What I Wore This Week & A Bit of a Chat

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Oh, I am just a mess. I keep trying to start new things and I end up bungling them and throwing them out. This week I was Bound and Determined to do a What I Wore This Week feature If It Killed Me. And in the end, I missed a couple days cuz it was a long weekend so I didn’t actually get dressed two of the days and then the video portion is horrible and dark…AND I forgot to turn the phone sideways (horizontal) to film the video, BUT, in my defense, if you shoot horizontal you do need more space between yourself and the camera to get your whole body in and in the apartment where the mirror is there just ISN’T that space. So bear with me on the vertical NO NO video. Or go watch someone who’s good at this like Lizzie Hadfield from Shot from the Street who is both my fashion AND vlogging idol (she said in a slightly breathy awe-struck fan girl crush kinda way).

So, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try and do something new/different every day. While I haven’t accomplished this every day, it is always on my radar and when I have the opportunity between choosing something old or new, I’m trying to go with new.

northport every day 1.14.18 resized
Charming Northport home from @NorthportEveryDay

One new thing I’m doing is a new Instagram account called Northport Every Day – based on the town where I live. I just started it about a week ago but it’s getting a good following already and it’s causing me to drive down different streets and areas than I usually do to find new and interesting things to photograph.

I ate Turkish food for the first time at a restaurant I’d never been to before. I did not care for it, ha ha. But I don’t mind that. I enjoy the trying.

I went to a new meditation class. I did not care for it, either. In it’s defense, the first place I went to meditation classes in Brooklyn was so so good and set the bar SO high, that other places just never seem as good…and I’ve tried three since I’ve been back on Long Island. I do meditate on my own, sometimes with phone apps. When I remember. But a class is good for a tune-up and inspiration.

(imagine, if you will, a lovely 1800s gothic brick church, black metal fence, lush garden bordering the pathway from the street, twisty tree with a branch reaching out over the path, it’s dusk, the garden lights cast a warm sunsetty glow on the tree, path and arched entrance to the church. Cuz, godammit, I lost that picture! It’s where my first meditation class was and it was so lovely and peaceful and I had a really nice picture of the entrance on my phone, on my Instagram…and I can’t find it anywhere, have been searching all morning so that’s why this is going up so late and NOT first thing in the morning as I had planned and now I’m all aggravated, which is exactly why I need meditation classes!!!!!)

So, maybe not every day but it’s always in my consciousness to look for and try The New Thing.

Anyone else? Resolution updates? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


4 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week & A Bit of a Chat

  1. I haven’t tried turkish food yet but I will look for it. I feel the same way about trying new food. If you don’t like it you can always spit it out! So, now you’re having another IG account? Good for you! Isn’t it funny how something that you start on a lark can actually have longevity and a following? That sounds like a good motive to get out and try something new. As soon as you find that picture you have to post it b/c my curiosity is up! Have a good weekend!

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    1. Turkish, quite similar to other Mediterranean foods, like Greek…that I’m not a HUGE fan of. Some things yes, but very few things. But it’s fun to have all new things to choose from! Yeah, now I have 3 IG accounts – Fashion Schlub, my main personal one – Bettye Rainwater Photography…and now Northport Every Day. I also manage my work’s account, Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism, so really 4 accounts. And I’m really TRYING to post something to each every day. It’s harder w Schlub and work cuz I don’t always have new content, but…I keep trying. And yeah, I’m so disappointed to not be finding that picture. It was on a past phone…but I was SURE I’d posted it to Instagram and then it would also have automatically posted to my Facebook account…but I can’t find it on either account which seems weird, that it could have been *accidentally* deleted off two separate platforms?? Seems unlikely. I can dig out old external hard drives and see if it’s on there cuz now it’s just bugging me. Ooh, I just thought of one other place it might be! Gotta go look!


  2. The new Instagram account reminds me of the old blogs “365 days in….” Just went and looked at mine and actually had some interesting photos there. Your Northport Instagram is starting well. Love all the pictures.

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