Weeks in Review: 54-58

Yeah, one of these days I’ll get back on track with regular weekly Week in Reviews. This year continues to just be Crazytown. I can’t believe it is April 1…and yet it is. February and March are dead to me. But let’s get caught up and hope for a better week!

I spent 15 days in the hospital between February & March. This was surreal and not so much fun…


Except for…gifties and flowers and balloons and visits…


…and a daughter who snuck in special treats…


so we could have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun.


When I was FINALLY released I discovered she (daughter) had gotten me a nice new bed set…what a pleasure to sleep in after the scratchy hospital sheets.


I had some packages waiting at home for me – things I’d ordered before all this nonsense began. I’d been excited for this cute grey and white striped tee dress from Lane Bryant but it was kind of gigundo and I’ve returned it. Still on the lookout for soft comfy clothes for spring and summer.


As soon as I was up to a little outing we drove to a nearby beach for a short sunset stroll. I’d missed seeing this.


Janey has been thoroughly enjoying my surgery recovery time. For many days in a row I was just horizontal on the sofa from morning til night. Having sofa company pleased her no end.

JANEY 3.17

I had some more unpleasant news from the doctor this past week when they got the pathology report from my surgery. In a nutshell, they did *not* get all the cancer out with the hysterectomy. I have now been diagnosed with Stage 3 Uterine cancer and they’re recommending radiation and then chemotherapy. I’m getting a second opinion but I’m not expecting to hear anything radically different from the original recommendation. This doesn’t feel like my life. And yet….

Work sent me these flowers that day. And yes, Work Family, I COULD use a drink.


The doctor cleared me for work and driving so I went and got a haircut. I went to a nutritionist to hear about things to eat and/or avoid during chemo.


And yesterday I had the nicest day I’ve had in ages…just being NORMAL…a wonderful friend picked me up for a drive to the ocean…and in spite of the wind and rain, it was just so nice to be out of the apartment, not doing anything health related. I really value a day like that.


So. I go back to work Monday. I think I worked 9 days in February (between snow days, the Maine adventure, winter break and being in the hospital) and like 2 days in March. I’ll have a couple normalish weeks now and then I start my treatments. So I’ll be here when I can. I miss the blog. I miss planning outfit posts. But against my will (ha) other things are pushing their way to the top of the list.

Hope you all have a great week.

PS – I just realized it’s April Fool’s Day. I wish this post was an April Fool’s joke…but it’s not.

xoxo Bettye

Catching Up…

Totally random picture of my dog cuz come’on. Is he not the handsomest ever? And there had to be SOMETHING good about this post….

So…February has been a very challenging month for me…I’m not seeing the end of the tunnel yet either, but…the show must go on. And I don’t want this to be a pity party post, but I do want to explain why I have been MIA.

To start, I have some health/medical issues going on, nothing So Serious, but painful and at times incapacitating…they have made it difficult to meet up with anyone to shoot blog photos. I have a vision for this blog and I get frustrated when I can’t make it be The Way I Want it To Be…so I put off and put off, thinking an opportunity is right around the corner, and before you know it an entire month has gone by and there hasn’t been a blog post in ages!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know about my trip to Maine and how we got stuck there in blizzard after blizzard and finally had to just drive home because if we’d waited for a flight to actually leave the ground we might still be there! I missed both Valentine’s Day AND my blog’s One Year Anniversary (Happy Blogiversary to Me!). I’d had plans for a special anniversary shoot, but that didn’t happen and I don’t see it happening in the near future so I’m going to have to come up with something closer to home. Like…right here in my living room 😦

That’s another issue I’ve been having. When I started the blog it didn’t really occur to me just how much I was going to have to rely on other people for blog photos. I’d been getting Outfit of the Day shots done pretty regularly, but One Photo in the parking lot at work, and Ten-ish Photos in an interesting location are very different animals. And my friends have been great…but a year in I’m sure they’re getting weary of me asking them to do photo shoots with me, and they all have their own lives and their own issues and I totally get it. I’m SO appreciative of the time they gave me over the last year…but I’ve got to come up with another plan. I know some people do selfies with their tripods but I have a cheappieceofcrap tripod that doesn’t support the weight of my camera and lens so I can’t trust walking away from it. I’ve taken some blog photos in my apartment by creating a “tipsy tripod” out of two end tables stacked on top of one another but I’m not a fan of doing blog post after blog post with pictures of me in front of the window in my living room. Yawn. It bores me just thinking about it. The photography is a very important element to me and I’m so frustrated that I’m being unable to achieve what I envision in my mind’s eye.

