My Week in Review: Week 39

This might have been the saddest lil week I’ve ever had. I mean NOTHING was going on. Wait, look…

Last Sunday I lay on the sofa All Day Long and read this book.


The Dr. Scholl’s inserts I ordered arrived…


I took this picture on the way to my InDesign class. It was supposed to be a video to show all the flashing lights but I mucked it up.


I received a dress that was super lightweight like for summer, too snug, and SUPER static-clingy. It went back straight away.


Everything I had scheduled for the weekend got cancelled. I used the time to straighten the apartment OH MY GOSH SO FUN and snuck away at the end of the day to get the dog out in the fresh air. And me.


And I actually cooked.


Seriously. That is one sad week.

I’m already pre-cranky cuz I have WAY too much scheduled for the week ahead and that’s not good for me.

If I had to rank all 39 weeks in review, this would be in 39th place. Sorry so boring.


7 thoughts on “My Week in Review: Week 39

  1. Ha ha! That static dress was funny, sorry! How was the book? I’m always looking for good books and start reading one and get about 1/3 through then feel it’s a waste of time (from doing what? scrolling through IG, reading other fashion blogs, listening to depressing news). At least it looks like a pretty walk with your dog! Julia

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    1. One of my NYResolutions is to REALLY get control of my random internet time. Way too much time is just spent randomly scrolling, going down the rabbit hole, when I’ve Got Important Work to Do! And reading! And Other Life to Live!

      I did just read The Light Between Oceans and really liked it. Have you read it? If you’d like I can send it to you. I try not to hold onto fiction after I’ve read it, but to pass it along.



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