The Future of Fashion Schlub

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When I started The Schlub in February 2016, I was SO excited and had so many ideas. What I didn’t realize was how much support I would need from other people (GIANT THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS ALIKE!!!) to get good blog photos and how much time it really took to create quality content. But I still managed to meet all my goals in Year One – number of followers, regularity of posting, that sort of thing. And in the beginning of 2017 I created new goals…and then dum dum dum DUMMMM….stupid cancer, and the accompanying surgery and treatments and feeling crappy and exhausted all the time…and this year really just became about keeping my head above water. A lot of people would say “don’t worry about the blog, just take of yourself!” But I really needed something else to focus on so I didn’t just lay around feeling lousy and sorry for myself. So I tried my best to keep the blog going. I definitely had some slow spots but I feel I’m back now, at least where I was before. And now I’m feeling ready to grow again.

And I’m asking for *your* help. Yes, Fashion Schlub was started to follow my journey, but I would like it to be *your* journey, too. So if there are things you would like to see or learn about, please let me know. If there are things other bloggers do that you think are fun/interesting/etc, and you’d like to see me do it, too, share that with me.

That’s it. I just wanted to say I know Fashion Schlub was not all that exciting this year, and that going forward I plan to make it better. And thank you to all of you who continue to read and post comments, I appreciate every one of you and the fact that you’re still here!


13 thoughts on “The Future of Fashion Schlub

  1. That’s good news!
    I would love to feature you on my blog in the styled by series. If you want to know more, you can read about it in the styled by page on the menu.


  2. As I first started to read your Blog today, I thought oh no she’s going to say she can no longer do this!! but of cause as I read on I am very glad to see that you are going to carry on and go from strength to strength. Love to see your animals and house and your fashion. Good Luck.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Pauline. I liked the phrase you used “going from strength to strength.” That made me feel good! I always focus on all the things I CAN’T do, so it’s nice to think that someone thinks I DO know how to do stuff!


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  3. I love your blog, Bettye. I can identify with you and think you’re like me — just an everyday person trying to look good and feel good. I like that you show the good parts of your life and the not so good parts. And you just keep trucking through it all. Through your words and your photography, you make us realize that the ordinary can be beautiful — or at least interesting! I’d like to see more of what you’re experiencing — Caleb, the apartment, the neighborhood, the clothes. Just more of you.

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