And last but not least, I’ve had computer issues for the past month. My computer got wiped out by a bad virus* (yes I have anti-virus software and no they are not foolproof). It was awhile before I could get that looked at (cuz money). The computer guy thought he had it fixed, but no. So he gave me a used computer from his business (I couldn’t buy new cuz money). That had its OWN issues and he eventually came back and brought me ANOTHER used computer this week, and knock on wood, so far so good. But trying to do ANYTHING on computers that keep fritzing out on you is very frustrating and eventually I just threw in the towel and Let It All Go.

So, that is my story. I’m sorry this was so unbearably long, but I wanted to explain my trials and tribulations. And as I mentioned while commenting on someone else’s blog, Life is Not Always Pretty in Blog-land. Sh*t Happens. Things Break. We don’t feel well enough to shoot. Blizzards. Photographers (shockingly, ha) are not lining up at my door hoping to take my picture. Wah Wah Wah. Poor Me. I don’t want to be that person…but this month…I really felt like that person. I’m hoping the new month ahead, the new season, *something* will bring about a change, cuz right now I can barely get out of my own way.

I’m not looking for “oh poor you,” I just wanted to explain my absence.

I’m going to stop talking now 🙂  And tomorrow will do a big “Many Weeks in Review” catch-up post and hopefully next week be back on track. Cuz I really miss blogging when I don’t do it. I’m always thinking of post ideas or things I want to share…and I miss you guys 🙂

xoxo Bettye

* Oh! The virus, just to give y’all a heads up. It was a phony “update your Java” pop-up. Computer guy said if you ever see that, don’t click it, but go to the Java website instead and see if there’s actually an update and download it from there if it is.

My Week in Review: Weeks 40-43

Ooh, I’ve been remiss! In my defense: Holiday and Sick. So I’m doing a big Week(s) in Review catch-up here and can then proceed as usual starting next week. Do you guys even *like* Week in Review? I’m coming up on Fashion Schlub’s 1 Year Anniversary and am thinking about switching some things up. I feel like I get more new people liking and commenting on the WiR posts, which I guess is good? I don’t know? I’m just stumbling my way along in Blog-Land. Thoughts?

Gosh, THIS seems forever ago! I’m actually just taking the tree *down* this weekend. Sadface.


Janey was helping not helping decorate the tree. Funny little crooked-faced cat.


Janey loves sitting with me at the computer. And the sofa. And bed. And the toilet. You get the picture.


I’ve been trying to eat more fruit. My reward for eating an orange is a vegan gingerbread cupcake from Batata Cafe in Northport.


I love old building advertising. I loved painted signs, I think they’re so much more charming than big plastic or polyvinyl (or whatever those canopy type things you see everywhere now) signs.


Meh. I so loved the other book of hers I read, Secrets of a Charmed Life…I was disappointed by this one.


The last day of work before vacation is lovely. We’re all so productive and get just tons of work done.


I drank a toast to the start of vacation. Alright. I drank a *couple* toasts.


Exmas Eve with my baby.


Christmas Day. We exchanged gifts at my apartment then went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and drove around looking at Christmas lights. It was a nice low-key day. I like a low-key holiday.


My boy.


We drank a toast to the holiday. Alright. We drank *several* toasts to the holiday.


I LOVED The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Do recommend.


Ha ha. Christmas had too many toasts and threw up in their front yard.


I spread my friendship wings (ha ha, someone dear to me used that phrase once when I was making a new friend and it has just always stayed in my heart and head) and made a new friend when we photographed one another for our respective blogs – Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me. You can see some photographs I did of her here.


That day we shot was cold and super windy and we were out in it all day and I got SICK. This is what sick looks like.


I’m trying to tackle some small projects in the apartment this winter. This is one of the cubbies staring me in the face when I sit at the computer and I was tired of it. The top pic is the before, the bottom is after. Ahh. But where did I put those chocolate chips??


Which brings us to today and it is snowing out so I’m staying in with some work, some projects and some reading. But not enough snacks. Unless I can find those chocolate chips.


Phew! All caught up! Holidays are over, tree is coming down, now the long cold blah winter begins. Will have to make effort to spice things up! Who’s with me??

Stepping Outside the Box


I am normally a pretty basic dresser. Solids, neutrals, limited palette, that’s my usual wardrobe. And then THIS happened. This floral tunic by American Rag that I’ve rented from Gwynnie Bee. I feel so HAPPY in it! I felt a little like a Matryoshka – those brightly painted Russian wooden nesting dolls. In a good way!


Sometimes you just have to take a little walk on the wild side, try something new, step outside your box. It’s so interesting to me how *difficult* that can be with something as seemingly insignificant as clothing. Yet sometimes wearing something DIFFERENT…in PUBLIC…can be The Most Terrifying Thing.


But it’s a good thing to slip a little strange into your normal routine, know what I mean? Don’t dress and live The Same Exact Way day after day after day. There are just so many days. Explore, adventure, spread your friendship wings, wear a brightly colored blouse.



