My Week in Review: Week 35

This week, man. I had started writing a post sharing some of my thoughts about the presidential election…but then last night learned of a very sad loss and…something like that just shifts your perspective, you know? All that political stuff will still be there in a couple days. Right now I want to focus on letting people that I love KNOW that I love them. I want to focus on being a little nicer to *everybody.* I’m not a “not nice” person, but still…I have resentful thoughts…impatient thoughts. Sigh. I can be better. This week I’ll try to be better. In honor of the memory of a woman who was THE gentlest, kindest, sweetest, most compassionate person I have maybe ever known.

And just to share some of the *rest* of my week with you…


A friend and I caught just about the end of beautiful foliage at a nearby park.


Now it’s getting dark on my afternoon walk with the dog. Soon after-work walks will be a thing of the past…til probably February 😦


There’s STILL Halloween candy sitting on my desk at work. Boo.


I voted. Then didn’t sleep all night.


Caleb’s response to election results.


Went to a social media thing. Learning more about The Big Synch-Up.




A pretty moonrise sky.


Old school farming.


Tiny ‘maters.


Finished up the week with coffee and friends. Yay friends. I love you, friends.

Thanks for reading and following my blog. I appreciate that you’re here. It’s nice to know I’m not just talking to myself. Again 🙂



6 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 35

  1. Bettye, that first photo is just stunning! You’re a wonderful photographer. Do you mind if I snag it to use on my desktop? I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. And this election was difficult and depressing for me. I stayed up most of the night as well. And now I’ll have to look up The Big Sync-Up just to see what it is.

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    1. You’re welcome to the image. Ha, The Big Sync-Up is a term a friend uses referring to how everything digital is getting more and more connected and someday (if not already) Big Brother will know every move you make.


  2. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Yes, I love the one of your dog, and love little maters. 😊 Thanks for reminding us that although we are “not nice” folks— we need to all be kinder to everyone. Have a great week.

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