Month in Review: May

This month knocked me on my butt. Obviously…Caleb. Losing my beloved companion has been…overwhelming. And there are other issues going on right now that I can’t discuss openly.  I kinda feel like I’m being held underwater and I just can’t get up for a full breath of air. It’s not a good feeling. But…even when you feel that way, what are you gonna do? You just have to keep…doing life. Wake up. Put on clothes. Go to work. Put food in your body. Pay bills. Lather Rinse Repeat. Blog. Ha. Hardly one of life’s necessities…but it’s something I enjoy doing…and sharing with you guys, and reading your comments and having conversations. So here I go.

My Top 3 posts of May

Influencer is Not a Bad Word

fashion schlub bettye rainwater long island plus size fashion blogger 4.30.18 4 resized
Blue stripe top from Loft, size 26. Plus size here and straight size here.

Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

caleb snow 1.25.14

Throwback Thursday


Normally I share my three favorite looks from other people’s blogs, but other than posting myself I was barely on the net (or computer!) at all in May. I was, however, obsessed with tv and movies. I spent many hours, afternoons, entire days just watching movie after movie after movie, or what I referred to as “other people’s stories,” so I could forget about my own for a little while. It did help. Not that there was a lot of great stuff on tv, but…

At the actual movies (still loving Movie Pass! #notsponsored), I really liked Disobedience.

At home, streaming, I lovedlovedloved One Mississipi, a 2-season series on Amazon Prime with comedian Tig Notaro. Am so disappointed that it was such a short run.

Image result for one mississippi

And Breathe…also on Amazon Prime Video.

That’s enough “watching” for one month! I didn’t read as much in May as I have been (all that tv!), but my favorite was Before We Were Yours. Based on real-life accounting of a Memphis-based adoption organization that kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the country from the 1930s to the 1950s, told through the story of fictional characters–5 siblings taken from their “river” parents when their mother was rushed to the hospital with labor complications while having twins. The story is heart-breaking but well-told and captivating.


I have no products to recommend as I really didn’t buy much of anything this month. A bottle-brush. Ha. Haven’t had it long enough to recommend or not. I wasn’t even online browsing, so…I will just wrap up this sad little Month in Review with my 1 Second Every Day video….and try to have a little more life in my life in June.


12 thoughts on “Month in Review: May

    1. It was really amazing the statistics they gave on the number of children who were stolen during that time from their real families and sold to new families…AND the number of children who died while in the care of the Tennessee Children’s Home. There was neglect, abuse, molestation, it was awful. The book handles all that pretty sensitively but it needed to share what happened.


  1. Well, that was a tough month. Kinda hard to pick up and keep moving. I hope things smooth out for you wherever there are wrinkles (not referring to any of your outfits at all! Really!) I am looking forward to your recommendations of movies after I’m done binge-watching Call the Midwife. It has been some pretty weather though and I do see you are photographing some very pretty things around your neighborhood. Here’s to a beautiful, peaceful, optimistic summer!

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    1. Wrinkles, That’s so funny, I had this whole conversation with myself (yes, it’s okay) last week about the wrinkles in white jeans. I’ll be sure to share my amazing insights (ha ha) in the next blog post where I’m wearing the white jeans.

      Re movies, here’s my thoughts – There are so few good ones! There are a million movies streaming on all the different apps and I can spend an entire day watching movies and not one will be memorable and some will be downright awful…and a few I can only last 15 minutes they’re so bad! And I’m always amazed when there are Good Actors in them – like, did THEY think this was a good movie?? Or did it just go horribly wrong in production…?


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