Week in Review: Week 99

The week began with snow on the ground and puppies all over the apartment. Shocker. Ha 🙂 It was a full week back to work after the holidays and being sick and snow days.


It was still cold.


So, for better or worse, I was super bundled up.


In the interest of my “pamper myself more” resolution, I did get flowers from Trader Joe’s for the apartment. In case you don’t live near a field of wild flowers or your city’s floral wholesale district, I believe that Trader Joe’s is THE best source for a large selection of reasonably-priced, healthy cut flowers. For $12 I have flowers in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. I’d have split them up even more but I still have not unpacked all the vases (because there’s nowhere to put them when I do). I usually buy three different varieties then mix them all together into bouquets.

flowers pampering 1.9.18 1 pm

The street I usually turn up to come home was closed off at both ends so kids could sled. How sweet is that?


One more present under the tree. See those starburst lights? Fun, right? It’s an app called kirakira+. It was .99 but that felt worth it to me for all the Christmas pics I take.


Still snow.


Remember a couple months ago I did that photoshoot with Jennifer from Peanut&Pip Photography? I got the rest of the pictures and am In Love with them! These are my favorites…

me+caleb j beitchman 1.9.18 2 screenshotIMG_9557IMG_9556

Gorgeous, right?? She does such beautiful work…if you’re local and want family portraits…she’s your gal.

That was my week. Lots of snow and puppies. Not expecting much different in the week ahead. Well, maybe mud and puppies.



15 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 99

  1. That street closing is such a great idea and I’m so shocked the city government recognizes the need for kids to sled. It makes me feel hopeful! Your photo shoot with Caleb is so beautiful. He is such a photogenic guy! My daughter brought home a 1 1/2 year old dog yesterday from the rescue (Yes, I approved and went with her) so right now I’m surrounded by ripped up boxes and hovering cats. We’re trying to teach the cats that their best defense is their nails and that running away is not the best option. Never a dull day here! Stay warm. Cold weather heading your way — it was three here this morning!

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    1. Oh! Congrats on the new box-destroying family member! Ha, He’ll learn the rules soon enough, but good for you for taking in a rescue. I kinda figured you’d be downsizing with the impending move, not adding on! I feel like I’ve been downsizing my animal population for the past 30 years. The high point was 4 horses, 4.5 dogs, 6 cats, a ferret and a parrot…all on the property. I love animals but that was just too many.

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      1. We were downsizing but my 22 year old daughter wanted a dog sooo bad and promised she would take care of her. Plus, she’s going to be living on her own like a big girl when we sell here in Michigan. You did have quite a farm! I love ferrets though they are smelly! And I do love animals they are just such a big responsibility.

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  2. Omg…the shots of you and Caleb are absolutely beautiful!❤️ I always have fresh flowers in the house no matter what time of year. They just seem to make everything nicer somehow. And I love that your town closed a street for the kids…things like that need to happen more often.

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    1. Thanks, Tina. Only the Australian Shepherd is mine – the puggle and basset are my “friend-lord’s” (land-friend?), I puppy-sit when she’s away. Yeah, flowers always make me happy so it’s nice to have them around.


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