Time Flies

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As Thanksgiving weekend passes and we move into December and the Christmas holiday season, I remember being little, maybe 5 or 6, and counting the days til Christmas and bemoaning HOW FAR AWAY IT IS and WON’T CHRISTMAS EVER GET HERE?! It was probably early in December, I remember decorations already being out. Anyway, my mother said “blah blah blah – you know, when you get older, time will go faster.”

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I didn’t think much of that at the time (come on, I was 5), but I never forgot her words…and as I did get older and better able to think more philosophically about things, I gave more thought to the passing of time. And now, at 57, I realize she was correct, time does seem to pass more quickly now. Obviously it doesn’t actually go faster…a year is always 365 days, an hour 60 minutes, etc., but looking back, I feel like I’ve been alive about a minute.

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People ask why this is so. My (highly scientific and educated, ahem) opinion is that it has to do with relativity. The more time has actually passed, the smaller any segment of it seems. When you’re 5, one year is a fifth of your entire lifespan, that’s a big chunk. When you’re 57, a year is only 1/57th of your entire life…that’s a very small sliver, relatively speaking. It’s still 365 days, but it SEEMS smaller (shorter) compared to earlier years.

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But when it all comes down to it…just make good use of the time you have. You rarely have as much as you think. Have some fun. Take a day off. Don’t waste time being aggravated (I’m whispering this one in my own ear). Surprise a loved one with a visit or phone call. Volunteer. Make a difference.

Lecture over!

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I’d been saving this plus size Junarose “botanical print” tunic til fall, even though I got it late summer from plusBKLYN. It just seemed autumny to me and I knew it would be perfect under the olive green duster I didn’t own yet (but obviously do now!). And I was right! I’ve seen it worn as a dress (if you’re a little more daring than I!) and as a tunic…belted and unbelted. It has a cool exposed zipper in the back and loose three-quarter sleeves. I’ve just worn it over black leggings and I meant to change into my black flats after traipsing through the woods looking for the ideal photo spot…but I got so aggravated (what a time waster!) at my new wireless shutter remote (that has since been replaced by one that actually works with my camera) that I forgot to change my shoes. D’oh! Anyway, it’s an ideal transitional piece because it’s super lightwight if it’s warmish but with a cardigan over, it’s just right if it’s coolish.

What I Wore:

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9 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I love some sciency-blog reading at 7am! Yes, that is the explanation I always gave my kids for the perception of time for kids vs. adults. There is actually a name for it (but I forget due to the passage of time). There is also a theory about how kids make more impactful memories and adults kind of get caught in the daily grind, but I don’t remember the details of how that leads to the perception.
    Anyway, you look absolutely wonderful in these photos!

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    1. So my takeaway from your comment is that we need to be creating more impactful memories! Let’s get right on that! As to the perception of that, I think because kids have created so FEW memories or have had so few impactful events happen in their short lives, that each one does seem exceptionally significant. They’re unconsciously comparing THIS event to the three others they’ve had. Whereas an adult is comparing an event to the three HUNDRED significant moments they’ve had over the length of their long lives.


      1. Accidentally touched something on my phone and my comment published without me meaning to send it yet (isn’t it funny that 20 years ago that sentence would not have even existed – talk about time flying!). Anyway, wanted to say thank you for your insightful early morning comment! And yes, let’s try to make some significant new memories that will stand out among the 300 others!


  2. That is so true! I remember feeling the same way when I was little. I agree with you about the percentage of life you’ve lived and I also think the memories and past experiences cloud up the present. Also, as we get older and our memory fades we just forget bits of the day so it makes it seem faster. Those are my theories at least. And it all boils down to live in the present and enjoy those around you and live for today not tomorrow. You look happy and healthy today!

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    1. Thanks, I’m feeling better all the time 🙂 And you’re not kidding about forgetting bits of the day and losing memories. Sometimes I see an old picture and I’m like “I SEE it happening but I have NO RECOLLECTION of it happening,” and that makes me sad. I WANT TO REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS!!!


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