Week in Review: Week 87

Feeling better every week so I’m getting out more and back to my normal activities, YAY.

Last Sunday some friends and I drove up to Tarrytown, NY to visit Lyndhurst Castle and the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow lighthouse.

Of course we needed trip snacks.


Lyndhurst Castle


There was a lot of walking. I can keep going if I can keep stopping to rest.




The long walk to the lighthouse was worth it.


I was terrified at walking across this bridge. Bridges not my thing. When I drive over them I have to stay really focused on NOT steering the car over the edge. It’s weird. Does anyone else have that? Walking across not much better, especially when they’re these grate-bottomed ones that you can see through. Terr. If. Fying. But I did it!


Got this Lucky Brand dress from Gwynnie Bee on Monday. Nope. It was cute but overall too small. I felt like I was wearing a little girl’s dress. Back it went and had another one in a couple days.


Managed to get one Outfit of the Day posted on Instagram. I still haven’t figured out the good photo spots in the apartment so I haven’t done many OOTDs since I’ve been here.


Went in search of sunset and/or foliage a couple afternoons.


One day Caleb and I went to a new place but the trail started out as SUCH a narrow rocky steep hill that it was really challenging for us both…and we finally reached a point where he was just DONE. His butt plunked down on the ground and he wouldn’t or couldn’t get up. I got a little scared thinking what if I have to carry this dog back down that hill?? I sat down and rested with him for a bit then I managed to get him up and turned around and we descended VERY slowly. It was a little harrowing for us both but we survived. A little further down that same road we found a spot a little better suited to our needs and we just sat on the beach til the sky turned pink then we went home.


Ooh! My ThredUp purchase arrived! Excited to try it on later…


Trying to soak up the last bits of afternoon daylight before we set the clocks back in a few weeks. Can anyone tell me WHY we still change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time??

Bettye xoxo



7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 87

  1. Some lovely pictures, Poor Caleb is he old. I didn’t realise that you altered the clocks in America until quite recently, I though it was only here that, that happened I think, they keep doing now so its not so dark in the mornings for children to go to school (especially in Scotland).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caleb is 14. Acting like an old old man. Has his and hind end issues so he can’t do so much anymore. I used to take him just about everywhere with me and took him someplace almost every day. Now even just a short car ride takes its toll on him but I like him to have a change of scenery as often as possible, I think that helps keep them sane 🙂

      Oh, maybe schoolchildren, that’s a good thought, Pauline.

      Hope you’re having a bearable Monday (about the most I ever expect for a Monday!).



    1. Thanks for visiting Lanae! Oh yeah, snacks are the security blanket so even if the day is not that fun…at least there are yummy snacks! Plus, it’s great for preventing low-blood sugar when doing a lot of walking.

      Definitely get out there and see some pretty autumn sites before it gets too cold!



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