Well, THIS happened…

So… I apologize for my diversion from fashion and plus-size life posts, but this is what’s in the forefront of my life, time, head and heart these days. Last week I posted about the anger and heartbreak of starting to lose my hair. This weekend it *really* started to come out fast. In the shower it would just all mat up into a solid bird’s nest around my head. Trying to untangle it just made giant clumps come out. THAT was an emotional day and many tears were shed over the sinkful of hair. So I went ahead and scheduled a head shaving at a salon in my new town.

What was left before I went. Not much in the front, some length still in the back. Sort of a Friar Tuck look. Not really good.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 1 blogsized

And here we go. Morgan the stylist was so sweet and gentle and patient with my papparazzi 🙂 taking tons of pictures. She started with a #1 blade and finished up with a 0 (zero).

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 3 blogsized

It was WEIRD. It is still WEIRD. But this was the worst part…and it will just get better from here.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 4 blogsized

Friends came with me for support (thanks, guys!) and brought me scarves and hats and Fireball 🙂

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 5 blogsized

Getting there. I had moments of trembling and sadness, but mostly I was okay. I knew this would be better than the blotchy hair loss of the past few days, with hair coming out in the shower every day and on my pillow every night. I’ve been wearing scarves on my head each day to cover up and I was so afraid of them slipping off and revealing my monstrous looking head.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 6 blogsized

I *really* hope I don’t also lose my eyebrows. They’re naturally a little sparse but they’re generally not visible under my bangs, which I usually like hanging in my eyes a little bit. No hiding anything now!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 7 blogsized

Almost done. Heads are weird.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 8 blogsized

Afterwards, a rinse and scalp massage while sitting in a lovely massage chair!

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 9 blogsized

Bye-bye, hair. See you again soon. I hear such different accounts of how people’s hair grows back after chemo. Sometimes totally silvery grey, sometimes the color of their youth, sometimes curly, sometimes soft. I guess it will be a surprise.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 10 blogsized

All done! In my mind I sort of thought I’d end up smooth-headed but it’s actually very stubbly. Apparently if I want a smooth dome I need to shave with a hand-held razor and shaving cream. Not sure I’m up to that…but the stubble is a little annoying as it catches on scarves and feels weird when I move my head on my pillow. But I’ll give it a few days to see if I adjust. I guess I could go to a barber and have them clean shave me…or the hair might continue falling out. I’ve got three more treatments.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 11 blogsized

Part of the gang, minus my two photographers. POSH salon in Northport was lovely. They do free head shaving for cancer patients and Morgan was so nice and made it all as pleasant as it could be.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater cancer chemo shave posh salon northport 8.2.17 12 blogsized

And I decided to walk out into the world with my bare head. I felt like no one knows me there yet so seeing me sans hair would not be a shock, plus I don’t know them either, so who cares what they think.

We crossed the street for ice cream then went to look at the new house and apartment which is less than half a mile from this nice main street. I did try on my hat gift for ice cream.

linda 2

Thank you to my dear friends for coming with me and hugging me and taking pictures, thank you Morgan and Posh for making a not-so-pleasant event as painless and pleasant as possible, thank you Universe for keeping me around 🙂

Don’t worry, I have more fun content planned for the weeks ahead!

Thanks, followers & friends, for sticking with me through this,

Bettye xoxo

OH! I am trying to be part of a link-up from fakefabulous.com – I’m a spazz at this stuff so I may not be doing it right, but I’m giving it a go!

This is the description of the Fake It Until You Make It link-up:
This link up is for anyone (of any age) to share their fabulous blog posts.
The main aim of the game is to share those posts that will help us all to fake our own fabulousness.
Whether it’s outfit inspiration, and style tips.
Beauty secrets.
Homemaking hacks.
Cooking tit-bits.
Parenting know-how.
Or, general life-enhancing wisdom.


