Month in Review: March 2018

Since I *really* didn’t do much this past week and there are only a handful of pictures, I think, instead, I’ll do the MONTH in review, sort of a “Best of” kind of thing. And next week I’ll catch up with two week’s worth of review and then I’ll be all caught up!

My most popular post in March was the one where I’d lost my damn mind and bought the cactus scarf instead of the springy pastel one. It really all worked out in the end as it didn’t feel springy yet at all, and, in fact, still does not, with a forecast of 3-5″ of snow tonight and tomorrow!

fashion schlub bettte rainwater plus size long island fashion blogger 3.7.18 2 resized

My favorite outfit of March was the denim jacket over the tartan plaid shirtdress.

fashion schlub bettye rainwater plus size fashion blogger 3.19.18 6 resized

My top three favorite looks from other bloggers in March were:

  1. Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots in this “classic but trendy” mix of blue chambray, leopard cardi, high brown boots and fabulous spiked necklace! PS: if you have short hair, scroll down her page for ALL the inspo and different looks!

Leopard-Chambray-Pearls-3964 pocketful of polka dots

2) Olivia of Livvy Land in this dreamy blush cardigan. She has about the most enviable cardigan collection I’ve ever seen – soft tones, yummy fabrics, and everything mixes and matches perfectly with her easy style of dressing.


3) Sara from Stylish Sassy and Classy inspired me with her floral top and white jeans and now I am all about that look!

stylish sassy and classy

And because life is not all about fashion…

My three favorite books I read in March and that I highly recommend (click on images for book descriptions or to purchase):

And the return of a long-time favorite blogger who had been absent since last fall, Un-Fancy. She writes about her relaxed capsule wardrobe and has such an easy, pleasing style that I always enjoy her posts and pictures, whether about style, home or life.

I’ve been enjoying an app this year called 1 Second Every Day and you post a picture or video to it daily (or catch up whenever you want, it doesn’t judge) and at the end of the month (or week or year or whatever time frame you select) it “mashes” them together as one-second clips that are savable and sharable. I’ve been posting them on Instagram but they fit into the Month in Review theme here, so…

What do you think about Month in Review as a regular feature? I can swap different categories in and out…favorite movies/tv shows, best new products, etc. Thoughts? I always enjoy seeing others’ reviews and recommendations. In fact, I will hardly buy anything anymore without some sort of recommendation, whether from someone I know personally, or a blogger whose taste I consistently admire.

snow 4.2.18

Well, that wraps up March…onto April…and maybe spring weather at last!!! Who am I kidding, this is what outside looks like right this minute…Caleb looked like the abominable snowman when he came back in after his morning pee.

Bye, then!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you click on them and/or buy something as a result of clicking that link.


5 thoughts on “Month in Review: March 2018

  1. I love the one second every day app ! The video collage is an excellent result and seems very professional. I really like the concept of the monthly review. I think it helps keep us centered and in focus when we take time to review recent accomplishments. I will admit, also, that my favorite post of yours is with the plaid dress worn as a jacket .
    This weather – LOL – I just can’t figure it!


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