Week in Review: Week ONE HUNDRED!!!

Today, on a Very Special Fashion Schlub, the one HUNDREDTH episode will be filmed before a live studio audience. Oh MAN, why didn’t I ACTUALLY think of doing that! Before right now when I’m sitting down to write the post that’s ALREADY a day late! Oh I’m just a mess. But I did have a fun week.

Last week started with a trip to the greenhouses at a local arboretum. We’re very fortunate on Long Island to have So Many really good arboretums and public gardens. This was Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay.

Oops, you’re a little tipsy.







IMG_9674 (1)


Then onto Nassau County Museum of Art for the “Fool the Eye” exhibit.






This happened.


I swiped this off my niece’s icloud stream. Cuz come on…is my great niece not the sweetest???


My family. Far far away.



Okay…went to an art lecture (a first for me, so A New Thing) at Hecksher Museum of Art on Andy Warhol and the Pop-Art Culture. Very interesting.


I guess it would have made sense if I’d taken pictures of the pop art on display instead of these. D’oh!


Flower shop.


The big thaw.


Gothic architecture in Sea Cliff, NY.


Cold Spring Harbor, NY. I really got around this week!


Not one fashiony reference in this post, sorry! Sometimes I put some Outfits of the Day (OOTD) in the Week in Review, but I already put them all in the “What I Wore This Week” video so it seemed redundant to post them again here.

Tomorrow is back to work – and I have not one fun thing planned for this week yet, urgh. It looks like a lot of rain, so bleh. I really need to take down my Christmas tree…yeah, maybe that will happen this week.

Okay kids, have a good week! xoxo



8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week ONE HUNDRED!!!

  1. Your sad pizza slice. Such a Monday photo. But, your niece and family and assorted dogs look like they’re having fun and are in a warm place. Well, good for them. I’m trying to figure out how to get photos done this week too since it’s raining now and that was my plan today. I’m trying to do something fun each week too but don’t have anything planned yet, but I’m determined! Have a good Monday and may your pizza stay on your plate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it wasn’t even my pizza slice! I pulled into the driveway after work and there it was! Random.

      Like you, also struggling getting outfit photos done. *I’LL* go out in the polar vortex for photos but I feel bad asking friend/landlord/neighbor to go out there for me!

      Hope you get yourself to something fun…maybe even with wine! xoxo


  2. This looks like such a lovely little excursion! I love visiting new places, but specifically smaller, tucked away towns. Something about them feels so authentic to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me, too. I love little day trips to local towns that are just outside my normal range. Every town has SOMETHING interesting. They can’t all have THE TALLEST FILING CABINET IN THE WORLD, but they have SOMETHING. And I like looking for and finding it.


  3. Yes your great niece is truly adorable. I adore the pictures of the flowers and nature from your beautiful location on Long Island. So many beautiful photographs, I must say they really cheered me up.
    That photo of the big thaw, was very cool- chilling, both literally and figuratively. It looked like something out of the national geographic magazine. Great capture!

    Liked by 1 person

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