35 thoughts on “Well, THIS happened…

  1. Ohhhhhmy goodness!!! I am so so so proud of you! You rock that style mama! You are so brace to not only shave your head but to picture it dornus to see! I must say you have a very nice shaped head!! Keep staying strong and know that everyone, everyone that knows you is sooo very proud of you!! Some day this will all be a crazy memory!! (And you may have curly hair! But hey there’s so much u can do with it!!) ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha, I was actually very worried about the shape of my head! I was afraid there’d be lots of bumps and fat rolls in the back, but it’s not as bad as I thought! I need to get a LITTLE sun on it so it’s not so white 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, Shannon ❤


  3. You are living in my old hometown! If you need to know the good stuff, let me know. I loved growing up there. You are handling this all very well. Losing my hair was full of hysteria and tears. Not fun.
    I am enjoying reading your posts. I wish you good health, and lots of happiness in your new town!zero

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t move in til the end of the month but I’m visiting a lot. Oh believe me, I had tears re the hair. That day that SO much came out and I already had plans to go out w a friend and I had no good head covering options yet – and I freaked. But remembered my sweet niece had given me a floppy beach hat a few weeks earlier so on it went and out we went and I survived.


    2. Hi Cori! How long ago did you live in Northport? I’m a little familiar with the area already just from coming up here to visit the town or Friday night music in the park in the summer, but I’m betting there are some insider tips you can share! Where are you living now?



  4. I realized after looking at you sans hair that I’ve never seen your eyes without the hair “helping”. You have beautiful eyes! I wish I could have helped with the haircut day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You actually look quite amazing! And … you’re going to change lives with this post, help people work their way through some super-scary times. I don’t know you in real life, but I wish I did – you’re awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You have the most beautiful eyes Bettye…I can’t imagine the emotional struggle with the hair, but the upside is those eyes! It’s amazing the difference that absent bangs make. And your head is perfectly shaped, you are rockin’ it my friend! I have to tell you how amazing and brave and beautiful that you are for sharing this with the world. People need to know that they are not alone and you are giving them that gift. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I saw you at Samantha’s. Well done on this bold move. You have a great head! Hats, wigs, au naturel, head-painting(!), scarves, so many things you can experiment with. Best wishes for smooth sailing in your treatment. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Melanie! I follow you! Ha, small world (or is it?)! Yeah, I’ve been amassing quite a collection of scarves and that’s been fun. My daughter is coming to visit next week and she asked me to wait til she was here to go wig shopping…and I think that might be a good option for fall when it gets cooler. Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes!



  8. I don’t know what happened to my previous (long) comment…. but I’m back again to let you know that I chose this post as my favourite from last week and will link to it in tonight’s link up post. I hope you can pop over and join in again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel so honored! And can certainly share in the misery of losing a long post/comment because they are always the most brilliant insightful clever witty thoughtful ones and are impossible to recreate!



  9. I just saw your post on FakeFabulous. Truly, the first thing I noticed was your gorgeous, wide smile – your teeth are brilliant white and perfectly straight. (I wore braces in junior high and my teeth aren’t as nice as yours!). Then I noticed you had your hair buzzed. You looked so cute, I thought it was a style choice. A lady who uses my vet has hers buzzed and always looks adorable. She wears fabulous earrings, a bold lip and eye makeup – you really get to notice all those touches of style and color on her. I’d hit the jewelry hard! (My cousin’s hair grew back nicely.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I kinda wish this was a style choice 🙂 But I do miss my hair and will be happy when all this is over and I can grow it back out, maybe it’ll be better than ever!

      Thanks for checking out the blog and for the kind words!



  10. Hello Bettye,
    What a unique name you have! Also, what an amazing spirit and zest for life ! Your ability to bravely move forward despite heartbreak is inspiring Bettye. Smiling through vulnerability and fear isn’t easy and you are so beautiful as you face both “head on”.
    Wishing you the best Bettye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marilee! The older I get, the more “Bettye”‘s I find. Did you know President Carter had a press secretary named Bettye Rainwater? That’s my exact name!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I don’t feel brave…it’s more like “sink or swim,” and I’m not quite ready to sink yet, so…



      1. I like the name even more now! Rainwarer sounds Native American (?)
        Also I know exactly what you mean about not being sure about being brave. Had a scare of my own aa few years back with the discovery of a brain aneurysm. I did just what you’re doing. No other choiceis viable right? My mom always told me to be brave and strong when i was a little kid. .. i think it works! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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