Week in Review: Week 104

I’m a little behind since my trip. Not jet-lagged, just BEHIND. And, at the risk of being morose, very very sad. I have none of my family here. My nearest person is my sister and she’s in South Carolina, all the way down by the Georgia border. So that’s an overnight road trip. My daughter is in Tampa, Florida. Even further. And pretty much everyone else (bar a stray cousin or two) is in California. Mostly southern, but there’s one rebel up near San Francisco. It was so so good to get to see all the California contingent. And to be back in California, which I love. It’s like Brooklyn but shinier and brighter. Energetic and bustling. I love that. I felt like I was being driven to the boondocks on my ride home from the airport Friday night. It was so dark. Everything was closed. Everyone was asleep. I saw no neon lights. Sigh.

This will last awhile. Sorry. I hope to get out there someday to live for real…but due to everything it will not be for quite some time. In the meantime I just need to adjust back to my actual life.

That said, I had a wonderful time. I did a million and one things, walked my feet off, ate tons, wore almost everything in my suitcase 🙂

My cousin and I dropped Katie off at the path to walk 3 miles up to the Hollywood sign (she didn’t get that from my side of the family!), then we went down below to an easier incline. Oh yeah, I didn’t even take the wig with me.


We walked, instead, to The Bat Cave from the 60’s (POW! KABOOM!) TV Batman show.  I got a new phone just the week before I left and didn’t have time to play around with settings much and realized after taking a ton of pictures out there that it was set to shoot in HDR. Not a fan.


Anti-gravity rocks.


That night we had Mardi Gras themed dinner at another cousin’s. We had New Orleans style food and a King Cake, from which Katie pulled the baby, dubbing her the Queen of Mardi Gras. I am not allowed to share her photo. Sadface. Aren’t they all great? Don’t you wish they were your family??


The dessert table.




What I wore. Isn’t her house so pretty??


She’s been collecting shells forever.


The next day Randy took us to Dohini Castle (Mansion? I forget). It was lovely, the grounds reminded me of Old Westbury Gardens but with a much better view.


Then onto the Getty Center.


Went to Mexican dinner (yay yum) with my niece, great-niece and nephew.


Annabelle helped herself to her first tortilla chips.


It’s the Year of the Dog.


Had French food at The Grove/Farmer’s Market with my cousin and aunt (Yes! The Fun at Home one!!!)


I bonded with Puck the Dalmatian.


On Thursday Katie and I parted ways. She was continuing onto San Diego for a few more days while I had my last day in SoCal.


We had mani-pedis, did a little shopping, my lovely niece got me an “anti-depression” parting gift. I had another breakfast with my cousin Robin on our way to the airport. And then…trying as hard as I could not to cry (slight fail there), I left.

Sigh. Goodbye, Pacific Ocean (the better ocean). Goodbye beautiful mountains majesties.


Pictures from the air.


And then home. Got myself flowers right away to make the apartment not feel so quiet and lonesome.


Watched the kooky neighbor sitting out in the snow.


And am missing people terribly…

jen + annabelle venice beach 2.10.18 1 resized pink tint

And now am on my way to get my taxes done, wish me luck. This is no longer the magical time of year that it used to be for me. I just have to hope that the amount owed isn’t crippling.

Bye for now.


16 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 104

    1. Caleb had a pretty tough time at Russell’s. There’s so many dogs over there, I think it messes with his head. And he’s more active, trying to keep up with them (as best he can) that he ends up really hurting himself. But three days back home and he’s doing much better already. Probably no more trips while he’s still around. It’s too hard on him.


  1. Wow what a week. I feel you, and I’m sorry that you feel sad. The sunshine in California is so lovely and we forget how the brightness affects our moods. I love the white jeans that you wore and the bright tunic, I also really like your hair as it is.
    The photo of Puck is wonderful. And I got such a belly laugh from the picture of the creepy child.
    I am thinking that perhaps, the kooky neighbor, who is sitting outside in the middle of the winter, might be onto something very smart. We all need the sun. I hope the week gets better for you.

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    1. It was *such* lovely weather out there, and I’m really not someone who minds the cold weather for the most part. But there is something about the LIGHT in California. I’ve said this to people over the years and they’re like yeah okay whatever (you nut job), but my daughter saw it. It’s just…softer. Even though it’s sunny, there’s a softness to the light (no not smog ha ha), especially in the late afternoon. Here we have strong sunsets – deep oranges and reds. There it’s much gentler, more pastel. So lovely. I miss that. That lovely light.


  2. Oh that was a fun vacation! I love California too b/c hubby and I used to live in San Diego. When I have sad feelings like you are after a great vacation or visit I remember this: don’t be sad you the time is over but be glad you were able to have it. It helps me at least. But, tulips work too!

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    1. Yeah, I feel like we did a lot of things that didn’t even get photographed. AND I meant to journal every night so I’d remember everything thing we did AND I’d meant to vlog a little bit every day so I’d have a California video when I came back but I was like 5 days in when I went OH CRAP I’d totally forgotten. Things get away from you a bit when you’re staying with other people and relying on others for rides…you can’t just say LET’S DO A PHOTOSHOOT etc, even though I desperately WANTED to.

      I *am* enjoying my tulips. And daffodils. And hyacinths. And paper whites (REALLY really sad).

      Why did you leave San Diego??


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