Product Review: Land’s End Plus Size Silk Underwear


Yes, this is me standing in my ‘wares in front of the whole internet. No, I have not lost my damn mind. I’m sharing something wonderful with you.

While every other fashion blogger is writing about sequins and glam and party dresses…I’m here to talk to you about COMFORT. That seems to be a theme recently!

Baby, it’s COLD outside…and I have a secret tip about staying cozy all winter-long.

Long. Silk. Underwear. The super super lightweight THIN THIN long underwear that you can wear under everything and never even know it’s there, except that it keeps you super warm and cozy AND acts as a “slipping agent” under your clothes. Know what I mean? I love when fabrics just slide over my body, instead of getting hung up on spots like hip bumps and fat calves. Long silk underwear is like wearing a slip. But it’s pants and a top! And it is NOT. BULKY. As a plus size gal, I’ve got enough bulk all on my own…layering is a challenge and often a little uncomfortable for me. But this is like a nonexistent layer.

There are not a lot of plus size brands of true silk underwear…and it’s been years since I had a set…but I find that each year my body handles the cold winter weather a little less well and I knew I needed a little assist this year, so Santa came early and brought me a set. I got them on sale, $29 each piece, though now they’re back to normal price of double that 😦 But I bet if you keep watching you might find them on sale again as we get closer to the holiday.

I highly recommend the Land’s End set. I was afraid they were going to be too small and I was going to have to just Make Them Work cuz I am COLD, but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The top is just right. The pants are actually a little loose and long, but I’m sure they’ll shrink a bit in the wash. They are super comfortable and they are amazingly warm. If you’ve never worn long silk underwear and you think it can’t possibly be as warm as a thick downy padded layered thing, I’m here to tell you otherwise – they are WARM.

PS – this is not a sponsored post. I bought the underwear myself and my opinions are my own.

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