Week in Review: Week 106

This was an extremely uneventful week. I will politely look the other way if you yawn while reading this.



Shopping my closet to put together some new spring outfits when we have unseasonably warm days.

Cream tee: Avenue (old) / Khaki green shacket (guh, stupid word): Rainbow / Cropped skinny jeans: Charlotte Russe / Pink velcro Vans: DSW

Sunset beach stroll with the dog. Which was apparently too much for him and he was really out of sorts for a few days  😦


I’d like this outfit with grey-green denim, also.

Striped tee: Rainbow (old) / Black duster cardigan: Old Navy / Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy / Trainers: Adidas Cloudfoam

The Ooh La La Spa – doesn’t that found fun?



A possible dress for a wedding next weekend. Looks especially nice with the slippers and no make-up, yes??


In honor of Caturday, this is a very (low-res!) old picture of my favorite cat, Jeremy Andrew. Yes, you are allowed to pick favorite children.


A print from an art photography book called Almost True by my talented friend Steven Bollman. Check out his work at www.stevenbollman.com


Did some more unpacking yesterday (finally). Now what am I supposed to do with this??


And that was my week. Have had an on-and-off earache all week…a little sore throat…I’m hoping to not have it turn into a real cold so I laid low all week. I don’t think I went out at all after work except for the one little walk with the dog.

Hope someone else is having a more interesting time. Are you??



9 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 106

  1. Yes indeed, what to do with the box marked like that! I think your week sounds rather lovely to be honest. I love the photos that you took and I understand the challenges in finding suitable clothes when the weather is up and the weather is down again . I just heard that we’re expecting another nor’easter this Wednesday. Frightening.
    I love your olive jacket and am searching in my closet from one similar to that. I know it is somewhere. ! ! My week has been tumultuous. As you know I flew through the cyclone bomb. And I am back from vacation trying to get caught up.
    I love your floral dress and think it’s perfect choice for a wedding. I think you will have to work on your shoes however ! Lol.

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    1. What? You don’t like my plush orthotic slippers with the floral wedding guest dress?! Ha 🙂 My goal this week was to Find Proper Shoes and now I’ve been sick the past two days and tomorrow we’re expecting snow, so….I may well be wearing my slippers to the wedding on Saturday!



  2. Your last box was hilarious! I had to pack Dave up from our house last spring and he is such a piler. Piles of dumb stuff. So his boxes were labeled “Dave’s crap” and as I got angrier, “Dave’s sh*t”. He has since gone through them but I told him he had to unpack them when I wasn’t around b/c I was just going to get mad all over again! So, how are you liking your short hair? I love the old door used as a prop in your backgrounds. We are doing some fun here since I’m still in NC and we really need to explore the area. It seems like that would be fun, but in reality not so much. Weird.

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    1. What?? Why not as much fun in real life??

      I’m actually, surprisingly, kinda liking my short hair. I don’t think I’ll keep it short forever, but I’ll try it out at a couple short lengths on the way to longer. Def will keep it short for this summer. In fact I think I’m going to shave the sides and back down a bit later this week and just leave the top/front untouched. I REALLY miss bangs (aka Hair in My Eyes). The back is getting really curly and I’m not loving that.

      So what’s going on with your MI house?


      1. Not so fun b/c we have found some bad restaurants and bad coffee. Plus, we aren’t used to all this traffic and lines for restaurants and it’s hard to find a parking spot in the grocery store parking lot. Things we don’t have to deal with in Michigan. Plus, driving around in a place you don’t know means you go down the wrong way on a boulevard or bump over a traffic island. Things like that. Michigan house will probably go on the market April 1 though I’m dragging my feet. Too sad to contemplate!

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