Week in Review: Week 105

All the feels from my glorious trip to California are being buried underneath time, mundane tasks and the ugliness of Long Island in February. Life goes on and we have to live the one we’re in. I’ve been a little reclusive so there aren’t a lot of pictures but sometimes that’s what I have to do to get through.

It’s staying light a little longer and we had some mild days this week so Caleb and I did some short walks and saw some sunsets.


More bald eagles are returning to Long Island every year and now there are two nesting in the town next to me. I went with some friends to try and photograph them (from a distance) and the best shot I got was of goose butts.


And a serene view in the other direction.


One quick flashback to California. Katie and my great-niece Annabelle playing on Venice Beach. The real Golden Girls.


My sister and brother-in-law. She’s having a tough time right now. Hopefully it will be behind her soon.


Staying true to my “pamper myself” resolution, I finally used a groupon for a mani-pedi I bought over a year ago (ha ha). And I almost wish I hadn’t. I’d had such a good experience in CA with my niece, that this paled in comparison.


Plus, this happened 😦  Had to redo myself the next day and I’m just not that good at doing nails.


I’m trying to keep something blooming in the apartment at all times…


Saturday’s outfit of the day. I’m really loving my white jeans. For the summer I want a cropped pair, but these are fine for winter, though I would like a pair of light grey sneakers to wear with them vs. these black ones – it’s such a harsh contrast. And white sneakers with the white jeans looked too nursey.


I’ve lived in NY for 49 years and until today, had never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Shocking! Today we saw the William Eggleston Los Alamos exhibit  I really like the photography of the 60s and 70s in the early days of color photography and I just like the landscape of that era – the cars, clothing, storefronts, etc…so I really enjoyed this exhibit.


We also saw and enjoyed the David Hockney exhibit. I’d only been familiar with his swimming pool paintings, but there were a lot of other things there today. It’s good to see things you’re unfamiliar with and to see an artist’s progression of work.


This one reminds me of the days I come home from work and just lay on my bed, not napping or reading…just laying there awake.


And of course walking from place to place in the museum you see other things that catch your interest…

An impressionist painting that just looked so appealing. I don’t know why there are so many butts in this post! It was not intentional. This just looked like a nice time, splashing about in the water.


This cool black and white graphic wall was a great backdrop for photos.


This pearl lily-of-the-valley arrangement reminded me of my mother. She always had little porcelain and jade flower arrangements in the living room. Of course, hers came from the cheap asian import shop and this one was worth a gajillion dollars.


I love this verdigris bow window we saw walking back to the car.


And this wildcat print dress in a shop window.


And now it’s Sunday night. I just had a big salad for dinner and think I’ll lay down and read for a bit before calling it a night. Tomorrow is back to work for a full 5-day week. Why is that a thing?? I have a nothing in particular to look forward to right now, besides the weekends. The next work vacation isn’t for 5 weeks and I’m only taking a few days off. So I need to come up with something else. Does anyone else do that? Live from one “thing to look forward to to another” rather than just living for the moment?


10 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 105

  1. So, yes, I’m always having to live from one fun thing to the next. Do I think it’s healthy? No. We’re supposed to appreciate the little things but really how excited can you get day after day of a good cup of coffee? Be in the moment? Sometimes. Other times? Let this time pass quickly! I like having things to look forward to. It reminds you that it’s not all drudgery. But, like now, watching 5 squirrels playing follow the leader brings a grin to my face but I’d rather be planning a vacation! February is always hard in the north but at least we’re getting more days of sunlight. I’m excited your hair is coming back. Can’t wait to see how you style it as it gets longer. There. That’s something to look forward to!

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    1. “Do I think it’s healthy? No.” Ha, 2 points for honesty.

      Yeah, I feel like most of life is just this thing then that thing then that thing then that thing etc and mostly boring and mostly things you HAVE to do, like work and errands and housework…and OCCASIONALLY you are graced with A Nice Unplanned Moment, like watching squirrels play

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      1. Ugh, accidentally hit send before I was ready…but I like to have Planned Things to look forward to so I’m not at the mercy of the unplanned moment cuz sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t.

        Ha, yeah, The Return of My Hair is *very* exciting…I’ve been watching tons of youtube tutorials on styling super short hair and learning new tricks and new products to use, so that’s kinda fun.

        Wow, the highlight of my life right now is LITERALLY watching my hair grow. ha ha.



  2. Oh your nails!!! Bad! 😂😂😂 I love David Hockey! It reminds me of a episode of Frost! I am so glad that the days are getting a bit longer, but boy oh boy ,it is freezing here! Not normall! I hate it.

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  3. Bettye those nail fails seem like manicure fails but I’ve never had one, so don’t listen to me. I love the pic of you with the stripey art background. Also completely understand the blahs right now, having just returned from a family-filled wedding of my daughter, also in a warm lovely place. And this is an ugly month. March is only slightly better. One thing we talked about during the recent visit was YOU and how you’re blossoming and so funny and creative.

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    1. It was definitely a manicure fail, she so rushed me along that I smooshed them all up when pushing my pant legs up to put my feet in the tub thing. Then I hid them from her through the whole pedicure cuz I didn’t want her to see them and offer to fix them, at that point I just wanted to get out of there, ha! Oh jeez, you’re talking about ME at your daughter’s wedding?? Sheesh 🙂 I saw one pic I think on Julie’s Facebook page and she looked so so beautiful. How crazy is it that we have children old enough to get married?!? We’re only 5 years old and cantering around the backyard on pretend horses!


  4. I loved all the photography and even all of the buttocks here on this post. What a fun and under used term. You really have a great eye for photos and you captured some beautiful pieces. I can also relate to napping- and found that particular painting evocative.
    I’m sorry about your manicure. I am also terrible with my nails. I think we are in for another nor’easter on Wednesday. Oh boy! Have a great week ahead!

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the buttocks! Ha. You know what else is an underused term and always makes me laugh? Bosom. Ha.

      Fingers crossed for enough snow tonight to get a Snow Day tomorrow!



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