

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    1. Thanks, Donna Donna! Yeah, that was the last photo shoot pre-haircut. It’s way shorter now, needs to grow back in a bit. And I should share some pictures of the street art! That was silly of me, thanks for the idea!


  2. Totally understand what you’re saying. My daughter and I feel the same. Too much bad news, not enough good. I have some kittens I rescued so they’re my little bits of sunshine. I also recognize November is not my best month. It gets dark here in Michigan really early and now it’s starting to get cold so we’re stuck inside now for like 5 months. That is a hard adjustment for me. I’d say keep reading books that are good and do fun, little things for yourself. Plus, holidays are coming up and everyone is usually in a better mood. Take care, Julia


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