What I’m Wearing:

Do you think you might like to try Gwynnie Bee? It’s a clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. And the first month is FREE! If you want to give it a try (and you know you want to), just click the banner ad below. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and it has helped me on the road to finding my fashion style because I can try so many different things without filling up my closet or emptying out my bank account!


If you do join through this affiliate link, I will get a small commission (thank you!). But I wouldn’t recommend the company if I didn’t REALLY love them (and I do).

My new friend Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me was my photographer once again – thanks, Marcy!

Year in Review 2016: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In 2016 I started this blog. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but I started it anyway. And I’ve learned and grown along the way.


I used to keep myself pretty covered up, but I’ve gained some body confidence this year.

I bared my arms.


I bared my legs.


I had fit fails.


And learned of my latent penchant for “nightgown dresses.”


And started to get a sense for my own style.


I went to The Curvy Con! It was amazing to be surrounded by beautiful, confident, plus size women and I can’t wait to go back in 2017.


I was a director (aka bossy).


I was The King of the World!


I laughed…


I let the wind blow in my hair…


I twirled…


And threw my hands in the air.


Sometimes I don’t know WHAT the heck was going on…


But through it all, I had fun, I’ve made new friends, I’ve had the help of many wonderful new people…so I’m saying SO LONG, 2016…


And I’m looking forward to what awaits me in 2017. I have some new goals: both personally and for the blog…see ya in the new year!


My Week in Review: Week 35

This week, man. I had started writing a post sharing some of my thoughts about the presidential election…but then last night learned of a very sad loss and…something like that just shifts your perspective, you know? All that political stuff will still be there in a couple days. Right now I want to focus on letting people that I love KNOW that I love them. I want to focus on being a little nicer to *everybody.* I’m not a “not nice” person, but still…I have resentful thoughts…impatient thoughts. Sigh. I can be better. This week I’ll try to be better. In honor of the memory of a woman who was THE gentlest, kindest, sweetest, most compassionate person I have maybe ever known.

And just to share some of the *rest* of my week with you…


A friend and I caught just about the end of beautiful foliage at a nearby park.


Now it’s getting dark on my afternoon walk with the dog. Soon after-work walks will be a thing of the past…til probably February 😦


There’s STILL Halloween candy sitting on my desk at work. Boo.


I voted. Then didn’t sleep all night.


Caleb’s response to election results.


Went to a social media thing. Learning more about The Big Synch-Up.




A pretty moonrise sky.


Old school farming.


Tiny ‘maters.


Finished up the week with coffee and friends. Yay friends. I love you, friends.

Thanks for reading and following my blog. I appreciate that you’re here. It’s nice to know I’m not just talking to myself. Again 🙂


My Favorite Bloggers

Just one letter away from Vloggers, but…

Plus Size

  • Fat Girl Flow – Yup, Carissa is also a favorite blogger. She’s a favorite everything. Body positivity, yup. Fashion hauls, yup. Shopping recommendations, AMEN.
  • This is Ashley Rose – Ashley Rose is LOVELY. She has a classic casual style that is so appealing.
  • Plus Size Princess – Yes, she was also on my favorite vloggers list. She’s. That. Good.
  • Suits, Heels & Curves – She’s adorable and showcases a lot of work-type outfits.
  • Curves, Curls, & Coffee – A relatively new blog, she is UH-DORABLE. Reading her posts about her life and boyfriend and acting, etc, just makes me smile. You like to smile? Check out her blog.

Straight Size

  • Fashion Fairy Dust – I can’t even. The layering QUEEN. She has the most amazing PIECES. She takes incredible SELFIES. She tells wonderful STORIES. I want to live next door to her and be her best FRIEND.
  • Fake Fabulous – She’s no fake. She’s just fabulous. She can put together an outfit like nobody’s business.


  • The Small Things Blog – hair tips, makeup recommendations, adorable family.
  • Bleubird – THE most adorable family. Like EVER. I have followed this gal, James (could you die? even her name is adorable), for like 10 years since her days as a vintage clothing seller on ebay. At the same time I was. She was one of the sellers I looked up to and tried to emulate. But Just Couldn’t Quite Do It. sadface. Anyway, I feel like I’ve watched the evolution of her family, ups and downs, growth, changes, moves, new businesses, etc. She just has that way, that everything she does is lovely.

Good Writing

  • Hearts Everywhere – this is a new favorite, I just enjoy reading her views and her writing style. Give her a go.


  • Shutterbean – she really falls into the Photography/Lifestyle category, but it’s really her photography that made me fall in love with her blog, so I’m keeping her here. My favorite feature is “My Everyday Life,” her week in a series of photographs. Her week in a series of photographs is always so much lovelier than MY week in a series of photographs. I’m a little jelly.

I know there’s more but I’m growing weary. I do hope that if there are any blogs here you’ve never looked at, that you give them a try. I didn’t even GO to the decorating blogs. Seriously. I have work tomorrow.