Week in Review: Week 108

WHY AM I SO TIRED ALL THE TIME?!? From the time I wake up in the morning, my main focus is just getting through the day so I can get back in bed when I get home from work! It’s a little pathetic, but…

Guess what we had this week?? MORE SNOW! And another snow day. Which was delightful as I just stayed in bed All Day Long. I have officially become my mother.


House turned business on Main St.


I had my 6-month scan. Drink the yucky drink. When they push the contrast dye into the IV it feels you’re peeing yourself all over your body, ha. Not sure when I’ll get the results.


Went to a really interesting exhibit at The Waterfall Mansion & Gallery in the city. We managed to mostly avoid St. Patrick’s Day Paraders but we wanted to blend in just in case.


My favorite exhibit was the doughnuts. They’re $950. EACH. Think I’ll stick to Dunkin.’ But they sure are fun to look at.



This girl in our tour group was so cute. She looks like she just walked off the pages of a fashion blog!


Tomorrow I’m going to THE FOOT DOCTOR, yay!!! Hopefully he’ll be able to do SOMETHING for me.

Not a very exciting week. But that’s what happens when all you want to do is lie in bed and read and nap.

Til next time…


7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Week 108

  1. Is it from the chemo? A lot of people complain (well complain t the right word but you know how I mean it) after chemo or radiation, that they are so very tired. Where the hell is Caleb?? I haven t seen him for a long time!

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    1. I finished chemo six months ago! I think I’m just old and fat and out of shape and honestly, a little sad. I WANT to do more stuff and get LESS out of shape but my feet (and hips) hurt so bad it’s really limiting how much I do. Caleb is napping 🙂 I don’t take him around much these days, walking seems to do him more harm than good sometimes and I never know beforehand which it’s going to be. It’s hard getting old!!!


  2. The snow is losing it’s appeal isn’t it? Except for the snow days! Well at least you got out to a museum and you’re getting caught up on sleep. I’m always trying to look to the good side of things! Hopefully this week will be more fulfilling for you!


  3. Sorry that you’re not feeling well but I am glad that you had a cozy day in bed. I laughed when I read how you react to the contrast dye, I feel the very same way when I have that done. I think we all slowly turn into our mothers! Eek .
    I’m with you on the donuts , I love them but $950 for each is a bit steep !!! I do have a friend who is so artistic she could make anything. Maybe I’ll have her take a look at these donuts !
    Feel better sweet friend !

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