Just Keepin’ It Real


So, I know I’ve been sharing a lot of casual outfits lately…and especially “jeans’n’sneakers” looks, which is not really my normal MO, but….

a) I think I have worn every cold-weather item in my closet multiple times for the blog, I’ve mixed and matched just about every possible combination I can come up with. Soon I’m going to be wearing things inside and out and upside down just to show things in different ways. I keep a really small wardrobe and I’m still a couple items short of completing a couple different outfits (HOW CAN A PLAIN WHITE SHIRT BE SO HARD TO FIND???). I repeat outfits a lot in my daily life, but it would be pretty boring for you guys to see that on the blog, so…I’m trying to stretch it out as far as I can but we’re getting down to the bare bones. Pretty soon it’s going to be “you can’t see it, but I’m wearing a different bra today,” ha.


b) When I get items from Gwynnie Bee and they’re not something I would actually wear in my actual life, I don’t share them in an outfit post. My aim with outfit posts is to show what I *actually* wear in my actual life.


c) My heel really really really hurts! I have plantar fasciitis in my left heel and it is so so painful…that I wear sneakers a LOT more than I usually do just in an effort to keep my feet a little more comfortable. All day long I look forward to getting home and putting on my wonderful orthotic slippers (oh MAN do I sound old!) and getting some relief. Next is a pair of orthotic sneakers. Oh yeah, this is one sexy fashion blog 🙂


So, the point is, I’m just trying to keep it real. Bear with me. It’ll be spring soon and there’ll be some new looks…and lots of try-on hauls!

These pictures were taken on a cold day in Rockaway Park, Queens. Me and my blogger friend Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me were looking for an interesting spot and I just loved this old “Sea-Port” building. We decided we really need to do a behind-the-scenes vlog because shoot days are pretty hysterical with us changing clothes in the  car, trying to sneak into places, climbing on things for “that perfect shot,” etc.

I love this soft Style&Co sweater. It has an interesting detail of cable stitch along the hemline and allover on the back. Kinda “business in the front, party in the back.” It’s nice and loose fitting so a silk tee or turtleneck fits easily underneath.

And this has been my favorite scarf this winter – it is so so long! Which is very nice on a plus size body (read: fat neck) because there’s actually enough length to wrap it around several times and not just have little stump ends left over like with normal length scarves.

I’m looking forward to maybe a big snow later this week! Ooh, and a super secret work trip…but I’ll share that when the time comes…

What I’m Wearing:


5 thoughts on “Just Keepin’ It Real

  1. I’m the same as you…if it’s on the blog I wear it in real life. The few times that I have tried to “stage” an outfit for a post the shots ended up looking awkward. I love, love, love the cool background! I pretty much stick to my plethora of “woodland” settings since, you know, I live in a backwoods redneck paradise…lol! I love the casual vibe you’ve got going on, and that scarf is pretty fabulous. 🙂


  2. I don’t care if you wear the same outfit over and over! I enjoy reading your words about your photo adventures and your life. Seriously! Plus, being in menopausal upheaval, I wouldn’t remember if you wore the same outfit anyhow! I giggled through this with your changing in the car bit (been there!). Oh, the glamorous life of a fashion blogger!! Girl, just show us your life, the clothes are just the backdrop! Have a fabulous Wednesday! Julia


  3. I think you’re doing great – I ALWAY read your blog and always enjoy it. Love this particular outfit and I, too, wouldn’t remember if you posted the same thing twice. I’m not nearly as adept at putting together different things to create an outfit. I’m not out everyday, but on the days I am I tend to wear about the same 4-5 outfits.

    And I’m with you in the shoe department. However, I’ve learned (in my old age) that I must take care of my feet. They have carried me around for this long and I want them to last as long as the rest of me does. Our feet are the real workhorses of our body. Don’t misunderstand me, I like attractive shoes as well as anyone, but it’s comfort first for me these days. My problem is very narrow feet and neuropathy and real comfort is VERY difficult, especially in the winter. I’d probably just fall over dead where you are.


    1. Aww, thanks for checking in on me, Julia. I’m feeling all the warm fuzzies.

      February has been a very challenging month for me – I kept debating coming on here to talk about it a little bit but really didn’t want to do a pity party post and that’s what it would have been 😦 Suffice it to say there are some health issues (nothing too serious, but..painful and sometimes incapacitating) and I’m really struggling with getting blog photos done. I didn’t take into consideration when starting the blog just how much I would have to rely on others for help with photos, and to me the photos and the quality of the photos is crucial. But other people have lives and their own issues which I totally get and I so appreciate all the help I’ve gotten, but…it’s a different story now and it’s a struggle. Oh jeez, see? Pity Party for One, right here, folks.

      I’ll be back, even if I have to shoot myself in the apartment – I just think that’s so boring for people to look at 😦

      But thanks for checking in, friend – it means a lot to me.


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