Comfort Clothes


So, a few weeks back I shared a more casual outfit here on the blog, and realized I’ve really only ever posted “work” clothes – or what I’ve always thought of as “good clothes” or “outfits. ” My mother always had this mindset of keeping “good things” good. There was the closet of the “good” beach towels that I was not allowed to use all summer, even though I went to the beach probably 5 days a week and had only one towel (a towel I still
have to this day, only last summer *indulging* myself in a new one for public use. Yes, after like 40 years. Got your money’s worth on that one, Mommy!). We took the good beach towels with us to Ocean City, Maryland every Labor Day week and THEN we each had a different beach towel to go with every different bathing suit. But when we got back home after our week of fun in the sun, the good towels got laundered, folded, and locked back up in The Good Beach Towel Closet. There were also Good Dish Towels. The living room was pretty much reserved for “good company,” meaning not MY friends. There were Good Notepads that were saved for writing SPECIAL notes. Etcetera. You get the picture. And while I’ve spent a lifetime trying to NOT be my mother, some things are just so ingrained from an early age that you don’t easily notice that you’re doing the same things she did.



And “good clothes” are one of those things for me. You buy something new, you really like it, clothes cost a ridiculous amount of money these days, you want to keep it nice, pristine, you want to save it for a special occasion. But. While I don’t advocate mucking stalls (sorry, horsey background) in your new clothes, REALLY, when you think about it, you get a much higher return on your investment the MORE you wear them!


And even here on the blog, when thinking of outfits to share, I kept thinking of “good clothes.” But really I should share ALL the clothes – the good, the bad, the sometimes a little ugly, ha. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here today.



My FAVORITE outfit for “doing fun things that include a lot of walking” is leggings and sneakers. And top. Obvi. But you get the picture. Leggings are the most comfortable things in the world. I’m past the stage of “are they pants?” and onto “who cares?” They’re easy to walk and sit in, they’re never too wrinkled, they don’t get baggy butt…they’re the perfect leg-covering item. Especially when you’re plus-sized, jeans are not always the most comfortable item to wear for a long day of driving and walking and eating.


So this day we were strolling on the Brooklyn Promenade…took some skyline and bridge pictures, had a late lunch, just a nice easy day. I wore my favorite Avenue leggings, my cloudlike Adidas sneakers, lightweight knit blue Tahari sweater, crazy soft scarf from ASOS and for the first time, a faux leather moto jacket I bought at the end of last winter at Sears of all places! It’s not the moto jacket of my dreams but it was CHEAP and I wanted to test run this style to see if I really liked it before I spent more money on a nicer version. And I DO like it! It’s a perfect lightweight jacket for those not so cold days. It’s really supple and doesn’t feel all thick and stiff so it’s nice for driving in, too.



The big black bag is a Target purse I’ve converted into a camera bag. I can easily keep my camera body and two lenses in it, with spare batteries and memory cards. It’s so much easier carrying all that in a cross-body bag than in my bulky shoulder strap camera bag.


For you non-New Yorkers – that’s the view of downtown Manhattan directly across from the promenade. Pretty nice!


What are *your* comfort clothes??

What I’m Wearing:

My friend Linda was my photographer once again.


4 thoughts on “Comfort Clothes

  1. Oh my goodness – our mothers were twins. We always had the “good stuff” – which we almost never used and the ‘everyday stuff’. Some of the “good stuff” had never been used and I wound up with it after my mother died. My paternal grandmother said, “if it’s too good for me to use it’s too good for me to have”. I can use that rule with most everything but clothes.

    I love the leggings idea, I just have never been able to wear them comfortably. They ‘ride down’ on me and are therefore very uncomfortable. Wish I could wear them. BTW, I love your comfort clothes – most of mine look like I shouldn’t even wear them to a worm wrestle.

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